The Search for America and Lying Strangers

by J. Booth

23 July 2005

It's like in the Fonda/Hopper movie, "Easy Rider" when Captain America and Billy went looking for America and discovered that it was no longer there. Over seventy years of liberal deconstruction has destroyed the White America that once made sense.

Karl Marx brought us class warfare that is automatically tilted in favor of the minority classes and ironically against all Whites except those of the most elite. Minorities have replaced the proletariat as the oppressed class while most Whites are forced to assume the role of the "oppressive" bourgeoisie. The jews that control the social superstructure of this nation reinforce this morally inverted scenario through the weapons of mass communication: Hollywood, television, the news media and the music industry.

Sigmund Freud introduced an infantile sexuality that catered to the lowest common denominator of animal lust that appeals only to the lesser races and therefore guarantees the deterioration of normal White moral values. MTV indoctrinates white children into the "glories" of nigger hip-hop and thug-rap music that advocates in behalf of the criminal abuse of white women who consort with the deified field niggers and the murder of White males who dare to resist the anti-White agenda. Whiggers of both genders become race traitors as they are brainwashed into forgetting their own racial origins and heritage. Whites are told that they are violent repressors of niggers that were once a proud race of kings and queens. No one however, has been able to detail any historical proof that the niggers accomplished anything of significance throughout some six thousand years of history. During this same period of history, European nations created the most lasting works of art and science ever known by the human species.

Before the White race was able to recover from the imposed guilt of psychoanalysis, Albert Einstein introduced the jew principle of "relativity" into physics. This theory has been translated by Marxist 'social scientists' into a nihilistic quagmire that creates a neurosis of insecurity and self-doubt on a national scale. These theories attempt to establish a lack of any absolutes, except those dictated by the 'social scientists' and to whom they decide those absolutes apply, thereby generating an inability in the white race to defend against the attacks it is subjected to by our enemies. Because of the "evil" of slavery, Whites in 2005 are said to "owe" a race of backward primates, who at best mimic the creative efforts of those they see around them, reparations. If Whites oppose affirmative blacktion they are called racists in order to distract attention from the true point of the argument, that point being that affirmative anything is racism directed against Whites, despite arguments to the contrary.

Because of Marx, Freud and Einstein, not to mention the jew Marxists of the Frankfurt School of Social Research, White people today in America live in a Politically Correct gulag that is becoming more and more repressive of White rights. The irony of this moral inversion will only exist as long as the White American ancestors of those who brought those rights to life on this continent allow their birthright to be stolen by racial strangers who come bearing lies.


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