The Puzzle of Masking One's Identity

by Bruno

13 January 2005

Most people oppose alien objectives coerced upon their nation. It makes no difference if the coercion is instituted by military or if it's philosophical.

No wonder one often reads about citizens mocking the racket called academia. Majorities are offended by the intimidation of foreign and alien indoctrination upon their children. This is especially prevalent in French, German, Spanish, English and American communities. I've got a few minutes and will attempt to provide info about alien courses pushed upon European academia. The courses below only apply to one university. This is about the culture, history and traditions of a ethno cluster that, according to politicians and TV, only numbers a few thousand.

I don't have time or the resources to included more than a few data. The information below was obtained from a fellow residing in Scandinavia. The material doesn't include, for example, levels of study (such as, from, say, a 101 course, to an advanced level). This is merely a brief.

This is an enlightening tool. It's about an actual transnational piece of evidence. In an authentic free society, if academia doesn't have adequate student enrollment, courses are dissolved. These few lines show that, for some strange reason, youth -- born in Poland -- are flocking to enroll in Zydeo studies. This signals the fact that either Eastern Europeans feel affection for Jews, or world propaganda has lied about WW II concentration stats. What could it be?

Well, recently, on one side of the table, quite a lot of scholars, journalists, film directors and even newspaper editors have affirmed that they believe that there are over three million citizens of Jewish heritage residing in Poland. Apparently, some base their belief on the foundation that over two million Zyds prior to WW II could function in the Polish language. Many also allege that a Yiddish-speaking element could comprehend German and thus blend into society. One reads that despite media patronage, countless millions don't abide by global Zydeo laws about numbers emanating from any party line.

Adding to the above is an ever-popular word used by millions in their new age vernacular. It's zazydzony (full of Jews). It's an openly acknowledged absolute fact that those of Jewish heritage fill the ranks of media, banking, international Polish business, schools, academia and Warsaw's political decision making. Numerous books have been composed on this topic. Millions speak about this on the street. It's no secret.

On the other hand, those expressing solidarity with the Jewish community and seeking to advance Yiddish and Holocaust studies, insist that that's absurd. This philo-Semitic group bases its claim on the fact that only a few thousand attend Jewish religious facilities.

Whatever the case, facts prove, as anchored in the document below, that Amerika's academia is not unique. At this writing, as educational funds become scarce, grants are bestowed for lectures on the need for tolerance. Politicos in the know are satisfying ethno eccentric cravings.

It's troubling to see multitudes asking why huge numbers hide their identity. Could it be because they deem the world hates them. If so, why would that be?

Perhaps more love is required. Maybe more open and free discussion is required about Zydeo numbers and learning. At the same time, right and left wingers need to be more compassionate about dual sentiment ethno-needs and education.


Jewish subjects at the University of Warsaw, 2004/2005

1 The History of Jews, Dr. Krystyna Stebnicka

2 Jewish Literature

3 Jews in the Roman Empire, Dr. Krystyna Stebnicka

4 Yiddish/ Einfuehrung ins Jiddische Dr. Ewa Geller Instytut Germanistyki (One must know the German language)

5 Jewish Warsaw (A knowledge of Yiddish is necessary)

6 American Jews and American culture, Dr. hab. Bozenna ChyliYska (A knowledge of English is necessary)

7 Der Diskurs über das Judentum in der Literatur und Literaturwissenschaft , Prof. K. Sauerland

8 Literarische Schreibweisen über den [ ] (Knowledge of German is required)

Other courses include-

A) The Sociological Puzzle of Minorities in Society, Dr. Magorzata Melchior.
B) The Puzzle of Jewish Structure.
C) Anti-Semitism and its forms, Dr. hab. Ireneusz KrzemiYski.
D) The History of Jews in Poland, Dr. Jerzy Tomaszewski, Dr. Anna Micha12owska.
E) History of the Jewish State, Prof. Jerzy Tomaszewski.
F) Jews in the Congress Kingdom, Mgr. Artur Markowski.
G) The Holocaust in Provinces, Mgr. Jakub Petelewicz.
H) History of Jews in Poland, Dr. Anna Micha12owska.
I) Yiddish Literature, in XIX-XX Centuries, Prof. Monika Adamczyk-Garbowska.
J) The Contemporary Society of Isreal, Dr. Nilly Amit.
K) The Hebrew Language, Mgr. Regina Garwacka.


Addendum --

Dear Friends, This is the Forum for Dialogue Among Nations' fourth quarter Newsletter for 2004. Our goal is to bring you up to date on our most current activities. We will continue to fight bigotry, racism and anti-Semitism in Poland and to foster Polish-Jewish dialogue in the coming year. We wish you all peace and prosperity in 2005, Andrzej Folwarczny

President Forum for Dialogue Among Nations TOLERANCE WORKSHOPS- The Forum successfully completed its Fall 2004 "Tolerance Workshop" program in Warsaw high schools. The curriculum included a series of educational games, role playing, and discussions about tolerance and democracy. The students learned how to confront racism, xenophobia and intolerance in every day life. The project was made possible through the generosity of the Polish Ministry of Education.

ANTHOLOGY OF YIDDISH LITERATURE- The Forum received a grant from the Polish Ministry of Culture to continue its work on publication of a bilingual anthology of avant-garde Yiddish literature of the 20's and 30's in Warsaw. We hope that the anthology will express the general spirit of the avant-garde movement, which, by integrating different kinds of literature and art, created a body of modern Jewish art. The volume will include, along with the literacy texts, poetry and prose, critical texts, reproductions of graphics, paintings and posters. The publication will familiarize readers with diverse and fascinating artists whose works used to appear in magazines such as "Ringen", "Di chaliastre" and "Albatros". The texts, accompanied by an introduction and commentary, will be published in Yiddish and Polish. Young Yiddish scholars, students and graduates of the Warsaw University connected to the Forum are involved in the project.

"THE SHTETL: MYTH AND REALITY, THEN AND NOW" CONFERENCE On November 25th, the Institute For Polish-Jewish Studies sponsored a conference about shtetl life at the Polish Embassy in London. The Forum is proud to have had one of its members, Zuzanna Solakiewicz, participate as a speaker. Ms. Solakiewicz presented a paper called "The Image of the Shtetl in Present-day Poland: The Case of Kozienice."

AMERICAN JEWISH COMMITTEE (AJC) DIPLOMATIC MISSION On November 16th and 17th, the AJC Diplomatic Mission to Europe visited Poland. The delegation, headed by David Harris, AJC's Executive Director, met with the Polish Prime Minister, Speaker of the Parliament and other high ranking politicians, members of the Polish Jewish community and representatives of the Polish Catholic Church. The Forum is an AJC partner in Poland and was honored to join the delegation for its activities in Warsaw.

AN EDUCATION CONFERENCE ON THE HOLOCAUST IN THE NETHERLANDS From November 14th to16th, two representatives of the Forum took part in a conference focusing on "Teaching the Holocaust in Multicultural Classes and Dealing with Anti-Semitism at Schools". It was organized by the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam. Experts from different countries shared their experiences and approaches to teaching Holocaust education. The Forum representatives, also representing Poland, showed the importance of teaching about anti-Semitism in Eastern Europe.

POLISH-ISRAELI YOUTH MEETING On October 13th, the Forum organized a meeting between Warsaw high school students and their peers from Israel to discuss Polish-Jewish history. The meeting, moderated by trained facilitators from the Forum, used texts published by Facing History and Ourselves, an American educational organization.

B'NAI B'RITH REPRESENTATIVE'S VISIT TO WARSAW- Mr. Eric Fusfield, Director of Legislative Affairs of B'nai B'rith International (USA), met on October 12th with members of the Forum to follow up on issues recently discussed during the OSCE (Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe) Human Dimension Implementation Meeting, in Warsaw, from October 4 to 15. The focus of the meetings was on promoting tolerance and non-discrimination, as well as cooperation between international organizations promoting human rights.

AN AWARD TO MICHA BILEWICZ One of the Forum's members, Micha Bilewicz, was awarded a scholarship "Zostancie z nami!" (Stay with us!) funded by a prestigious Polish "Polityka" weekly. The competition recognizes outstanding young Polish scientists. Micha works at the Psychology Faculty at Warsaw University, where he is working on his PhD thesis on social prejudices and stereotypes.

"PROMOTING TOLERANCE 2004" Andrzej Folwarczny, President of the Forum, took part in the "10 Years of Dialogue on Promoting Tolerance in Eastern and Central Europe" conference in Brussels. The conference, which was organized by the American Jewish Committee and the Friedrich Naumann Foundation, took place in conjunction with the OSCE (Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe) Conference on Tolerance and the Fight against Racism, Xenophobia and Discrimination. It was a great opportunity to exchange experiences on promoting tolerance and fighting anti-Semitism in different European countries.

YIDDISH CULTURE SEMINAR In August, two representatives of the Forum participated in the International Seminar of Yiddish Language and Culture (Yiddish un Yiddishkait) in Kiev, Ukraine. The gathering included teachers, actors and other Yiddish speakers from Central and Eastern Europe, as well as France and Israel. The Forum is very interested in organizing Yiddish cultural events in Poland so our representation and participating at the Seminar was very important. THE

AMERICAN COUNCIL OF THE FORUM As part of the Forum's fundraising efforts, we are pleased to announce the formation of a special category of giving called "The American Council of the Forum for Dialogue Among Nations." The minimum financial contribution for Council recognition is $250 on an annual basis. We encourage you to join the Council or to contribute at any level that you feel comfortable.

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