Book Review: 9-11 on Trial and 9-11 Exposed

Reviewed by Rich Brooks

4 June 2005

[9-11 on Trial, by Victor Thorn, 2005, 174 pp.; 9-11 Exposed, by Victor Thorn, 2004, 48. pp.]

I was drawn to these books through an ad in American Free Press and, at a special price of $20 for the two volumes, promptly ordered them. I have long believed the official (ZOG) version of the events to be an outrageous lie, and have expressed my opinion that Israel's notorious Mossad played a major part in this horrendous conspiracy. Thorn calls his earlier book a "chapbook" because of its abbreviated length, but I found it actually to be the more useful of the two. The longer "9-11 on Trial" is literally that; it deals entirely with the physical aspects of the collapse of the towers by calling upon "witnesses," all of whom are mainstream sources.

Victor Thorn, whom I was unfamiliar with before reading these two books, is a young political activist for populist, anti-globalist, anti-Zionist causes and runs the internet World Independent News Group ( site. In addition to writing books and investigating ZOG conspiracies such as 9-11 and the OKC bombing, he owns his own publishing company, Sisyphus Press, and has an internet TV talk show which is very professional looking. He appears on screen with his girlfriend Lisa Guiliani, who apparently is also his primary research assistant. The two of them have a good on-air chemistry between them; I found it refreshing that unlike so many mainstream TV talk shows, they did not constantly talk over each other, yet they appeared to be natural and unscripted. Other WNs wishing to do White media would do well to study Thorn's efforts.

In his "Opening Statement" in 9-11 on Trial, Thorn asks the following rhetorical question:

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, what if you discovered that it was impossible for the World Trade Center towers to have collapsed the way the government said they did, and that there was zero-percent chance that their "official" version of events was true? How would this news affect your view of what happened that day, and particularly your elected "leaders" who supposedly have your best interests in mind?

And indeed the cumulative weight of the evidence he presents -- all from respectable "mainstream" authorities -- is overwhelming. First, there has never in history been an incident where a fire caused any high rise building to collapse, so it would appear very strange that three buildings were alleged to do exactly that on September 11, 2001. The "testimony" in both books makes it clear, even to the non-scientist, that a fire from jet fuel (most of which burned up outside the buildings upon impact) is not nearly hot enough to melt the steel columns that formed the core of the WTC buildings. Of course, it's always been obvious to me that the towers collapsed from a controlled demolition, and seismic data confirms underground explosions immediately preceding the collapse of each.

It is also obvious that there was never a thorough investigation of the site before the rubble was quickly removed, further evidence of a cover-up by authorities. Also alluded to was the strange circumstance that the four planes allegedly involved in 9-11 crashes were flying at only about 1/4 capacity, very odd when you consider that most transcontinental flights are routinely overbooked. Yes, there are many such oddities that point to an Israeli false-flag operation with the foreknowledge and/or direction of government officials at the highest level.

Thorn's books cover only the attacks on the WTC and do not speculate about the Pentagon crash. From what I have read, I think the case is perhaps not as strong against the official version of events there, but there are still many unanswered questions about the D.C. crash. Perhaps Thorn could turn his considerable talents to investigating what really happened that day in Arlington, Virginia.

In closing Thorn speculates as to who the perpetrators of this massive conspiracy were. He asks, "who benefits?" and names four groups who have profited from the "war on terrorism" and the subsequent wars in the Mideast. He names 1) international bankers (from the huge debt created by these wars); 2) the state of Israel (for obvious reasons); 3) think tanks (who plot war strategies); and 4) defense contractors (many with shadowy ties to the Bushes and Bush Administration neocons). In other words he is saying what has now become a cliché, "follow the money."

I would highly recommend these books, particularly the shorter one. I don't see how anyone can read its very readable 48 pages and not come away convinced that the "official" 9-11 report is just a pack of jewish lies.


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