Book Review: The New Jerusalem

Reviewed by Rich Brooks

16 August 2005

[The New Jerusalem: Zionist Power in America, by Michael Collins Piper, American Free Press 2005 (184 pp.]

Investigative reporter extraordinaire Michael Collins Piper has done it again. Fast on the heels of his High Priests of War, an exposé of the neocon architects of the Iraqi invasion, he has now come out with a volume which fully documents the extent of jewish power in America. What is more, the information contained in the book comes from mainstream, and mostly jewish, sources. Many of the pages are in fact direct quotes from jews.

And the information is truly eye-opening, even for someone like me who has long been jew-aware. After finishing The New Jerusalem, I concluded that, if anything, White Nationalists, far from exaggerating jewish power, in fact underestimate its pervasive extent. We tend to focus on jewish control of the media, but there are so many more areas real estate, business, universities, foundations jews dominate. In fact Piper spends relatively little time on Hollywood and the media, perhaps because he realizes that these subjects have already been extensively covered in such publications as "Who Rules America?"

Rather, the emphasis in this book is to name names of the jewish elite. By the time I got through reading his list of these rich and powerful jews and their various enterprises, I had the distinct feeling that just about every product I buy is produced or marketed by jews.

Piper's main thesis, and hence the title of the book, is that it is America, not Israel, that is the Zionists' "New Jerusalem." As he states near the outset:

Yet despite the founding of the Zionist state, American Zionists cling heartily to America, rather than relocating to the State of Israel and fulfilling the Zionist dream. In fact -- as the record shows, and that is the topic of this volume -- America has effectively emerged as The New Jerusalem, the center of Zionist wealth and power. The State of Israel is but a distraction, a tiny geographic entity that may or may not survive. As such, we now see a new focus in Zionist outlook. Zionism, in short, rules America and America under Zionist thumb (or so it now seems) seeks to rule the world. (p.16)

As a matter of fact, there has recently been a net out migration of jews leaving embattled Israel for America than there has been American jews moving to Israel.

Piper frequently writes perceptive articles for American Free Press, a populist newspaper I look forward to reading every week. Unlike me, Piper and American Free Press are writing for a mainstream audience, and as such tend to use such terms as "Zionist" and "corporate controlled media" rather than the J-word, which admittedly might tend to scare off the uninitiated. Of course Piper will undoubtedly be branded even more of an "anti-Semite" with the publication of this latest than he already has. I might note parenthetically that at no point in any of his books does Piper engage in the kind of gratuitous Hitler bashing that mars the work of otherwise fine writers such as Paul Craig Roberts and Charley Reese.

The New Jerusalem can be ordered from for a $25 donation. They offer discounts for multiple copies. This is an invaluable reference work with an extensive bibliography, but at the same time it is a very frightening book. I hope against hope that it receives widespread circulation, because it might perhaps begin to wake up our people to the extent of our true plight under the jew.


Mr. Brooks edits White Alert.

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