The Semit[e] Times

by J. Booth

16 July 2005

Semitize your news! That's what may as well be in print. For if you hold the front page of the N. Y. Times up to a mirror it reads, SEMIT Y. N.; Semit[e] Your News. The jew comedian, Bill Mahr always began his defunct Politically Incorrect television show with the comment that the material had been 'satirized for your protection.' With the Semit[e] Times, all the news that is print to fit has been semitized for your deception!

In America today that is the only way that you can hope to read between the jewish lines of lies that roll off the presses every day that the sun rises. Hold the Semit[e] Times up to the mirror of White Nationalism. That is the only way you will be enabled to decipher that which has been semitized for your deception! That is the only way that White men, women and children will be able to shed the blinding scales from their eyes and be able to understand truth for the White Race. Everything else is a blinding veil for our people.

In the Biblical account of Revelation, "the synagogue of Satan" is mentioned. This is an apt description for what once was "The Great Grey Lady" of newspapers. Lies, deception and propaganda are the sacraments of this contemporary "temple." Those who partake of its communions remain blind to the truth. They are poisoned with a gall that only increases their thirst for TRUTH, but it is not forthcoming. They will 'see' with their eyes, but their mind will not perceive. They will 'hear' with their ears, and yet they will have no understanding. They will 'see the stars and still not see the light.' They can only be 'told,' rather than think. The curious thing about all of this is that if someone attempts to 'desemitize' the readers, he will be branded an 'anti-semite' and racist while the sightless, victims/readers are led away into deeper deceptions, deracination and slaughter by those Arthur Schopenhauer described as "the masters of the lie."

Christ warned the world of those who follow the practices of the "father of lies." He warned the world of those "whose father is a murderer and a deceiver." That seed line survives "unto this day." We are instructed that, "our heel shall bruise his head and his head shall bruise our heel." But as long as we allow the news to be semitized for our deception, as long as "we stand idly by the blood of our brothers," and sisters and children who have fallen victim to those who semitize the truth, the formula for our victory will never "come to pass." That phrase implies crushing of the head of our enemy, definitely not the solution of a pacifist. Furthermore, the Bible tells us that when Christ was crucified and died on the cross, at the instant of His death, the veil in the temple that separated the Holiest of Holies from the rest of the temple, was "rent in twain from top to bottom." The literal application of this description aside, this phrase is a magnificent metaphor to express the removal of an obstruction to one's sight. Regardless of whether an individual accepts or rejects the Biblical example just cited, the rhetorical device is still applicable when used as means for understanding and acting upon current White circumstances in America specifically, and the world in general. I fear for my country because too many of our White race have not been able to rend the veil that blinds them from seeing the TRUTH of our predicament. They are not responding to the warning trumpets that are sounding even at this late hour. The veil not only blinds them, it has dulled their hearing. It is not negativity, however that inspires the words of this piece. Instead it is a spirit of constructive criticism that is motivated out of a love for my own people, and out of a desire for a greater unity within the White race. The Internet provides us with the means and methods to realize that we are not insane, isolated individuals jousting at windmills. We are enabled to increase our numbers through its agency and are empowered to end the deception. Rend that veil White Man, in order that we may semitize our enemies' destruction!


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