Book Review: The New World Order Exposed

by Rich Brooks

16 September 2005

[The New World Order Exposed, by Victor Thorn; Sisyphus Press (2003), 565 pp.]

I previously read and reviewed Victor Thorn's recent books on 9-11, and I was favorably impressed by his careful research and irrefutable logic, which to my mind completely demolished the government's official 9-11 scenario. Thus, I eagerly anticipated reading one of Thorn's previous works, namely an ambitious and comprehensive "exposé" of the powerful but elusive "New World Order" (NWO). The New World Order Exposed, however is a mixed bag. While its overall thesis is sound, it is a book flawed in three major respects: 1) failure to acknowledge the reality or importance of race, 2) failure to name the jew, and 3) irrational knee-jerk Hitler bashing. Back to these three points in a moment, but first let's consider Thorn's major conspiracy thesis which I consider a basically sound framework for understanding today's world. We are not, he maintains, governed by elected officials, but rather by a shadow government of "controllers" working behind the scene.

Thorn starts out by doing what he does best, debunking the official 9-11 claims that a ragtag bunch of cave-dwelling arabs pulled off the attack on the WTC and that the steel towers collapsed from burning jet fuel. We are then led to the inescapable conclusion that there were indeed "controllers" -- with or without the foreknowledge of puppet figurehead Bush -- who orchestrated the attacks for the benefit of the NWO. In any event, all evidence points to an "inside job" and Thorn documents this very well.

Next, he looks at the interrelationships between drug trafficking (he claims the CIA is the biggest drug dealer in the world), oil interests and international banking. Other chapters deal with such topics as the Federal Reserve System, the Kennedy assassination, the Bolshevik Revolution, the psychology of mind control and control systems, and the role of the media in society. Much of this is good stuff and frighteningly true. Thorn is right on the money when he conveys a sense of urgency if we are to have any chance of avoiding our imminent enslavement.

However, as I indicated above, Thorn incongruously holds to certain establishment values which mar his work. He is emphatically not, I have discovered to my dismay, a White Nationalist or an anti-semite. As an example of his attitude on race, I will cite his recent internet TV broadcast immediately following Hurricane Katrina. The whole hour was spent bashing Bush's response, which I wouldn't have objected to if he and Lisa hadn't totally failed to bring up the subject of nigger looting and shooting and raping. Another show, which was so sickening I had to turn it off, mouthed the standard jewsmedia template of poor urban black flood victims being discriminated against by uncaring White politicians. Likewise, The New World Order Exposed mentions race not at all, except to assert that the controllers want to pit racial groups against each other (the tacit but blatantly false presumption being that we would "all just get along" if left to our own devices).

OK, so Thorn is not a racist; I can live with that. What is even more annoying (and where he started to lose me) is his failure to identify jews as jews, even though he names them as leading manipulators of the NWO. For example, he asserts that the Rothschild family, controlling perhaps as much as half the world's wealth, sits at the very top of the NWO pyramid. And yet nowhere does he mention, even in passing, that the Rothschilds are jews! Various branches of the family are described as "Germans" or "English" or citizens of whatever host country they happen to reside in. As another example, Thorn names the ten largest shareholders of the Federal Reserve banking system. They are:

1. The Rothschild Family - London

2. The Rothschild Family - Berlin

3. The Lazard Brothers - Paris

4. Israel Seiff - Italy

5. Kuhn-Loeb - Germany

6. The Warburgs - Amsterdam

7. The Warburgs - Hamburg

8. Lehman Brothers - New York City

9. Goldman & Sachs - New York City

10. The Rockefeller Family - New York City

He finds it "truly appalling" that 7 out of 10 of these top stockholders are located in foreign countries, but neglects to even mention, much less be appalled by the fact, that 9 out of 10 are jews! This to me is truly appalling. Populist Thorn is presumably writing for a general audience - attempting to awake the sleeping masses - and most of them do not have the well-tuned "jewdar" of White Nationalists. Of course, we know they're jews but will the average Joe Sixpack or Sally Soccermom realize it? Not that Thorn himself is that naive, because he favorably reviews Michael Collins Piper's Final Judgment and freely discusses the Mossad as a prime player in the NWO. He is also critical of the State of Israel at various junctures, but for some reason he seems to be afraid to use the word "jew."

This omission is also glaring when he discusses media control. Again, you get not even a hint of jewish domination of the media by reading Thorn. You find him instead disingenuously talking about "corporate" control. In incessantly using "corporations" as whipping boys, he fails to understand that corporations are merely nameless, faceless legal entities, and that it is human beings who actually run things.

There are two chapters near the end of the book, however, which I found particularly dismaying. They are entitled "Adolf Hitler and Black Magic" and "The Bush Family and Nazi Blood Money." I should note that earlier in the book, Thorn had already given away his hand and shown himself to be politically correct on the subject of the Holocaust and the Third Reich. On page 44 he claims that "heroin was developed by the I.G. Farben Corporation - the same folks that 40 years later produced Zyklon B used to gas the Jews during World War II." This was surprising to me coming from an author with close ties to American Free Press, a decidedly revisionist publication.

The chapter on Hitler and Black magic is even worse. Like several of his chapters, Thorn bases this one, not on original research, but entirely on another author's work -- in this case The Spear of Destiny by one Trevor Ravenscroft. In broaching the subject of the occult and referring to "the mark of the beast" and other Book of Revelation nonsense, Ravenscroft reveals himself to be some kind of fundamentalist Christian. I suspect Thorn is also some kind of Christian, because his bibliography is loaded with Christian publications including one by Pat Robertson, of all people! In fact, I might note that none of the volumes listed in his four-page bibliography was published by a mainstream publisher, a fact I mention only because Thorn made it a major talking point that his 9-11 books were written using only mainstream sources.

But I digress. I doubt if anything Thorn has written in his Hitler chapters will cause anyone in the WN movement to burn his NSM membership card. Besides its dubious Christian theology, the chapter on black magic is basically a regurgitation of wartime propaganda. Every war has its share of these stories, but those which claimed gruesome Nazi atrocities have had -- due no doubt to the jews -- an extremely long shelf life. Repeating such canards as Hitler's having only one testicle and engaging in perverted sex acts is not worthy of a writer of Thorn's stature. As to the Bush family's alleged financing of Hitler's rise to power, I say good for Prescott Bush. Too bad his grandson didn't follow in the family footsteps, but instead turned out to be such a jew sycophant. Thorn is totally wrong about the major thrust of National Socialism. Yes, Hitler may have used the international bankers to gain power, but once in office he turned on them much as President Kennedy would later do in America. Hitler was, in fact, the last best chance the West had of defeating the jewish NWO.

There are other misstatements, exaggerations, and inaccuracies I noted in this book. For example, Thorn categorically states that it is only the greed of the oil companies which is preventing us from converting to hydrogen fuel. Unfortunately for this particular conspiracy theory, the latest scientific research shows that it requires more energy to extract hydrogen than the energy produced and that it is not the "miracle" fuel which some have touted. Ethanol, in fact, is a much more energy-efficient alternative fuel. But, no, there appear to be no easy answers to our current oil crisis other than to drive and consume less.

On a nitpicking note (I wouldn't mention it if I totally agreed with the author), I can't help but mention the sometimes sloppy editing in this volume. It was extremely annoying to me to see the use of apostrophes in plural words -- not once or twice, but throughout the book. It is not the "Israeli's" who are oppressing the "Palestinian's"! Since Thorn owns the publishing company, the buck must stop with him. Fortunately, as I recall, his latest books have been grammatically improved.

In two of the last chapters, Thorn is visited by a mysterious stranger who claims to be a local NWO controller in his home town, State College, Pennsylvania. I found these chapters to be enigmatic, much different in tone from the rest of the book, and I suspect this tale is metaphoric. While much of The New World Order Exposed is obviously intended to frighten us, the author closes on an obligingly upbeat note:

"It's now or never. If we don't get organized and take back our country, it's all over. It's up to you to decide if America is worth saving, or if we're going to let the Controllers steamroll over us. I'm ready and willing to do my part!"

Yes, it does sound like something out of the 1930s Jimmy Stewart movie "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington," but I can tolerate a little bit of optimistic populism. What I can't tolerate is that which I can only describe as a knowing dishonesty in parts of this book.

Nevertheless, read The New World Order Exposed, because much of it contains valuable information. If you don't have the time to wade through the sometimes repetitive 565 pages, you can get a good summary of Thorn's basic points by reading Chapter 68, "An Interview with Victor Thorn by J. Conti of" This book, along with Thorn's other writings is available through his website at


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