Book Review: The Dispossessed Majority

Reviewed by Rich Brooks

13 January 2005

[The Dispossessed Majority, by Wilmot Robertson]

Like William Gayley Simpson's Which Way Western Man?, Wilmot Robertson's The Dispossessed Majority is an underground racialist classic which has received scant attention from academia and mainstream book reviewers. Biographical information about the author is equally in short supply, but I did discover that he was editor of the now-defunct magazine Instauration, a publication often quoted on VNN. "Wilmot Robertson" is a pen name and we are told on the book's cover only that he is a native of Pennsylvania, from an old colonial family, and that he served as an officer in World War II as well as working in journalism, advertising, and small business. He obviously has an academic background as evidenced by the solid scholarship displayed in this heavily footnoted, 623-page volume.

The Dispossessed Majority was first published in 1972, with later editions copyrighted in 1973, 1976 and 1981. My copy is listed as the Third Revised Edition, Fourth Softcover Printing and I assume it is the latest, but I found it curious that the author makes reference to events occurring as late as 1987: obviously some revisions were made after 1981. Whatever the exact publication date, these revisions blend in almost seamlessly with the earlier narrative. Unlike Simpson, whose book's sections are clearly dated, Robertson's work reads like it was all written at the same time even though it obviously wasn't. But like Simpson, the insights he brings are timeless.

If there were any justice in a sane world, The Dispossessed Majority would be at the top of every liberal arts college reading list, instead of the dreary Marxist and feminist tomes which now hold sway. Unfortunately, the author is usually dismissed as a neo-fascist if indeed he is even acknowledged at all. But his thesis is brilliant, and he supports it in a rational and convincing manner. What is that thesis, in a nutshell? That race -- not economics, not class, not even religion -- is the overriding dynamic determining the rise and fall of civilizations and societies.

Who is The Dispossessed Majority the author is referring to? It is the White, Northern European-descended peoples who founded America but are now being displaced both in numbers and influence by various minorities. Unlike Which Way Western Man?, The Dispossessed Majority focuses specifically on the American political and social experience.

It is frequently objected by our opponents that Whites still enjoy a dominant position in American society in terms of wealth and power. As Robertson notes,

Those inclined to deny the Majority's dispossession may well adopt the following line of questioning. How, they may ask, can the Majority be dispossessed when there are so many rich Americans of impeccable Majority lineage ... when there are so many Majority politicians, writers, artists, lawyers, doctors, scientists and FBI agents ... when the president, most congressmen and most of the governors still belong to the Majority .. when the armed forces are still commanded by a largely Majority officer corps ... when the Majority, still the largest population group, can easily swing the vote? (p. 83)

However, such wealth does not translate into political power, which is today undeniably in the hands of a liberal Minority coalition, the most prominent element of which is jews. There is indeed no Majority political party as such, and despite all of the campaign rhetoric, conservatives and Republicans are at best an anemic opposition. They dare not say the "J" word in public, nor for that matter utter anything even mildly critical of Israel.

Robertson is unafraid to discuss the jewish question, however, and does so quite candidly. He puts forward the concept that jews collectively pursue jewish interests whereas the Majority, most of whom are only vaguely aware of their dispossession, are splintered and individualistic. He briefly noted many of the phenomena that Kevin MacDonald would later write extensively about in Culture of Critique. His chapter on "The Jews" is one of the longest in the book, and he provides an extensive list of names of those wielding jewish power in government, the arts, social sciences, law, banking, etc. There is also an extensive listing of jewish media moguls, a la Pierce's "Who Rules America"; in fact I believe this book predates the National Alliance itself. Robertson sees jews as part of a group of "Unassimilable White Minorities" which includes the darker-skinned Mediterranean racial types such as Spaniards and Southern Italians. Despite the increasing incidence of jewish outmarriage, he nevertheless argues that "the 3,000 year old record of Jewish nonassimilation has only been broken once" and is doubtful that it could occur in America. Separation, ultimately, is his only solution "to put a stop to the Jewish envelopment of America." But that will happen only "(w)hen and if a resuscitated America has the strength and the will" to do so. (p. 200)

There is an extensive discussion of White racial types in this book and Robertson seems to accept a simple grouping into Nordic, Alpine and Mediterranean classifications, although he details various other subcategories that have been proposed by race scientists such as Carlton Coon. The American "Majority" now includes both Nordic and Alpine as well as some lighter-pigmented members of the Mediterranean group. There are plenty of tables with population and demographic statistics for those interested in the numbers. But the bottom line is that while the "Majority" is still a statistical majority, it is no longer in control of the country it built.

One of the major reasons for this is, to put it perhaps more crudely than Robertson would, race traitors, both conscious and unconscious. He classifies these Whites working for anti-White interests in five categories which he calls "Gracchites" (wealthy Whites exploiting minorities for political gain), "Trucklers" (others pandering to minority racism), "Pussyfooters" (those who pretend racial problems don't exist), "Old Believers" (honest liberals who don't realize they are working against the interests of their race), and finally the "Proditors" (outright traitors). All of these persons he calls "Splitters of the Ranks" "damage the Majority less by their activity or passivity, their secret complicity or open collaboration with the opposition than by the confusion with which they surround the Majority-minority confrontation." In other words, the presence of prominent gentile members in a jew-dominated organization or political movement tends to mask its jewish essence. Whenever you bring up the subject of jewish domination of the media, for example, there will invariably be someone who will say, "Ted Turner is not a jew" or "NBC is owned by General Electric, a publicly traded corporation." They of course overlook the fact that jews are in charge of programming at NBC just as they were at CNN even when Turner still had full control of its operations.

What is remarkable about The Dispossessed Majority is how well it has withstood the test of time. Since 1987, the latest date mentioned in the Third Edition, there have been some monumental changes in the political landscape, including most notably the collapse of the Soviet Union and the independence of its satellite nations. Since much of the book is given over to a discussion of American foreign policy, one might expect much of this material to seem dated. However, even here he has some valuable insights. While he several times defends Senator Joseph McCarthy, Robertson is not a knee-jerk anti-Communist by any means. He is also not wed to free-market capitalism, either, as he believes (as I do) that race is far more important than economics. At one point he even speculates that Soviet Communism might collapse from its own weight, as it actually did. He also makes the point that the Soviet Union was going through its own dispossessed majority phase and as he was writing, the Russian Majority (the "Great Russians) had recaptured their country from the jews. I'm not sure how he would fit this in with what really happened after the fall of communism when jewish oligarchs plundered the country; it would seem that jews still held considerable power in Russia despite all of the jewish emigration and talk of Soviet anti-Semitism.

In short, Robertson's analysis of our racial landscape is brilliant, scholarly, and highly readable. He occasionally displays a sardonic wit, and I found I could not put down this book until I had finished it: it took me only a couple of days. But while he is strong on analysis, like so many other White Nationalist writers, he is short on solutions. At best, he is hopeful that the racial dynamics will augur a return to Majority rule, but it is not an unguarded optimism. I understand he has in fact become more pessimistic about even the very survival of the American nation since he wrote his last revision. Robertson has authored a later book, The Ethno State, which was published in 1993. I've ordered a copy of that book, and it will be at the top of my reading list. The Dispossessed Majority, however, should be on the reading list of all racially conscious Whites who are concerned for the future of our country and the future of our race.


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