The Sacred Blood, Blessed Child, White Man's Religion

by Arthur H.

2 July 2005

The White Religion propounded below is a rewrite-embellishment of a previous essay. To grasp the complete White Religion the reader must fit the series of contributing articles cited at bottom into the mosaic.

Why a White Religion? Why not a White political party? There is a need for both, of course; and, of course, White Man has neither at present. But, only a religion can create supra-national unity for the White diaspora, can limit internecine national conflicts between White Man enclaves within the Great White Gene Pool. A religion overcomes the negative collective remembrance of White brothers at war in the American Civil War, in the Franco-Prussian War, in jew instigated World War 1, and in jew instigated World War 2. It fades remembrance of the Cold War. Political parties are confined to individual nations. They are easily manipulated temporary alliances; they pass all too quickly. The White Religion is designed to include and unite all White Men located in any nation anywhere on the planet. It will link all past and future generations. It would be eternal. Only a religion can unite the politically divided Great White Gene Pool. Only a religion can unite White Man in Germany, with White Man in America, with White Man in Russia, with White Man in France, with White Man in Britain, et al, over the generations, for eternity.

White Man. What do you want your religion to be?

What religion is best for the Great White Gene Pool?

What religion fits and benefits White Everyman?


It meets locally at "FAITHFUL SERVANT'S HALL" -- "FS HALL."

Why use a religion based on the jew tribal religion, designed to enthrone the jew tribe, and designed to oppress and enslave host nations?

White Man, what worldwide religion (while maintaining a primarily local community focus and presence) do you need to unify your glorious but sometimes fractious tribe of genetic brethren and to defeat the murderous ambitions of jews, or other "outsiders"?

What religion will create an eternal bond for the White Tribe, a bond tighter yet than judaism which has bound the jew tribe together for 3500 years, than Confucianism which has bound the Chinese tribe from 500 B.C., than Shintoism which has bound the Japanese tribe from antiquity?

What religion will thoroughly involve and inculcate each new generation into the meaning of being White?

What religion do you need to seal your White Tribe off from predation from other gene pools?

What religion do you need to take advantage of the opportunities that will be served up by Nature to future generations?

What religion do you need to progressively advance your tribe to better days?

What kind of religion will increase the quantity and quality of your White Gene Pool?

What religion do you need to compete in the real world against other mass religions -- religions aimed at recruiting, neutering and murdering White Man? What kind of religion can be made to grow faster than the world's two fastest growing religions, the Jehovah's Witnesses, number one, and the Mormons, number two?

What religion will inspire and prepare the members of Great White Gene Pool to build an EARTHLY PARADISE?


Confucianism, Shintoism and Judaism are racial tribal religions, religions exclusively representing genetically bound tribes -- these religions authentically represent unique race souls. These religions are closed to genetic outsiders.

Xnty, the Muslim religion, JWS, Mormonism are inauthentic artificial constructs, they represent no particular race soul. They are polyglot, multi-racial, so-called "universal" religions -- religions housing divergent, incompatible race souls under the same roof. They confuse and alienate their members. These Frankensteins are already predominantly non-White. They already suffer internal competing race soul struggles and conflicts.

judaism, Xnty, the Muslim religion, JWS and Mormons are all more or less "People of the Book" -- the same "Book" -- the same jew "Bible." This "Bible" was written by jews. This "Bible" records the chaotic desert wanderings of jews. This "Bible" projects the peculiar inborn, inbred, parasitic, racial behaviors of oriental desert-dwelling, well-poisoning, semitic jews. All of these are Abrahamic religions -- descended from Abraham. All these religions are based on a "Bible" history book reflecting and expressing the jews inbred semitoid race soul.

Nature divides the races; authentic religions conform to Nature's divisions.

Nature evolved the wandering jew tribe for deceit and parasitism, so jews fabricated an otherworldly God that picked-"chose" them. They then propagated this God to other race-tribes to confuse, ensnare and enslave them.

Nature picked our White Gene Pool God. Nature picked Us. Nature picked Us to create, to build, to grow, to advance, to be thorough, to pursue excellence.

The SBBC has a biological foundation. It is genetics based religion. It is closed to other races.

The SBBC has Baltic centered origins. The SBBC is the pure essence of White Man's race soul.


What is the SBBC" It is the Church of the Great White Gene Pool. Its Members are my genetic brethren worldwide counting 600,000,000, located mostly in Europe and North America. My wife and I and our six children are Members. My local Church with its 150 to 200 members meets twice a week at Faithful Servant's Hall -- FS Hall -- a modest bricks and mortar structure similar to a JWS "Kingdom Hall." I am an Elder. I and my fellow Elders lead sermons. We are the core of the Church. I proselytize-sell my genetic kin in my circle and in my community. I show new recruits how to sell-recruit their White brothers home-to-home, face-to-face. I sometimes volunteer to do missionary work outside my community. I attend two annual international conferences. The common task of all SBBC Members is to recruit each and every member of the Great White Gene Pool.

When an FS Hall reaches 200 members it sends out 20 of its members to establish a new congregation. When the new congregation matures, it does likewise.

For the function and operation of FS Hall see the JWS Kingdom Hall.

For tithing and gifts see JWS and Mormons.

For now, as a result of the current oppressive political context, the hierarchy of my worldwide religion copies JWS" decentralization -- local independently-owned and operated FS Halls served ideologically from a single publishing source.


No miscegenation.

A minimum family size of husband, wife and three children. The more children the more honorable the family.

The brotherhood and religious unity of all White Men.

1) DEITY: I have ONE GOD. My GOD created me. My GOD created my world. My GOD is the omniscient, omnipresent spiritual essence of the Great White Gene Pool. My GOD is exclusively My GOD. My GOD commands: "No Gods before Me."

2) CREED: (See for comparison the jewish creed, the Xn Nicene Creed, the Muslim Creed.)

My Creed is the SBBC Assembly Creed:

"Hear O" White Man, the Lord, our God created our body. There is no other like it. He created our character, our intellect, our spirit and or soul. There is no other like them. Our God is the one God for us, for us alone. There is no God like him. There is no God above Him or beyond Him."

Our God is a supra-consciousness, a purposeful, self-directed, super Whole, living, growing and building God. He is accessible only to White Man. While at the same time our God is distinct from us, he lives concretely within our genes -- he lives within every single member of the White Race. We are as living cells to His Body.

We all have a spark of White Gene Pool Godly essence within us and in that way we are of our God. Our God is infinitely more than each of us individually, but despite that fact, another fact remains: We have a special purpose within the functioning Whole that is our God. We all have a purpose like a skin cell, a bone cell, a liver cell, a heart cell and a brain cell. Our God coordinates and directs our individual activities harmoniously to sustain, protect and advance us all.

The SBBC defends against outsiders who would harm Our God. At the same moment, the SBBC guides us individually along a path of usefulness to our God.

3) CREATION: I am quite literally the son of the Immaculate Zygote. Creation is a fortuitous genetic event occurring about 40,000 years ago. It involved four Euro females. It brought light to our world and invented/structured my body, mind and soul. It is all I am and embodies the unique destiny of my people. It may come to be better understood through genetic research.

4) THE SBBC BIBLE: Our BIBLE, Our "Book" is "March of the Titans, A History of the White Race", by Arthur Kemp, our BIBLE is near ideal historiography for us.

Our BIBLE is the ONE BIBLE for all White Man. It is the Book of White Man's Religion. What does it do" It puts all members of the Great White Gene Pool diaspora on the same constructive page. It puts us all into intimate contact with our each other and our GOD.

Our religion is based on the spectacular, verifiable history of White Man in his relation to Nature, in his relations with his genetic brothers, and in his relations to genetically different outsider races. My tribal moral code is also found in the lessons of "The March of the Titans", as updated with additions, commentary, interpretations, adjustments and amendments provided from time to time by my Prophets. Four tenets-requirements of my BIBLE are immutable: (1) Gene pool purity is the key to fulfillment (the prohibition against miscegenation). (2) The requirement of personal fertility -- each Member is required to grow the White Gene Pool. (3) The prohibition against internecine conflict between White Brethren. (4) The requirement to be eternally vigilant of the threats of outsiders. These four tenets are the engine of our racial soul and represent Our God's particular uncompromising demands upon us.

The SBBC BIBLE Online:

A book review of our BIBLE:

5) THE PURPOSE OF LIFE: The Purpose of Life is to ply, enjoy, understand, protect and glorify the immense benefits of my genetic inheritance. The Purpose of Life is to live in the Way of, and to serve and sacrifice for the Great White Gene Pool.

6) ORIGINAL DEBT, BUT NOT ORIGINAL SIN: A member of the Great White Gene Pool is born into a state of grace but also into a state of original debt. He is born free of sin and of excess capability (unlike the Abrahamic religions). White Man is born "Good" (like Confucianism). He is born of Divine Origin (like Shintoism). He has had the immense benefit of the Great White Gene Pool's genetic wealth lavished upon him gratuitously at birth. No gift-inheritance can come close. He must repay this benefit in kind according to the genetic capabilities bestowed. To each the tools required to ply-express his special genetic gifts, from each the special fruit of his particular genetic gifts. He has a debt to every member of the 1200 generations that preceded him -- sacrificed for him -- so that he might live and prosper in the grace of the race soul. He must always remember he was born out of the pain and effort of his mother and the labors of his father and honor them both at all times. He was bequeathed the Golden Genes, for nothing, at birth. He must repay his enormous benefit-debt to the Great White Gene Pool. He must repay this debt by repeating the cycle. He must defend and advance the Great White Gene Pool that created-made him.


a) He must be confirmed (be tested) at the age of twelve in his knowledge of the BIBLE by his Elders.

b) He shall perform two years of missionary service before the age of twenty-four.

c) He shall marry and create at least two children by the age of twenty-six.

d) He shall take a religious holiday to the Source -- the Baltic region -- before the age of forty-five.

8) SALVATION: Salvation comes through works/doing. There are four aspects of Salvation. The first is adding genetically to the Great White Gene Pool with babies. The second is proselytizing/selling the religion to genetic brethren. The third is advancing the cooperation and unity of individuals, families, communities, and nations comprising the Great White Gene Pool. All his local community activities must be consistent with the interests of the entirety of the Great White Gene Pool. The fourth is to be ever watchful of actual and potential threats from outsiders, local and worldwide.

9) PROPHETS: Prophets are worldly teachers who arise from time to time to dispense glimpses into the true essence of the Great White Gene Pool God. They interpret (provide meaning) to the real events making up our history. They interpret our BIBLE for the current generation. They set standards and goals. They interpret the findings of science regarding our genetic structure. They provide insights into current opportunities and challenges. They direct and coordinate our dealings with outsiders. Commentaries of the Prophets are added to our BIBLE as Chapters. Prophets shall be venerated.

A living Prophet: Alex Linder daily analyzes and exposes threats to our gene pool. He spotlights the gravest threat of our time -- the life threatening jew disease.

A living Prophet: Kevin MacDonald explained the hidden mechanism of jewish destruction of the Great White Gene Pool.

10) SCIONS: Scions are real world Men who "do" -- "perform" an heroic deed that glorifies the Great White Gene Pool. They shall be remembered for all time.

Example of a Scion: Charles "The Hammer" Martel led the Franks to victory at the Battle of Tours. He and his brave warriors smashed the semitic Arab invasion of Europe and saved the Great White Gene Pool from semitoid genetic contamination.

Another Scion: Patrick Henry is a paradigm of White family building and Fatherhood, as well as a Founder of the American White Republic. He sired seventeen children -- a fertility Stakhanov for the White Race.

Another Scion: President Andrew Jackson, "Old Hickory" cleared 100 million acres of murdering "vermin injuns." He busted jew-elitist usury -- he killed the first Federal Reserve Bank.

11) HIVS AND CANCERS: HIVS are generally jews. HIVS are virulent highly infectious terminal bipedal microbial viruses. HIVS spread their virus to overwhelm and destroy the Great White Gene Pool's immune system. HIVS bring disease and death to White Man. They must be quarantined and removed from the Great White Gene Pool. Cancers are generally caused by jews. Cancers are jew initiated tumors in the HIV weakened body of the Great White Gene Pool. They must be cut out and removed.

Examples of HIVS: jew Sumner Redstone (Maury Rothstein) owner of MTV. He desecrates the Great White Gene Pool day in and day out. Another HIV: jew Professor Noel Ignatiev advocates the extermination of the White Race. Highly virulent HIVS: jew Irv Rubin, jew Simon Wiesenthal, jew Jonathan Pollard, jew Michael Chertoff, jew Abe Foxman.

Examples of Cancers: jew invented open borders, jew invented integration, jew invented feminism, jew invented hate speech laws.

11A) CAESAR's LAW: Caesar's myriad laws will be unfairly, unjustly and illegally enforced against the SBBC, as they have been against Mormons and JWS. However, Members of the SBBC shall not fight Caesar's fire with fire; but rather, they shall fight Caesar's fire with water. Members of the SBBC shall remain squeaky clean legally in all matters big and small as respects Caesar's law. The SBBC shall respond by legal, non-violent means to unprovoked, unjustified attacks on it by Caesar. Some White "Tar Baby" mixed with some White "rope-a -dope." At some point our growing numbers will allow us to "influence" Caesar's law.

12) WISDOM: Wisdom flows from God. It is mostly instinctual, with a spark of Man's intelligence added. Man cannot ever know all that much compared to God -- all the wisdom contained within and exhibited by the Great White Gene Pool through the ages. White Man must constantly strive to know as much as possible. But, he must avoid overestimation of his capabilities and hubris. He must move carefully by trial and error methods. He must look to God for Wisdom -- to the history of the Great White Gene Pool for lessons.

No member from any other Gene Pool or mix of Gene Pools can ever truly know/understand anything about the Great White Gene Pool. Knowing its spiritual content is visceral and instinctual -- wholly genetic -- limited solely to members of the Great White Gene Pool.

13) What is THE BASIS OF KNOWING" HOW MUCH CAN YOU KNOW" The basis of knowing is the study of the march of the Great White Gene Pool through its 40,000 year history (Studying our BIBLE.). The basis for knowing is the study of the Great White Gene Pool's interaction with Nature, genetic brethren, and other gene pools. It is the study of our God's instinctual reaction to opportunities, challenges and threats. It is he study of the mental capability and physical beauty our God created in us. It is the study of our creations of art, literature, philosophy, science, social organization, and finally Western Civilization. Much instinctual knowledge will not be quantifiable but may be glimpsed by observing the inspired actions of Scions and through the study of divinations of Prophets. The wisdom of the Great White Gene pool is so deep and profound and the individual lifespan so comparatively short in providing living experience, that no one man, not even a Prophet, can ever hope to know more than a small portion of the total wisdom residing in the Great White Gene Pool.

14) HEAVEN AND HELL: SBBC religious community is Earthly Paradise. The highest level of spiritual well-being and development for members of the Great White Gene Pool can be realized only within an exclusive religious community (exclusive of other gene pools). Hell is subjection to multi-racial friction from other gene pools.

15) RELIGIOUS HOLIDAYS celebrated at FS Hall and in Members homes:

a) New Year's Day.

b) A short follow-up holiday after New Year's Day for meditation and the expatiation of sins against our God and sins against White brothers during the previous year.

c) Four holidays spaced throughout the year commemorating great victories crucial to the survival of the Great white gene pool. They almost killed us, but we prevailed. Let's eat and drink.

d) Three Nature Holidays. The Yule Holiday, two seasonal holidays from Odinism, Druidism. Let's eat and drink.

e) Annual Family Ancestor's Day with the entire clan gathering at one home or location to remember illustrious forbears. Let's see the babies, catch up on family doins." Let's eat and drink.

16) LIFE AFTER DEATH, IMMORTALITY: Any Member of the White Gene Pool may become immortal through procreation. Immortality is continuing, never-ending genetic participation within the Great White Gene Pool. Conception of a child (your likeness) is reborning yourself into the Great White Gene Pool, life hereafter. It is your SELF-RESURRECTION. A thriving newborn child of the Great White Gene Pool presents daily visual proof of the life hereafter, immortality. Multiply, be prolific. Grow the Great White Gene Pool. A chain attaching the past, the present and the future. The unbroken circle. Only by personally inserting genetic material into the next generation can this life's purpose be fulfilled. Any member who fails at this consigns himself to eternal oblivion. The other half of immortality is preserving and advancing the interests of the Great White Gene Pool. This is best achieved by vigorously proselytizing-selling its messages to each new generation. Mine is a religion of works -- making babies and selling my religion daily to my family and my genetic brethren in order to guarantee my immortality.

(Comment and comparison: The Chinese, the Japanese and the jews stress living in the here and now while placing emphasis on family and tribe. The SBBC is similar in that regard. Xns and Muslims have their invented immortality, their Heaven of "pie in the sky when you die.")

(Comment: For the SBBC afterlife is gained by transmitting your living genetic material into the future through your children. It is the only verifiable afterlife. A DNA test will prove your continuation. Scion Patrick Henry through his seventeen children influences the character, intellect, appearance, behavior and spirit of 10,000,000 living Americans, all of whom have inherited a modicum of his genetic material (work the numeric progression). The SBBC is the only scientific (observation-based) religion. It relies on real history, objective science and verifiable genetic facts like those discovered by the profoundly significant Human Genome Project.)

17) MEMBERSHIP: Membership in the SBBC is BY BIRTH ALONE -- it is purely a biological genetic fact. Baptism by birth. Either you have the genes or you don't. Outsiders cannot "convert." Outsiders cannot be "converted." You do not convert immutable genes. Those who possess the uncontaminated genes of the Great White Gene Pool at birth are automatically members. Though you gain membership at birth, you may lose it by wrong actions or failed works in life. Members who fail in their duty to The Great White Gene Pool shall be disfellowshipped. Retaining membership is by works and by submitting to the obligations of God.

18) GOOD AND BAD. SIN: Morality and the Great White Gene Pool. Good morality is adhering to your obligation to repay your "Original Debt" for the gift of Life in the Great White Gene Pool, in kind and on time. SIN is shirking your duty to repay any part of this obligation on time. Morality is the fulfillment of duty. A Good Man timely and effectively fulfills his duties to the Great White Gene Pool.

Brotherly morality, morality between members of good-standing in the Great White Gene Pool religion is not unlike the Xn Ten Commandments. But it goes much further. Brotherly morality is proactive with cooperation, mutual aid, mutual assistance and the mutual protection of genetic kin as a requirement. It is community-wide and worldwide genetic nepotism.

Brothers within the Great White Gene Pool separated by national political boundaries shall revere their common genetic inheritance above all else and under no circumstance diminish or undermine one another.

Morality with respect to other gene pools and gene pool mixtures -- black, brown, yellow, red, gene pool mixtures, and the inbred mulatto jew: The gene determined beliefs, behaviors and mentalities of different races are radically, distinctly different. Hence, White morality, White law and White justice do not apply to non-White gene pools; and, the morality, legal systems and justice of other gene pools do not apply to White Man. No White Man may ever be judged by a non-White.

Interaction between gene pools must simply be based on maintaining good fences and reciprocity. It must be based on "an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth." Pre-emptive actions against other gene pools may be required in cases where the health of the Great White Gene Pool is endangered.

Permitting genetic contamination or damage to the Great White Gene Pool, by any means or method, from any source, is the ultimate sin.

Ranked just behind genetic corruption and miscegenation in degree of sinfulness is betrayal of brethren Great White Gene Pool members in any matter great or small to a member of another gene pool.

19) GUIDANCE, AUTHORITY, INSPIRED ACTS come from ordained Men-Males. Men in order of authority are Prophets, Scions, Elders, Members in good standing. Every ordained Male Member is a full priest of the SBBC.

Members of the Great White Gene Pool spiritual community are "of this world" to the extent and in the manner in which SBBC Prophets/Scions and Elders prescribe. GOD often inspires enlightened Members to creative, supremely heroic acts of generosity and sacrifice for the Glory of the Great White Gene Pool.

20) MAN/WOMAN/CHILD/FAMILY -- Man leads, protects, secures and educates his family. The Woman follows. Four Euro Women 40,000 years ago bore the Great White Gene Pool into this world and the Woman of today is the Mother of the next generation. Children honor and obey their Mothers and Fathers, honor their forebears, and repay their debt.


a) The 19th century was a high point.

b) The 20th century was a low point.


d) Most Great White Gene Pool members have forsaken their God to chase after Mammon, sensual gratification and other false prophets foisted upon them by jews. They choose Death over Life. Most give in to the jew promoted birth control/"family planning" snuffing of their very own children. Most stand idly by while jews murder the Great White Gene Pool with open borders, racial integration and racial mongrelization.

We have fallen from His Grace.

Our Forbears and the millions of Unborn Children we casually flush down the toilet each month cry out to us.

Our GOD demands from us:



A period of great Trials and Tribulation awaits us.

Be of good cheer for "We must through much tribulation enter into the kingdom of God."

All current activities of the Sacred Blood, Blessed Child must be concentrated on the very survival of the Great White Gene Pool.

Activities of the Sacred Blood, Blessed Child should be directed locally to building Faithful Servant's Halls and witnessing to and saving sinners, backsliders, the fallen, and the lost.

Sam Walton, Ray Kroc, Simon Wiesenthsal, Pat Robertson, Brigham Young, Joseph Rutherford, Jesus et al. They all know how to sell and franchise. They all began with their very first product or business model. They refined it. Honed it to real world considerations. They got one done right and in operation. That was the hard part. Then they cookie-cuttered it everywhere. Even the numerous local sorry Xn preachers, occupying every community in the Western wasteland with their stupid, gaudy dead churches, can run a profitable religion business. A standardized product, a standardized method of doing business. Then follow the franchise template for growth and expansion. How hard is that"

Get out in front White Man. Buy a storefront or put up a new FS Hall in your community. Fill the pews.

Imagine FS Halls dotting the White World in the former locations of mcdonalds, walmarts, citi-bank branches, protestant churches, catholic churches, synagogues and mosques.

600,000,000 pews to fill.

Start your own Congregation.

Sell and Franchise Whiteness.

Follow the template, which will evolve and improve.

Build a Faithful Servant's Hall in your community!

Application of this blueprint will allow us to confound our executioners and fulfill our Destiny.







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