"Take This Sabbath Day" and Shove It

by J. Booth

13 July 2005

Sunday afternoon, July 10, 2005: so I'm sitting with my wife, watching television and an episode of The West Wing comes on. Although I know the program is filled with the worst liberal bullshit of any serial on the tube I still watch it for two reasons. First of all, it is intellectually head and shoulders above most of the Fresh Prince, White-abusing trash that is aired. Second, watching the episodes helps keep me on my toes as to 'loxist,' liberal arguments. I am able to mark their premises and formulate a rebuttal to them. Quite often I am later able to use those same antithetical retorts during the seminars I attend as part of my Master's program.

Over and above these points, however, the attentive viewer is given the opportunity to observe the jewish and lackey-white "mentality" in full bloom. During the particular episode in question, entitled "Take This Sabbath Day," the "Bartlet" White House (a true contemporary contradiction in terms) is all astir over the impending execution of an inmate who was sentenced to death for killing two people in the course of a drug deal gone bad, as if a drug deal could ever go "well." White House Communications Director, Toby Ziegler [right, played by Richard Schiff], one of two jews on Bartlet's executive staff, if there could ever be that few, is pressured by a do-gooder defense attorney through Deputy Communications Director Sam Seaborn to have the convict's sentence commuted to life in prison. This sets the basic conflict for the story.

Yet the story itself is actually unimportant. It is the unintended consequences of the premise that are significant. You see, as a result of all the handwringing and conscience searching that is generated through the basic premise, the racially awake, White Nationalist viewer can explain to his family members, friends and neighbors, who are still somnambulistic pawns in ZOG's hand, how to interpret the subtext of jew 'talmudvision.' I offer a few examples of what I mean.

From the outset, Sam Seaborn sets the unintended tone of the episode when he reminds the bleeding-heart lawyer that "the Mexican justice system," that first tried and convicted the murderer drug dealer, "is a wreck." That in itself is no great revelation. What is amazing is that a Bartlet operative would make such a "racist" remark in the first place. It seems that Aaron Sorkin [right], the author of The West Wing scripts realized the awkward truth of the words he placed in Seaborn's mouth, for in the next sentence he has Seaborn stating that the Mexican convictions should never have been allowed in as part of the Federal trial that the killer faced after his Mexican conviction. I will not get into the legal implications of the incompetence of criminal defense in this matter because, again, that is not what is important here. What is most important, and was overlooked, ignored or just plain missed by most of the viewing audience was the fact that Sorkin shifts the blame from the attorney of the accused to that of the Federal prosecutor who was able to have the "questionable Mexican conviction" entered into the Federal proceedings. It appears that this pivotal piece of information was all that the Feds needed to convict the accused in a United States Court. Nothing else in the case mattered? -- Bullshit!

But this is just the beginning. As stated earlier, Toby Ziegler, the communications jew, hears a sermon at "temple" stating that "vengeance is not jewish." I almost choked on my Lipton's tea when I heard that line. Ziegler's rabbi informs Ziegler that "an eye for an eye was the best information available at the time." Stop the fucking presses, vengeance is not jewish? Sorkin quickly recovers from that particular feat of Biblical and Talmudic revisionism by having the learned rabbi add that, "society can protect itself by punishing, but it has no right to kill." I'm sorry, I could not help myself. I screamed at the talmudvision set, "But a woman can abort an unborn baby who has committed no crime and its not labeled killing or murder?!" This is what the yids have brought OUR society to. When an adult makes a conscious decision to murder another adult, we must commute that adult's sentence from death by lethal injection to life in prison, but an innocent, unborn child in the womb can have its life ended before it begins by evisceration and being cut into pieces simply because the mother finds the child an inconvenience! Sorkin reflects the insane 'thinking' that has been forced upon the white American public by the rabbis and Toby Zieglers of the world.

The question that kept coming to my mind throughout the episode was, "What is the race of the convicted murderer?" of course that piece of information was never discussed, you see "it is irrelevant." So they say. In an earlier episode, however, when the parents of a convicted drug dealer approached Bartlet, through a Federal Civil Service employee for a pardon for their son, it was made implicitly clear that the race of the individual in question was White! It follows then that because the race of the convicted murderer was not revealed, that person was therefore a nigger. What else could it be, for this is the same type of duplicitous double standard that the media foists upon the general public on a daily basis? As Alex Linder has written a thousand times, "One standard for jews, another standard for Whites!"

After analyzing this and other episodes of The Left Wing, I can only ask, "What will it take before the White race, as a unified entity, rises up and takes back what their white forefathers created?"


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