The Tour: Ameryka (I of II)

by Bruno

23 July 2005

Recently this author decided to visit small town USA. Thus, I took a motorcycle tour. I participated in longer-larger bike trips in the 1960s. Back then, onešs goal was to visit ethnic enclaves in Chicago, Milwaukee, Detroit and Buffalo. I met with Polonian and Slavic journalists. My interest was the ethnic language press in Amdom. I even became a student of why the German-Am media disappeared. Išll write more on this at a later date.

I sought this voyage essentially to actually hear, touch and see the soul of our country. I thought she was beautiful and sought to have intercourse with her. To achieve my goal my trip was no ocean to ocean romp. I primarily hit back roads. It was an old man's voyage. Because of the traffic factor, large cities were, to a vast extent, avoided. It was an entertaining ride. Each day was composed of love, food and laughter.

This journey's crew consisted of more than a few fun-lovers. Ethnically, there were Polonian-Ams, two Italian-Ams, a French-Am and an Irish-Am, who insisted that he was a German-Am. The rest were of the Heinz 57 variety. Sheepskin-wise, it was a mixed bag: Half had mislaid valuable years due to college. Four of the above were gals. With a boat builder, cop, housewives, construction workers and teachers, one could deem -to a great extent- that we represented today's Euro-America.

None had a history of ethanol abuse and it's possible that all just wanted to amalgamate a learning experience with good clean pleasure. Ages ranged from about 30, to 65.

Rather than describe all the locations of our adventure, it might be better to emphasize what was seen and compare such with facts from 1960 tours. First of all, in each and every small metropolis, the new Ameryka could be easily recognized. In my major 1960s tour it was rare to see young black and white couples. In 2005 such was witnessed in nearly every medium-sized community. It was the norm. In addition to the evolving ethno sphere, one could say that citizens seemed contented.

As for traffic culture, today people were noticeably less polite. The major factor of the excursion was seen by the authentic character comprising a seemingly rootless populace. They had been totally programmed: they were different than their parents in dress, attitude and beliefs.

Moreover, ethnically, every city had a multitude of new Mexican elements. This ethno-changing was an actuality with many of the participants being courteous. The browning of Euro America had shifted into second gear. Even all the ATMs asked if we spoke Spanish!

The consensus of the touring guys and gals was that media's anti-majority allegation about racism was merely a ploy. We detected no hostility. Also, everyone was in agreement that most EuroAms don't dislike others. They merely seek to have their children be as they are. If this is the case, then media has been a tool of sensationalism and a mechanism of chosen propaganda.

Before closing, allow one to describe one South American biker. We met him on a clear sunshiny day. His name was Warren. He could have passed for a Polonian and Celeste even asked if he was of Parna's Brazilian-Polonian community. His hair was light, eyes blue, skin fair (but not Scandinavian pillow white). He drove a Vulcan 750 and the theme of his inner being was very simple. Warren, spoke as a Brazilian-German. According to him, in three decades of biking, he had seen ­before his very eyes- an ethno alteration from fall to winter. Today's Ameryka was resembling Brazil more than ever. According to this well-traveled/polite man, tomorrow's Ameryka will be a twin to Brazil.

When I returned home, the bike was serviced and mail was placed into about a dozen stacks. Reading newspapers made one realize why the country had altered her attitudes and attributes. The soul of usury and Uncle Speculator had worked with cousin Media to revamp society. Papers had educated children. TV provided adult lessons. Everywhere the preoccupied, without knowledge, had supported quick-fix deals such as outsourcing. Green had become God.

Those denying what today's masses have become are making wishful distortions for various reasons. Masses are blind to the new mind of today's citizen. They are unable to grasp the implications of millions upon millions of car stickers. These bumper logos symbolize support for chosen anti-majority conflict.

Those denying the above have no hope. The fact is that chosen mentality from media and Hollywood have won all but the last few battles. One biker, from Jacksonville, insisted that the entire populace has been swept away by the tide. Others were adamant in stating that only negotiation will prevent another Haiti. Euro-ethnic America is not facing the same physical carnage as 1944 Warsaw. Building by building has not been destroyed by any sadistic dynamiting and natives, defending homes, are not being removed. Amdom has no Berlin or Minsk-type military occupation.

Nevertheless, because of actual chosen success in La Cesspool Grande, anyone thinking of outwitting the big guns of media will be put in the same boat as those denying the facts of Stalingrad. The present run might prove to be more disastrous than any hopeless 2,000 retreat. More bio-souls will disappear.

Perhaps some will never comprehend diplomacy and negotiation. With all the infighting, do you think any future Euro-ethnic state will have the potential to survive? Or, will the Euro-Am simply disappear?

It is an absolute fact that an evolutionary event has overtaken Amdom. It has nothing to do with any hates.

Suggestion: Why not spend a few bucks, buy yourself a bike and take a tour? It might open your eyes to what a lack of negotiating skills and infighting has accomplished.


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