What AmeriKa has become and Belarus

by J. Booth

30 July 2005

Over the past few years I have done a considerable amount of reading concerning social conditions in Weimar Germany following WWI and during the build up of the NSDAP. There are astonishing parallels between 1920-1927 Germany and the United States today.

The economy was in free-fall during this period in Germany. Inflation in America steadily ascends the rising side of that, not so theoretical curve. A newly manufactured and still on its wheels mobile home sells for One Million dollars. Yes, One Million dollars. Are Nick and Jessica in the market? But that is not the worst of the matter.

In Weimar Germany, Communist bullyboys muscled their way into political meetings, took them over or disrupted them by starting fights that ended with all participants being taken to jail. Today in the United States, Cultural Marxists, through intimidation and violence generated during the 1960's and 1970's, have taken control of American Colleges and Universities. Conservatives are physically attacked or intimidated into silence. Conservative Campus and non-campus publications are regularly and systematically stolen and thrown away or destroyed by leftist radicals and student "progressives." The Campus administrators, however, are mute concerning these activities. It is only the conservatives or right wing activists who go to jail today. Free speech only applies to voices from the left. Speech-codes and star-chamber inquisitions continually violate Constitutional rights of students who are too naive to realize that Constitutional law protects them from such leftist tyranny regardless of what the disciplinary policy of the institution may direct. The marginalized centrists and conservatives must resort to civil and often criminal court actions in order to exercise their, so called, Constitutional rights of free speech and freedom of assembly. Herbert Marcuse, who advocated in behalf of repressive actions against groups on the right, Karl Marx, Leon Trotsky, V. I. Lenin, and Joseph Stalin would applaud the left's control of the academic institutions in America today.

There is one major contrasting difference between the turmoil of the collapsing German social system and that which we are witnessing in the United States today. The NSDAP physically resisted the Communists of their day; it didn't settle for mere legal action. In resorting to the court system in America today, one is as likely to realize an unfavorable ruling in his behalf, regardless of the strength of their case, as he is to have a judge hand down an affirmation of his position. The NSDAP was not afraid to get its hands dirty when the occasion required it. For the most part those on the right in the United States will not follow the policy "by any means necessary" that the negro malcolm x directed his negro muslim advocated for his black nationalists in the 1960s. Although each White man, woman and child must follow the dictates of his conscience, there are literally hundreds of ways that a committed White Nationalist can express his solidarity with his White brothers and sisters.

VNN recently posted an article written by Tom P., "Belarus White Man Stomps on jOG Snakes." Within that outstanding essay were a series of hyperlinks (http://mosnews.com/news/2005/07/21/uscashforbelarus.shtml) that amount to a blueprint for overpowering the influences that are destroying America today. If the reader is the least bit aware of the early history of the NSDAP, they will realize that the leadership of 99% White Belarus is protecting the White population from invasive strangers and Marxist academics in exactly the same manner that the Third Reich protected Aryan society in Germany. The Belarus leadership does not shrink from fighting fire with fire, the only tactic that works when a people are faced with those who seek to destroy their chosen government, their way of life and their heritage.

It is imperative that everyone read each of the accompanying hyperlinks in Tom P.'s article. In doing so, readers will become aware of what White Unity is able to accomplish in behalf of White Preservation and Prosperity. Marxist academics, niggers, pacifists and mud sympathizers are not our allies or our friends, White Man.

The Cultural Marxists that we are up against are as committed to destroying our White nation as the Communists were determined to seize power in Germany during the formative years of the NSDAP. If we are to prevail, as our brothers and sisters of the NSDAP did, we must be willing to commit to our race just as they did. Our alternative is our extinction in a sea of mud!


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