Helen of Troy and the Whore Within

by J. Booth

1 August 2005

By now most everyone who is interested has had the opportunity to watch the film, "Troy." The production is an acceptable condensation of Homer's The Iliad, if for no other reason than presenting the story in a form whereby the MTV, short-attention-span viewer may still gain a summary understanding of the epic poem. As a consequence of viewing the film, I was motivated to acquire a new copy of the Greek classic so I could see if the passage of some twenty years had imparted any insight, enlightenment, or wisdom with respect to the lessons to be learned from The Iliad. Back when I first read it, I was only beginning to become racially conscious. The second time around, however, I had not completed reading the introduction to the Penguin edition, translated by Robert Fagles (1990), when I encountered the following passages. Writing of "Trojan attitudes," Fagles observed:

The belief, typical of rich, civilized cities, that wealth can always buy (emphasis added) a solution, and the illusion that civilized ways of warfare...are laws as valid and universal as the laws under which their own civilization lives... Inside Troy the manners of civilized life are preserved; there are restraints on anger, there is courtesy to opponents (emphasis added) [and] in the city, those who have most cause to blame, even to hate Helen, the old men of Troy, members of the council, murmur to each other praise for her beauty as they express their wish that she would go back to the Achaeans (emphasis added) (Op. Cit., p. 32).

How so much like the United States of Amerika those principles reflect! The government of this country believes that if it just piles more good money after bad, then the perceived "education gap" between Whites and niggers will be closed and eliminated. If that is not bad enough, this same government pacifies, through intimidation, destruction of careers, prison sentences or death, the justifiable anger that its more cognizant citizens express against such a monumental waste of their taxpaying dollar. The entire nation is extorted and blackmailed in the name of what is to be accepted as civility.

This same ruse has been perpetrated on a wider scale to the point that "courtesy to opponents" has become perverted into political correctness. Whites can hardly open their mouths in contemporary Amerika unless they espouse the socially acceptable orthodoxy of the day. For one to express views that are considered beyond the pale of the courteous, is to run the risk of being labeled a "racist," a "hater," or worst of all, an "anti-semite" (sic purposely).

The most damaging point of all however, is the destructive hypocrisy exercised by "members of the council [who] murmur to each other praise for [Helen's] beauty as they express their wish that she would go back to the Achaeans." These fools recognized Helen of Troy for the vapid whore she was, yet they allowed their city to be destroyed while the best and brightest of their young men and women were wasted in war, rather than be discourteous and send the slut packing.

How so much like the United States of Amerika those fools reflect. The White race in Amerika has a slut within its embrace. This selfish, preening little "princess" squanders our wealth on niggers and causes our nation to be invaded by mud aliens. The little bitch, with "mincing steps" has pacified a large number of Amerikan males through Marxist lies and feminist menses. That little whore has blinded our leaders with a so-called, yet unexplained, deceptive beauty that has disinclined them to send the bitch packing "back to the Achaeans!" Wake up White America, the W-H-O-R-E is coming for you. Do you have the courage and the heart to kick the slut out of your homeland?


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