Whites: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow...

1 March 2005





The UN resolves to "punish constitutionally-responsible rulers" for the genocide of the white British.

The "genocide of the British"?

In 1948 the United Nations concurred, in Article 19 of the United Nations General Assembly 1948 Resolution 260 (iii), that genocide constituted, "THE ATTEMPT TO DESTROY, IN PART OR IN WHOLE, A RACIAL, RELIGIOUS, ETHNIC OR NATIONAL GROUP." Our leaders, Macmillan, Wilson, Heath, Callaghan, Thatcher, Blair "can be forgiven for destroying the British state and for destroying the meaning of 'Labour' and 'Conservative' as political terms, and for destroying our coal mines and our competence at science and sport and our national pride and our trust in politicians' sinecures and our hatred of bureaucracy (as we now let it triumph) and our self-determination vis-a-vis Europe but the decline to minority status by 2100 of the British people will see them indicted before a tribunal for the destruction of a racial, ethnic and national group. The crime is inescapably foul. IT MUST, FROM THE FIRST, BE GIVEN RECOGNITION. We pride ourselves on our democracy, but whence the referendum, Westminster? Whence the permission to stock our streets and our businesses and our parks and our fields and our schools and our universities and our television programmes and our bedrooms with imported peoples? Why so thick the rug under which you swept the Commonwealth Immigrants Act 1962, permitting a further million foreigners and their families and cousins and uncles and wives and gods to come to England" Can the provision in the Bill of Rights 1689 permitting Parliament to ELECT A NEW PEOPLE TO BE RULED OVER IN THE NAME OF ENGLAND be pointed out to us?

The irony is that the culture of Human Rights came about in response to the atrocities of the twentieth century in order that they may not be repeated; the culture of Human Rights is at this very moment presiding over an intercontinental genocide of white Europeans -- as their numbers decline in the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Scandinavia, the United States, Canada, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. There is not a place on this earth free from the decline of the white European -- a decline that is exponential and will at present rates see within a mere two hundred years the complete eradication of these races. The policies of forced settlement, "positive discrimination," Human Rights, "anti-racism" and "fair representation" are the very policies that tend to this decline and destruction. The problem of modernity, which we are never free from being told, that supposedly led to Auschwitz -- is now leading the whites of the world through the dread gates towards a future that has no place for them. Genocide, (literally: "people-death") is the very definition of a future that has no place for a people.

But gas chambers do not await them -- the media Propasphere that deigns only to record coloured victims of crime like Stephen Lawrence and suppresses white victims of race hate like Kriss Donald, this media matrix that "sets reality on its head" as Marx said of Hegel; the establishment's valorisation of 'tolerance', in which coloured-everyman and his god are ennobled in book after play after film after and must never be criticised; the making way of the white in business, in media, in the arts, to the coloured, to the refugee, to the economic migrant; the denial of an identity and the denial of a dignity among peoples - this is what awaits them behind the gates. The white, it must be admitted, enjoys a much more quiescent, "civilised" people-death than those that have gone before him -- and is all the more insidious a genocide for being so. Therefore, whites will have to learn a new definition of an old word, in order to combat the death-factories that pass for states today:

SUPREMACY = ABROGATING ANOTHER'S REQUEST TO SPEAK OUT. What white can honestly say, as a white person, that he or she is free to speak out about their white concerns?

This was my father"s belief, and this is also mine: Let the corn be all one sheaf " and the grapes be all one vine; ere our children"s teeth are set on edge by bitter bread and wine. (Kipling)

Underperforming schools closing - that is democracy. People losing their jobs to make way for new ones - that's democracy. People losing 1689's right to bear arms in the name of greater personal security - that's democracy. But people being outmatched, outbred and eventually outnumbered - that's genocide. Just ask the Israelis: "We have to make a choice between Greater Israel and a Jewish democratic state. Why? Because I believe that in another ten years the entire setup will change. It will cease to be an Algerian-type conflict, and it will be a South African-type conflict. Algerian in the sense that this is entirely a confrontation between two nations. In a South African situation, [the Arabs] will say, O.K., we want Greater Israel, one person, one vote. The day that will be the main narrative, we"ve lost the game."[1]

One land, one government, many races - that is the route to annihilation, not just for the British, but for any that calls itself a people. It might be one-eighth Palestinian, a jigger of Jew, and two fingers purebred Siberian wolf, but it is not a people -- it is a state-regime ruling a morass of frightened, mistrusting and abstract individuals with all the independence of a Playmobil diorama after bed time-for-Bobby. And WE BRITISH, no less than the Israelis in the Holy Land, WILL FIGHT FOR OUR HOMELAND UNTIL IT IS RIGHTFULLY RESTORED. Nationalism is the glue that brings together as one a project -- and the "state" is just that project. If it takes another nineteen hundred years to reclaim it, so it shall be -- but the justice of our cause, for the life that was and now is not, thanks to Westminster's back-room machinations, plots and bumblings, cannot be denied. The Englishman's sense of fair play has been turned against him, which is why we now see religious worship carved out of terrible crimes like the murder of the Lawrence kid and held up in a selective iconography that denies the equal egregiousness of countless racial murders of white Anglo-Saxons like Donald Hill, Chris Yates, Gavin Hopley, and Steve Blakelock. Is having your carved off at the neck, too, not a sickening crime? THIS IS THE BITTER BREAD AND WINE THAT WE HAVE BEEN TOLD TO EXPECT. Silcott, Mumia, Mandela, it doesn't matter anymore to the BBC or The Observer or Chief Justice Viscount "X" that they were guilty of their crimes -- only that they be made not to pay the price for them. The "blak mann" has suffered enough. Only the white European may suffer qua his racial identity, only he has suffering to do according to the Great Annals that presides cosmologically over civilisations in the minds of the atheists on Fleet Street. That is the reason why our outrageously overbalanced system of debits and credits tips always in favour of illegal aliens (Chinese cocklepickers, passport forgers, people-smugglers), non-white citizens (the murderer of Gavin Hopley got a mere 21 months), and foreign Mafiosi (the recent support for Turkey's prospective EU membership; this in spite of the fact that 90% OF THE UK'S HEROIN COMES FROM THE TURKISH - i.e., RACIALLY ALIEN MAFIA). Recently, fuss was kicked up about a Ukrainian "slavemaster" operating out of East Anglia. The point isn't that hardworking Eastern Europeans have been gypped out of terribly low wages -- but that there hasn't been serfdom, never mind slavery, on British soil for seven hundred years! What possibly could have brought it back? "The chickens will come home to roost," says the British Nationality Act 1948, an act permitting millions of foreigners to settle on British soil without referendum or express consent of the British people.

UNIVERSAL REPUBLICAN "CITIZENSHIP" is for the birds -- seed, cast-off bacon fat, shit. Ask yourself, O heterosexual Anglo-Saxon: is there a time you can remember when you did not fear for your safety, your sexuality, your wallet, when walking down your street at any time of the day you wish to recall? Then, my friends, you are a good deal older than twenty! In UK 2005, we look through the papers and we see in every tiny side-column, in print so small that it requires a looking glass, an "asylum seeker" running drugs,[2] a black serial rapist of white women brought to justice,[3] a Chinese student scamming UK passports out of Chinatown[4] and an Arab murdering his white wife and mixed-race baby for some cultural reason or other.[5] The spurious Imperial-sins arguments of the Left aren't worth a laugh -- WHERE WERE THE ARABS IN OUR EMPIRE? So why is IBRAHIM ADERDOUR stabbing Sophie Trant for not converting to Islam? Why is someone called IBRAHIM ADERDOUR even here to marry with Smiths, Joneses and Browns? Some brotherhood, this country's "enriching ethnic mix!" Those brief Protectorates of Iraq and Egypt really were worth it, weren"t they? But has it occurred to the Commons that the United Kingdom is not in fact a Republic? That a "citizenship" of individuals is not a concept that a Parliamentary democracy overseen by a constitutional monarchy understands? That a Parliamentary democracy overseen by a constitutional monarchy, a system that has developed organically from within through an unbroken thousand years, is not designed for the New World Order of citizens? No, no, dear reader, let us not presume to pretend that the monarchy has any influence at all anymore on political affairs -- real political affairs involving the fate of the nation, that is. But that a Republic in which universal rights -- Civil and Human Rights -- exist for all according to ius soli is suddenly -- without referendum or motion -- foisted upon a Parliamentary Union will break down because of the contradictions and the deception that spring up with its inception. The "citizen" is an ideal of the French Revolution - a revolution that opened the way for two centuries of incessant constitutional change and revolution, viz. 1803, 1815, 1830, 1848, 1852, 1870, 1945, and 1959. Multiculturalism works where a multiculturalist constitution CONSENTED TO BY THE PEOPLE BEFOREHAND ensures a precarious but fair balance of power among equals who lack precedent claims to the contrary. And the white British have claims to self-sovereignty far, far in precedence to the multiculturalism that has been passed off on us WITHOUT VOTE, WITHOUT REFERENDUM, WITHOUT CONSENT. Britain's precedent-led and unwritten constitution does not provide succour for those who would change the face of Britain to favour the coloured races. Britain was British -- it was English, Welsh and Scottish and it was so for more than fifteen hundred years longer than it was avowedly multicultural. It was not Pakistani or black or Chinese or any other of the sundry peoples that are without a claim to this land beyond a mere fifty years of ius soli residence. Multiracialism leaves a bitter taste in the mouth because it was never consented to, but crept, street by street, from the industrial districts and General Practitioner's clinics of East London, Wolverhampton and Moss Side, to Cardiff, Leicester, Peterborough, Cambridge, Glasgow; to Middlesbrough, Bradford, Leeds, Wrexham, Oldham; to west Newcastle, Sheffield, Stoke, Portsmouth and any English town or village you care to mention. Hence: THERE WAS NO PRIOR CONSENT TO MULTIRACIALISM, NOR WAS THERE ANY EXPECTATION BY THE TAXPAYING PUBLIC THAT IT WOULD LEAD TO THE RADICAL ALTERATION OF THE BRITISH, PHYSICALLY AND CULTURALLY. Britain was prepared to accept a few thousand coloured immigrants because it meant just that -- a few thousand coloureds among tens of millions of whites. There was no threat to anything in that. Race attacks, it ought to be known, were next to nil until the whites started feeling threatened by unexpectedly high numbers of coloureds, and the immigrants started feeling neglected by a Westminster not eager to piss of twenty million taxpaying white Britons. But our six million coloureds today? And pampered! Beyond belief! Who consented to that? More pertinently, who asked for that to be considered? Because they -- unwittingly or no -- have opened up myriad possibilities for anarchy, destruction and misery in a once-"Green and pleasant land."

The absolute lie that "there are around 600,000 jobs in the UK need to be filled by immigrants"[6] in food processing, agriculture, construction and cleaning exploits the "unmoving targets," the British. Unmoving because we are not permitted to settle in the countries whence came our immigrants, except on very strict and provisional visas -- and unmoving targets are easier to hit, aren't they? There are 600,000 useless bit-part jobs, like the imported bathroom attendants that have been cropping up like Hollywood simulacra across the country -- maybe. But seen as students once lived off government grants and didn't have to fill jobs to survive back before mass-immigrant hell ascended to earth, why would we need "x" billions of fresh darkies to fill jobs students now need in order to live and study? The mathematics aren"t right. The price just isn't right. Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

But run to your free trade, you hacks, go run to him! Except that law and order and free speech and good manners and independence are infinitely more valuable than haggling over the unrestricted right to buy or sell Chink-made contraptions that fall apart in order that we may buy new ones again and again and again at the behest of "duh economy." We British believe that freedom from crime is the imperative; not the bugbear of economic growth. Capitalism worked when it didn't involve MASS media and MASS bypassing of democracy and MASS population-shift and MASS misery and MASS OVERNIGHT REDUNDANCIES OF THE SKILLED AND SEMI-SKILLED. A market can't level itself out if it is being manipulated by the obscenely rich who play it like a video game over the mobile-phone, and at the click of a mouse, and in the snap of two diamond-encrusted digits that wordlessly demand MORE NOW -- MORE TOMORROW -- MORE FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER. What kind of a socialist was John Smith, that baker you knew in the 70s? What kind of a threat was he to personal industriousness? And what about Val Ramsay, the caterer on the old front street? Or Jimmy Jenkins the grocer? They were pretty bad anti-capitalists if, as it used to, small-time business means free trade! But small-time business isn't free trade anymore -- it's free-to-be-competed-out-of-existence-by-insatiable-bandits trade. ANARCHY MEANS UNFETTERED TRANSACTION -- TODAY "FREE TRADE" IS ANARCHY. Only corporations and banks enjoy protectionism. If the government are so enthusiastic about the possibilities for, and the endless logic of, international free trade, THEN WHY DON'T THEY GO THE WHOLE HOG AND CUTLOOSE THEIR OWN 57,485-A-YEAR JOBS AND REALLY CLEAR THE RUNWAY FOR FREE TRADE? We, the thorns in the side of the multiracial establishment junta, will gladly represent our constituencies for a mere third of this wage -- because we believe politics to be a duty to one's kind and not a luxury to be abused. That is at least "12 million a year of taxes freed up to be spent on compensating the families of those servicemen killed in the illegal war in Iraq. But don"t expect those criminals in the Commons to be so noble! There are private school fees to be paid and socialist principles to be kept to (aren't there, Ms Abbott MP?)

"The victory of democracy and civilisation."

Meanwhile in London, the question of all questions has been asked of our democracy, but the consciences are appalling who can turn a deaf ear to the more than 400,000 racial attacks-per-year on Anglo-Saxons by our uninvited permanent guests. No reaction was forthcoming to the question when it was asked of Kennedy, Blair and Howard. Racism cuts all ways, as murdered war veterans (by-nonwhites) Lee Martin and Albert Marriner know -- but a 57,485 SALARY AND 100,000 OF PERKS-AND-EXPENSES PER ANNUM purchases a lot of piece of mind for a year, my friends. Long are the nights of sleep procured by such wages, that even the brutal race murders of pensioners like Marriner and Ted Howell, who fought for King and Country back in the 40s against the Germans that threatened to invade, AND WHO WERE NEVER ASKED BY THEIR REPRESENTATIVES WHETHER IT WAS "CUSHDY" TO SETTLE SIX MILLION NON-WHITES IN A DIFFERENT SORT OF INVASION OF BRITAIN -- (hence Marriner's membership of the National Front) -- such is the sleep procured by these wages that the slumber is without guilt and without conscience! Can we have become so enamoured of our utilitarian ethics that such "inconveniences" as Moroccans and Kurds granted the ability to marry white women by Parliamentary treachery -- who themselves were only able to speak English because of the men who died in order to PREVENT AN INVASION OF BRITAIN -- kill them in the name of the indignity of Allah or Shiva or ancestral spirits or whoever -- that this does not so much as stir a sentiment? "We won The War!" Hmm -- keep telling yourself that, Johnny Mac, and it might someday come true. The real war has only just begun. The more than 400,000 British troops killed fighting our cultural and racial European neighbours in the past one hundred years did not die so that Blair could hoist the Black Jack[7] over the Thames, or so that southern hacks could blandly champion the "victory of democracy and civilisation" in a country that slipped genocide and its multiracial Republican constitution to the people under the cover of vague and iniquitous speeches about "winds of change". No, my friends -- democracy is yet to triumph. And civilisation is yet to be resurrected from the ashes of Europe.


-- Long live the British


[1] David Remnick, "Checkpoint," The New Yorker, Feb 7 2005 p.62-3

[2] Gateshead Evening Chronicle, 17 Feb 2005

[3] Some American nigger, condemned to imprisonment in 2004

[4] Gateshead and Newcastle Evening Chronicle, Jan 2005

[5] This happened in London

[6] Judith Kneen, "Moving Targets," Guardian Education, 15 Feb 2005, p.12 -- a vile piece of propaganda intended to instruct teachers in how to go about indoctrinating children about immigration issues while conveniently leaving to Fate their impending annihilation in the multiracial Rainbow Reich."

[7] The recent and not yet completely-extinguished attempt to add black trimmings to the Union flag is no joke to the memory of those who died to keep it has been since 1801. "Enrichment" of Britain in the form of restaurants, corner shops, some GPs and, er, the highest-ever levels of rape, murder, suicide, burglary, theft, fraud, corruption and organised crime we"ve ever suffered.

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