The Art of Lying by Omission

by Apollonian

28 February 2005

The Art of Lying by Omission -- Or, The Jew Mentality and Method

[Book Review: The 9/11 Commission Report, Omissions and Distortions, by David Ray Griffin]

David Ray Griffin does it again with another brilliant analysis of the 9-11 issue, this time on the 9/11 Commission Report, subtitled Omissions and Distortions. Griffin's earlier work was entitled, The New Pearl Harbor. Earlier last month I reviewed Mike Ruppert's Crossing the Rubicon as pretty definitive exposition on the 9-11 subject. Well, Griffin's latest product, Omissions and Distortions, easily equals Ruppert and adds to it as now the Commission Report itself becomes an issue.

Indeed, the Report we now see is itself something quite ominous, sinister, and truly frightening. It's frightening because in its way it tells us whether the Bush administration is culpable for 9-11, as patriots allege. Note there are two chief ways such Report would so indicate. One would be if it stated this in plain terms. Imagine if Bush and Cheney, Rice, Rumsfeld and the Jews, Wolfowitz, Feith, Perle, et al., just admitted outrightly: "Yeah suckers, we perpetrated 9-11 -- it was us who did it, all right -- so now what are you gonna do about it?" The other way is brazen lying.

The 9-11 conspiracy simply grows, expands, continues, and the implications are absolutely terrifying in themselves, for the honest citizen must ask, how will, how must this horrific Orwellian nightmare end? For we're currently in the midst of our own version of the famous Roman "conspiracy of Cataline." The present criminals and oligarchal conspiratorial principals, consisting of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Trilateralists, and Bilderbergers, are visible and becoming ever more so. See James Perloff's Shadows of Power. But these principals are currently in a quandary as they've recently, with 9-11, accelerated their criminal activity, and they know they can't possibly let things sit for the citizens to possibly catch their breath and attempt to grasp the initiative.

Rather, the conspirators must continue to ride the grim tiger of oblivion they've loosed. Things have to continue to happen dramatically in a way contrived to be in their conspiratorial favor. Thus the criminals give thanks they control the mass-media, the judiciary, and the vast thought-control institutions of "education." Nonetheless the criminals yet know they still have to maintain a momentum. For how will this gross conspiracy end? -- it must end with them enhanced and secured in their power and control, with the NWO infrastructure steadily waxing. For the conspirators this UN dictatorship must be the necessary outcome and otherwise they cannot rest.

Hence as we see now events are contrived in the mid-east against the lives, security, and fortunes of the Musselmen in Iran and Syria and in favor of the psychopathic criminals and murderers in Israel. Such heretofore in my review of Griffin's book is the necessary dramatic, historical, and political background. For again, Omissions and Distortions, as Ruppert's Crossing the Rubicon before it, helps us greatly in coming to grips with the living drama we currently observe and experience. These are truly exciting times.

Griffin's book, at less than 300 pages of text, is much more concise than Ruppert's relatively ponderous 600. And Griffin is more incisive as well as being quite understated in style -- Griffin is a professional theologian and academic, after all.

Griffin begins his stomping of the fraudulent Report right off in the Introduction. Remember, the Commission is actually grossly belated substitute for the proper, indicated, and requisite Congressional investigation, and note Congress is supposed to act as a "check and balance" to the executive Presidential branch.

But the Commission wasn't and couldn't have been anything but a stinking cover-up from the beginning as the so-called "executive director" was none other than a gross Bush agent and partisan, a Jew by name of Philip D. Zelikow. Zelikow totally controlled staff -- meaning all the investigators, meaning all the people who did all the actual work of the commission. The commission members themselves were actually just a glamour-type diversion and front by which to distract the public and serve as decoys for the controlled media and prostitute press. Further, Jew Zelikow is the actual author of the actual "report" on which the goonlike commissioners signed off in their betrayal of the public and nation.

Additionally, Griffin demonstrates Zelikow's specific aim regarding the specific overall 9-11 commission fraud: that the military was blameless for allowing the strikes, and the FAA (Fed Aviation Administration) was the real culprit. For after all, some things did actually go wrong, right? -- the commission had to admit at least that. And it couldn't have been just "bad luck" that 3,000 people were horribly murdered like at the original Pearl Harbor (see Robert Stinnett's Day of Deceit, reviewed on VNN here), right? Well that fall-guy for the commission was the FAA --Griffin proves it's a gross fraud.

Griffin's book next consists, after the Intro, of 16 chapters and a conclusion, 17 in all, appendix, notes -- 36 glorious pages for the scholar -- and index. First chapter covers the "hijacker" lies which are idiotic -- six of them are still alive and well, for gosh sakes. But the commission figures evidently the mass media has already repeated the lie enough to stand for truth, and after all, we've now got the Michael Jackson trial coming up for yet more grand entertainment and distraction -- hey, no problem.

Second chapter entails the collapse of the New York WTC Tower buildings, yet more dumbass lies which Griffin covers expertly. The towers fell at virtually free-fall speed -- they could ONLY have been deliberately demolished by means of most carefully placed explosives which everyone knows took place and which numerous witnesses reported. Then the evidence was quickly carried away and destroyed -- just like at OKC whence the feds blew up their own building, blamed Tim McVeigh, and then killed him, eliminating a dangerous witness. The New York Mayor Giuliani was warned the buildings were coming down, but not the poor fire-fighters already inside. And guess who were principals of the company in charge of WTC's security? -- Bush's little brother, Marvin, and cousin Wirt Walker III. The commission ignored and covered up all these preceding facts, hardly a word said in the report about any of it.

Chapter three covers the Pentagon strike. What happened to all the videos of the strike and plane thereof? Why didn't the anti-aircraft defenses work? Where are all the "black boxes" for the planes? We get nothing but cover-up and lies -- if there's anything said about it at all. Chapter four covers Bush's actions during the strikes, playing stupid, true to form for his constituency of "Judeo-Christians," suckers and dupes who believe so much of the lies put out to them from the TV. For Bush had to have known of a coordinated attack and multiple hijackings even BEFORE going to the Florida elementary school, so ho-hum, he thought of nothing else but to continue bumbling about? And what was the outcome of Bush's little farce? -- note no one was blamed, or was fired, or demoted. And further, Bush insisted there be no Congressional investigation, don't forget. Too bad 3,000 people had to get offed, right? Such are the exigencies of "reason-of-state" -- like at Pearl Harbor in 1941 when FDR deliberately allowed a couple thousand service men get killed. (Again, see Stinnett's Day of Deceit.)

Chapter five covers the issue of advance information about the strikes. In fact, 9-11 was so well known and predicted the stock-market bet on them in the form of "put-options." The commission said "never mind." FBI field agents complained bitterly and vociferously their investigations were subverted -- by their bosses in Washington DC -- the result? The bosses were promoted. Now if you aren't too stupid and not willfully blind you'll see what happened quite easily. Facts can be stubborn: the commission's deliberate effort and purpose was and is to cover them up and divert the public's attention.

Chapter six covers Osama Bin Laden (OBL) and the Saudis -- they're good friends of the Bushes. OBL actually spent time, just before 9-11, in July 01, at the American Hospital in Dubai -- but did the commission investigate? -- of course not. The purpose of the commission, aside from the cover-up and lies was to then lobby for a yet more expanded and oppressive police-state to further smother and eliminate opposition to the Bush-led fascist take-over of the US and destruction of the Constitution.

Chapter seven covers Bush colluding in obstruction of justice and investigation by seeing to the Saudis' agents being flown quickly out of the US. Chapter eight covers more specific details of FBI higher-ups subverting and obstructing their field agents who were heroically attempting to do their jobs. Sibel Edmonds and Colleen Rowley are two heroines in particular who had much to say about most serious problems and incidents but who and which were essentially ignored. Rowley and Edmonds received one brief reference each in the entire Report document.

Chapter nine covers Pakistan and such as their complicity or involvement in sending funds to "Al Qaeda," the putative culprits and conspirators for 9-11. The commission stated that no foreign governments "supplied any funding" to the people supposedly involved in and with Al Qaeda--blatant lies in the cases of Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. The 9-11 commission is a joke if you haven't guessed by now. Such abject contempt for the citizens' intelligence is why we should all be very frightened at the sheer ruthless and contemptuous criminality of these conspirators both in the Bush administration and on the commission.

Chapter ten covers Bush administration motives: it was all planned long ago, actually. This chapter is the closest Griffin gets to identifying the Judaic manipulators-culprits. I've already mentioned the CFR wherein Jews are also pervasive. But Griffin does give prominence to the PNAC (Project for the New American Century), an organization which supplied numerous high-ranking policy-makers for Bush, especially for the defense department. Griffin exposits the motives of the PNAC: to increase defense funding, for example, to build a space-based weapons-complex which could prevent other nations from deterring the US by means of their own nuclear weapons. Thus the US is enabled to exert a distinct imperialistic intimidation over and upon the rest of the world--quite apart from mere defense.

Griffin, as did Mike Ruppert in his book, then quotes Z. Bzrezinski in his book, The Grand Chessboard, for the motive of oil industrial hegemony instrumental for subsequent wars in Afganistan and Iraq. The Report of course contains nothing whatever of such above economic-motivated and -centered analysis. According to the commission the Bush administration had no motives at all and merely reacted to an offensive attack by Islamic aggressors.

Chapter 11 begins the second part of Griffin's exposition on the Report. These final six chapters before the Conclusion pertain to the commission's account of the various flights, the timelines, when FAA knew a hijacking had occurred, when and if it was duly reported, etc. Needless to say the analysis is detailed and perhaps somewhat tedious, for risk of some tedium is necessary as details are of the essence. But the tedium is absolutely minimized by Griffin's masterful and outstanding economy and incisiveness. For the obvious overriding problem as everyone would agree is why weren't the hijacked planes duly intercepted? Mike Ruppert in Rubicon gives the best and most cogent explanation for non-interception. Griffin only notes Ruppert once, and he acknowledges the wargames-drills took place. But Griffin's emphasis is quite different as he focuses primarily upon the Report, which exonerates the military, berates the FAA, and insists more government regulation/bureaucracy and spending is necessary. It's the Report which is Griffin's target.

The facts are that the Report's accounts and analyses of the timelines are conflicted for all the various versions given, and there are no honest or satisfactory resolutions or explanations. It is alleged by Report that FAA did not "notify" the military -- a blatant lie, and the obvious proof is why then was no one blamed, demoted, or fired?

Griffin brilliantly cites numerous reports and accounts from various sources. There are innumerable lies retailed by the Report regarding the otherwise baffling non-response of the military in failing to launch and properly direct interceptors; Griffin picks them apart expertly and ruthlessly, resorting to easily verified facts and sources. Either there was a crass stand-down or there was subversion, as Mike Ruppert details in Rubicon, by means of confusionary war-games/drills -- there are no alternatives or other possibilities.

Chapters 12, 13, 14, and 15 cover the lies and ommission pertaining to the four hijack flights. The commission depends upon the sheer mass of details to intimidate the public and citizenry. Be assured every flight/hijack account is rife with numerous lies, omissions, and distortions. Chapter 16 then covers the crux of the conspirators' hope: they want the public to believe, incredible as it may seem, that hey, the military did its job okay; there was no "stand-down" or any other problem -- it's just that darn FAA's fault for failing to notify and pass the info. This idiocy regarding FAA then is supposedly covered by Report's subsequent recommendation for an even larger and more expanded police-state with yet more government spending. And again, it's surely the mass of detail by which the commission and conspirators hope will cover their contemptuous spitting in the public's face.

Finally Griffin gives his Conclusion: the fact is the Report is indeed very revealing -- only in a negative sense which the American people cannot fail to preceive and realize, and fairly quickly too. For Report isn't only and merely a gross, putrid cover-up; it's a stinking, disgusting spitting in the face and crass gesture of contempt. Thus the Report is frightening for mendacity and profound corruption. Report is actually inhuman when one considers the victims' hoping for justice and truth to emerge.

But the truth is still there to be faced: Report is a profound admission of contempt and hatred for the citizens and the truth. If Bush and company, including the commission, really are criminally culpable conspirators, the Report would verily be exactly as it is: the lies would entail very much the utterly brainless and mindless omissions which then pretend to substantiate the idiotic declarations and contemptuous distortions which constitute the Report. The conspirators have to at least suspect the American people might not overlook this putrid and horrific murder of truth and citizens which has occurred.

Griffin ends his conclusion section/chapter and text with the observation the Report was nominated for "National Book Awards" -- his only wonder is it wasn't for the FICTION category.

Thus Americans must urgently beware there are more of the proverbial "shoes" to be "dropped." The only question now is what to do and how. Obviously Bush has to be impeached immediately. But of course that can't be the only thing as Bush is only a minor part in the large conspiracy.

The Birchers (see have the best analysis/overview of what and how this large conspiracy entails for the specific membership and immediate willing dupes and henchmen. The Dracula monster desperately needs the stake pounded through its heart; this will consist of the abolishment of the Federal Reserve Bank counterfeiting scam, the immediate essence and center of the conspiracy. The larger sickness of the culture in Spenglerian Decline of the West is what will surely be most difficult. Obviously the easy answer in general is the Western people suffer hubris -- but this is a subject for a different work.

CONCLUSION: Presently it is sufficient to observe there's still hope for our culture as we still possess honest and talented authors and analysts like David Ray Griffin who never surrenders to perfidy and gross depravity, but fearlessly speaks the truth. If our culture is to be saved, Griffin surely demonstrated with his work and effort he's done his part; now the rest of us just have to do ours.


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