Runaway Tribe

by J. Booth

26 June 2005

I can't help but notice the parallels between Jennifer Carol Wilbanks, the "runaway bride," and niggers. Observe: Wilbanks is HIGH MAINTENANCE, she demands center stage in any and all circumstances, so do niggers. Watch them on the streets, in any neighborhood, at schools, or in a shopping mall. They are either shouting obscenities to their "dog" and in general making themselves obnoxious, or they are forcing themselves on others through their vulgar displays that are guaranteed to be unavoidable.

Wilbanks is IRRESPONSIBLE, IMMATURE, so is the nigger race. Wilbanks got "cold-feet," despite her protestations that she did not, over getting married. That in itself is understandable, what is not understandable or excusable, is the way she chose to avoid her responsibilities. The niggers act the same way. When they commit a crime, the first thing they do is "run away" from the police. The grand perpetrator of this scenario is the nigger murderer, O. J. Simpson. Dozens of times a month, if not more, television footage of a high speed freeway or surface street chase is aired across the nation. Regular television programming consists of "entertainment" that displays attempted evasions of the police by a driver running away from the police in an attempt to escape responsibility. Even on politically correct television the perpetrator is most often a stupid nigger. Rather than obeying the law in the first place, the niggers compound the violation by adding felony evasion to the list of charges against them. Not the best way to comport oneself responsibly. But, not to worry, just like Wilbanks, the nigger's charges will be watered down through a plea bargain that will ignore endangering innocent bystanders' lives, not to mention those of the pursuing police officers. But who can blame the niggers, who are nothing more than juvenile apes in human clothing, when the legal system begins to demand that when speeds exceed 40 miles per hour the police must end any pursuit of the suspect. Who runs the legal system in the jewnited states of Amerika?

Wilbanks is a LIAR, and so are niggers. Wilbanks perpetrated interstate fraud when she claimed to have been abducted by a male border jumper and a white woman. The niggers perpetrate the same fraud when they accuse any white person of discrimination of any type. In the first place, there is no such thing as discrimination against niggers. Instead the worst crime that a White person could be accused of in this respect is animal cruelty, but even that is debatable when you consider that when an animal becomes dangerous to humans then the only recourse is to put the animal down. When the nigger knew the lash of the White man's whip, the nigger was docile. When that fear is removed, however, the result is nigger on White violence that ends with our daughters raped and murdered by the nigger savage. It is the White race that has the violence of discrimination forced upon it through affirmative blacktion, forced integration and marginalization through the exaltation of niggers in our society that awards jobs to niggers that Whites were more qualified for and deracinates White culture by replacing it with whigger shit. How many white young men do you see during the day that affect nigger dress, behavior and "speech" patterns? How many "grey meat" women do you see in the course of a day hanging on to some ghetto, nigger buck because they think it is "cool" and "proves" to the world that they are "not racist"? These are examples of the lies that are forced onto this White nation and its future.

Wilbanks is a fool, it goes without saying what niggers are! The ridiculous legacy of Jennifer Carol Wilbanks will fade from the national memory. Unfortunately the destructive aftermath of the RUNAWAY TRIBE will not, thanks to the ewes.


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