Pennies on the Dollar: A Case-History of the Sociopolitical Scheme Called Diversity

by Bruno

13 January 2005

The Second World War issued in a storm of havoc for the international mercantile class. Therefore, progeny of this usury/speculator elite had to protect their interests. With the assistance of poorer brethren, they made a concentrated effort to reduce Euro-man's homogeneous demographic structure. The success of their endeavors had enormous consequences for national solidarity. It effectively reduced influence of indigenous culture and blurred the identity mechanism of innocent youth. It also enhanced the prospects of predator globalism.

The facts are that, after WW II, Euro-man witnessed an enormous cross-cultural alteration. Capitalists in West Germany fattened their pocketbooks by encouraging millions of non-Euros to resettle in Bonn's Republic. Multitudes of Third World elements from Asia and the Caribbean were brought into Jolly Old England. Further south, after the fall of French Algeria, Arabia altered the demographic composition of France. East Central Europe missed out on this diversity enrichment. It and the Western Soviet Union, remained Lily White.

This paper will be the first of a series of articles on this urgent multicultural topic. It features one European state (Poland). However, the findings can be applied to other nations. For example, in a study by Dr. Louis Andrew, the author refers to employment practices of the Amerykanski firm of Smithfield (North Carolina's Demographic Transformation, Washington Summit , Georgia, 2003). A European professor, Henry Pajak, from a distant Slavic village, unknowingly had come to the same conclusions alluded to by Mr. Andrews (Polski Przewodnik, pp. 1-5, Dec. 17, 2004). Smithfield, the new owner of Animex, had a devious Euro employment record. Allegedly it was nothing more than a Mexifornian type ethno profit-gain sweat shop.

Globalism, the progeny of Capitalism, is a predator. It has two (2) goals: (A) Enrich its own chosen support group; and (B) Create turmoil within indigenous nations. Its most important hormonal fuel is multiculturalism. For example, in Warsaw, with the event of globalism, free medical care was essentially eradicated, low-cost housing for the impoverished was obliterated and for the first time, society witnessed street people (Polski Przewodnik, 06/04). 'Balagan' (turmoil) was the theme of the day. During this time, major national industries were sold by politicos to their Western brethren (Nasza Polska, numerous issues).

According to film directors Bohgdan Poreba and Edward Maciejczyk, it was just about the same everywhere. These men of integrity blame much of society's tribulations on the Media-Hollywood element. Other Euro scholars, too numerous to list, have indicated that the children of usury had blossomed into a nuclear-armed nemesis of mankind. They were American junk bond kings, international buyout manipulators and were, in effect, the bridesmaid to Warsaw-Moscow's oligarchy.

Nearly all economic transactions involved pennies on the dollar. This was due to manufactured turmoil and transnational networking. In other words, as demographics altered, men, who were simply middle class, became instant multi-millionaires. As in the West, predators were supported by their brethren in media. As masses joined the ranks of the unemployed, globalist robber barons erected fortified mansions. An international journalist, Prof. Jerzy Przystawa, wrote an excellent book on these speculators.

Former presidential candidate Stan Tyminski, in Polonian News (Dec., 2004, Vol. X, No. 6, p. 3), narrated on this matter. He did this by referring to Warsavian media hero President Alexander Kwasniewski (Stolzman). According to Tyminski, this former anti-majority communist activist, might actually be worth over a billion dollars.

Others have conceded that Mr. Tyminski is correct in his assessment. Newspaper editor, Bolek Tejkowski, who was incarcerated for politically incorrect writings, has made similar allegations. Simply put, Euro governments were enriching themselves and (2) not caring about ethno-national citizens (Wspolnota, 2004). As for evil speculator Kwasniewski, one political vote saved him from impeachment. During this time he visited his brethren in La Cesspool Grande and then sent Polish troops to serve a chosen cause, in occupied Iraq. Apparently, it didn't matter that over 80% of the [Polish] public was in opposition to any Middle East military involvement (Opoka, 2004).

While reading this, if you think your region is unique, read what a leading Euro personality had to say. Bohdan Poreba was once a prominent film director in Central Europe. He recently wrote and indicated the following - Chosen TV is taking us from the norm and altering traditions/values; we have a right to consume our air and feel at home amongst our own; not long ago we could defend ourselves. Today politicians, like Balcerowicz, are, everyday, demonstrating that majority concerns don't even control our political life (senate). It's shown that the president's power is built on the desires of a chosen minority and (thus) minority policies border on the hysteria of more needed tolerance. According to the so called constitution of Mazowiecki, we have in Poland a minority nation, but no majority nation at all! It's strange that Trotskyite ideology and it's anti-nation definition is about neo-national slavery and supports globalism. Globalism is communism under a different name. In this situation, it's not difficult to understand why we have Holocaust lessons.

This is the story of what transpires when extrinsic elements gain influence over the economy, political machinery and thought process of indigenous nations. Pennies on the dollar might not be as foreign as you think. It's a narration about the breakdown/ emasculation of homogenous societies. It's similar to what's happening in Mexifornia, London, Paris and La Cesspool Grande.

The material aggregated for this abbreviated article had abundant sources. Of particular importance were the findings by Eva Rusek, Bohgdan Poreba, Dr. Paulska, Ed Maciejczyk and friends from a European university. In addition to newspapers and books, web sites were utilized. This miniature brief will show the Euro-Asiatic embryo, growth (border crossings), interactions, settlements, adaptability and transnational networking. It's a chapter on the big picture of Euro-man's multiculturalism: The fragmenting of society; enhancing low morals; destroying a sense of community.

Part II

I would like to commence by indicating that I resided in Central Europe for several years. At that time there was virtually no noticeable alien mass. Like numerous journalists, Bohdan Poreba insisted that nearly all Polish citizens were ethno-Slavs and (2) there were approximately three million of Zydeo heritage (the total population was nearly 40 million). Non-Euros within Warsaw consisted of students, media personnel and the usual diplomatic corps. Extended return visits to Europe astounded me. This paper shows what Slavic writers refer to as a feeding frenzy of an alien substance metastasizing in the Euro body.

I first took notice of Warsaw's Third World in the 1990s. For the second time the capital was enriching herself with diversity's multiculturalism. Gypsies were begging on corners (more on this later).

A bureaucratic citizen told me that this was a tragedy. She said it was incomprehensible why Europeans ostracized Gypsies. When I told her I knew there was a shortage of affordable housing, she said that was racist. The government was concerned with the scramble to secure flats for Third Worlders. In the meantime Gypsies slept in public buildings, hallways and train stations. Media alleged that, for some unknown reason, the Rumanian government put them on trains and sent them north.

I was startled to see that Asiatic street vendors could be seen nearly everywhere. Oriental restaurants had spawned. Third Worlders had purchased buildings in specific localities. Studies by social workers indicated that they were polite; they were not pushy; they didn't have many of the traits associated with the loud and obnoxious Western speculation brokers.

Unfortunately, one also reads that, under the official public umbrella of politeness, there is a hidden fraudulent world. Police reports demonstrate that it's brutal and dangerous. It involves actual mafia elements. It consists of newly organized prostitution and (2) includes dealings in narcotics. Some of the diseased prostitutes are stunningly beautiful. They ambulate along the streets and are enticing. In fact, to the young native population, they're exotic. Staying at the Holiday Inn I discovered that petite Asiatics were competing with whores from the East. Tricks were sold at various prices. Younger gals demanded a hundred bucks; Older chicks, $20. They informed customers that BJs cost $15. Often one could see foreigners haggling over costs at the Hotel Victoria.

All this activity commenced when transnational elite made tiny Polska into another one of their globalistic tools. This so called free enterprise system -- even the name is absurd -- spawned an Asiatic child. She grew and emerged as a country within a country. It's sort of like the never-never diversity lands within dirty London. These are zones, which, in reality, no European has authentic control. In Warsaw, it metastasized. It excelled during the corrupt reign of the Kwasniewski media partnership.

Mostly it was comprised of Vietnamese. As in the USSA, this illegal phenomena was called everything except economic migration. Actually, it was a twin-headed monster. It was a freak show; a child produced by a marriage between regional political opportunists and transnational economic entities. Today it has become an Asiatic tiger. It has an economic feeding zeal. It hunts in a Euro forest. Its favorite menu is white meat. Mainstream media impedes natives from safeguarding the majority victim.

Moreover, the fringe rhetoric of skinheads is utilized by anti-majority media. It's one of their tools for racist sensationalism. It distorts the objectivity of presenting the public with a defense mechanism. The average European does not loathe Third Worlders; he/she simply seeks to have a Euro future. Most relish the idea of being themselves, with their own kind.

As the Judeo-Pol media indoctrinated the masses about a need to emancipate women, one thought of the truth; how such clashes with obligations of family. Then, one thought about the ploy of multiculturalism and how the nation is an extension of the family.

Edward Maciejczyk, a cultured film director is repulsed by this anti-majority indoctrination. As he sees it, de-Europeanization is a major concern. According to him, "international Hollywood and Goebbel-Amerykanski TV are all about the intelligent Zyd, brainy Afro and inferior Euro. The jokes are about the blond with blue eyes and the Nazi psyche. Often the hero has a Zydeo-sounding name." Maciejczyk indicates that Euro culture is being raped and stolen by the globalist. The problem is that the average Kowalski (Polish John Doe) doesn't have any idea about the scope of this big globalist picture. Ed, indicates that as the "European absorbs bamboo-culture," he only sees his backyard. Comprehension of networking and the globalist predator overall resides in the home of readers who have time to ponder beyond feeding their family and next paycheck.

We read that despite the success, in economic terms, of South Vietnam, citizens are leaving to enter the European Universe. For some reason it's alleged that multitudes of Asiatics relish white women, their eyes, hair. Also, in North Vietnam, youth are seeking to escape military obligations. Men are sometimes followed by petite girlfriends and sisters. Males desire a new beginning with greater potential; females aspire to hang on to their men.

With minimal effort it's easy to learn that Euro illegals are similar to their American counterparts; they don't cross borders by plane. Several documents show that they usually go to China. There, as in the USSA, they cross a porous border. In this case, they make the journey to Novosibirsk, Kiev and Moscow. They travel in small groups of 8-15 individuals. They purchase rides in buses, cars and trucks. Others, according to the Baltic Border Patrol, enter Poland from Kaliningrad. Cyber posting shows that the cost for such arduous unpleasant escape-travel is $4,000 to $10,000!

Soldiers who guard the border contend that illegal immigration no longer suffers from the war of entry. The army of those trying to uphold moral and ethnic principles has vanished. Today, as in Amerika, Germany and England, the battle involves a new weapon. It's called bribery. According to a Baltic journalist, requesting anonymity, illegal immigration has improved its diplomatic and organizational ability. Today it works with families in small towns. It enlists collaborators. Its network seeks out natives in need of a fast buck.

According to various newspapers, the scene could have come right out of a MexoTexo-trucking manifesto on diplomacy, business and patriotism. It seems that destitute farmers generally secure 150 to 300 dollars for each individual they allow on their farms. By renting trucks, they could easily earn thousands of dollars. In turn, they could make house improvements and buy new tractors. Also, in employment practices, the big city Slavic entrepreneur is/was no different than his Anglo counterpart.

The risk of being caught is negligible. As in Italy, Germany or Amerika, the border is not adequately guarded. General operations can be successfully performed during the darkness of night. Ed Maciejczyk wants to know how all this de-Europeanization is possible. He tells hundreds of thousands that "Austria is already changing colors like Germany and other European nations. That Paris is already getting darker." Ed is worried about Poland and others entering what he calls the European Union's kibbutz.

Here, think of cyberspace, the global village and the Internet world. Think of how Iraqi generals were bribed in a recent ME war. You see, when border patrols descend upon a area, 10-20 people can easily be hidden in barns, cellars and bathrooms. As in La Cesspool Grande's Mexifornia, those who are caught are, by and large, released without any principled penalties.

Those trafficking in female flesh know that beauty can turn a patriot's head. No need to refer to the reputation of policemen. The moral picture of national welfare is relinquished by individual incentives of profit-gain. Altercation of national values is not a cognitive factor to the improvised farmer. Ethno-morphing and the future of Euro-man is not perplexing to the capitalist.

Adding to the above, is the fact that businessmen have teamed up to make illegal migrants more sophisticated. Furthermore, today's media indoctrination has elicited ploys necessary for the psyche of Mr. Do Gooder's soul. Brainwashing has engineered an industry that provides documentation for illegals. As in England or Berlin, or Amerika, it's quite easy to work under the table. Also, there are the actualities of welfare and charity. All this and more contributes to building the Third World. Maciejczyk and others argue that Euro-man must help his own needy and unemployed before he assists alien Third Worlders.

All the while, as illegals save money and become accustomed to a new residence, they send for their sisters, neighbors and friends. Their numbers proliferate.

Paulska notes that many former Vietnamese students of Slavic schools are connected to legal associations and influential lobbies. These lobbies assist them in their quest to facilitate illegal activities of emigrating to the Polish Republic.

We read from Paulska and others that the Vietnamese developed web centers for monitoring others. Left wingers inferred that these sites resembled the surveillance apparatus of the ADL and numerous other Zionistic spy agencies. With dual sentiments, the Vietnamese became involved in cyberspace espionage. It's alleged that this activity is for the enrichment of cultural diversity.

Because of international networking, Poland has become the third largest Vietnamese center in Europe. In France there are over half a million. The number for Germany is over 200,000. Warsaw, like Paris and Berlin, has a difficult time providing an actual census. As in the counting of Amerika's Latin community, nearly all bureaucratic figures are dubious.

This author once read that the state has over 300,000 Asiatics in Poland. This ever-expanding figure, of course, includes all Asiatics. I have no idea of the authenticity of any of these records and I'm reluctant to adhere to or trust mainstream journalists.

According to cyberspace material, most Vietnamese settle in Warsaw, Poznan, Lodz and Katowice. Again referring to Paulska, we see that liberals and do-gooders work to assist illegals. Then, there's politics. Recently, at an international meeting, Warsaw's premier said that Poland wants to increase trade with Vietnam society. Thus, vulnerable Warsaw, because of political ploys, agreed that North Vietnam should be given more credits, and (2) that efforts should be made to improve cultural interactions.

As a result of such meetings, it is easy to comprehend why police often resemble bureaucrats of London, Paris and Mexifornia. This is especially so when overlooking counterfeit documents and passports. In the opinion of some bureaucrats, Euro-Vietnamese society is, on a small scale, similar to the transnational Zydo-Rosyjska mafia. Sometimes Vietnamese are shot and it's discovered that drugs were involved. Execution is by fellow Asiatics.

Vietnamese drug peddlers are often apprehended. Numerous sources show that the poorest of the Vietnamese are restaurant employees. Here it's pertinent to indicate that many recent illegals owe money to mafia structures. Often the mafia is responsible for their arrival and initial servitude/livelihood.

As in Western Europe, Mexifornia and Amerika, it's not uncommon to find more than one family living together. The richest have their own employees and have already purchased homes and land. Some of their children have even finished University studies.

Like their brethren in France and Germany, the overwhelming majority send money to North Vietnam. Asiatics residing in Europe significantly contribute to increased illegal immigration. Their invasion is not the rosy scenario painted by media. It's a plight upon the mutual affections/interests molded by thousands of years of majority's social bonds. Some scholars, such as Eva Rusek, have written books about the Vietnamese minority in Poland. The myth of their multicultural enrichment is exposed by speaking to charities, street policemen and hearing unofficial comments from bureaucrats. Also, common sense tells us that in order for multiculturism to succeed anti-majority sensitivity propaganda is required. This indoctrination involves the rewriting of history, the loss of jobs, the destruction of Euro reputations, cultural values and traditions. It's a con game to perpetuate moral anarchy.

Media gives society an unfinished portrait of Europe's Third World dilemma. Many Vietnamese have their survival costs underwritten by society. Natives must also bare the cost of social services. This cultural enrichment comes from the pockets of a nation that has 18% of her workers unemployed. In other words, while they are using Europeans as a vehicle for personal advancement, these economic refugees are taking resources from the poor. The nation (thus) becomes more vulnerable to long-term investments of the anti-majority usury/predator element. A close analogy to what's happening in Amerika would be the studies complied by the illustrious ethno-migration expert, Prof. Kevin MacDonald.*

This writer discovered that Asiatics have their own bars, barbers and stores. They even have their own travel agency. They have their own doctors, lawyers and translators. In addition to their own library, they sell and distribute Asiatic medicine. Paulska tells us that they have their own cultural center, with recreation rooms and an internet café. They have their own kindergartens and schools. They make one think of Chinatowns in New York and Boston.

The elite of the Vietnamese in Warsaw are well connected to their brethren in Germany and France. In many ways, the growth of the Vietnamese community in Europe is similar to the tide of illegal Latinos in the US. Many males have European girl friends and their mistresses abound everywhere. Over the phone I was told they have the most productive cat houses.

Because of their alien society, its difficult to record the actual number of their offspring. As in Mexifornia, all their children, even those of the illegals, have a right to public schools. Some of the young progeny of the Vietnamese, unlike adults, speak Polish. All over Europe their communities are multiplying. I was told that there are, for example, 300,000 in Germany and over 750,000 in France. These figures, just like those of the Chinese, in Canada's Vancouver, can't be verified by stats from dishonest bureaucrats.

This Third World story has nothing to do with the propagated myth of racism. It's more about the factual burden of the educational and economic affirmative action industry. It's about a mentality of creating turmoil (balagan); turmoil being the most reliable form of anti-majority investment for enrichment and pennies on the dollar. It's part of a bigger picture confronting European man.

If the present trend continues, France, Germany, Italy, Poland and others will go from Euro pauperism to Detroit's petite bourgeoisie prosperity. At this writing, scholars ponder how much multicultural enrichment Euro-man can sustain.


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