Caucasian Race Test

by Anonymous

6 February 2005

If one DOES NOT have a hooked nose, almond-shaped eyes, high cheekbones, kinky or wooly hair, black skin color, a broad nose, or thick lips, the following four requirements must be examined to determine if the person in question is of the Caucasian Race:

1. You are Caucasian if you:
a) have olive to white skin color, and;
b) have blue, brown, green, gray or hazel eyes, and;
c) have blond, red, auburn, brown or black hair, and;
d) there is no Negroid, Mongoloid, or mongreloid (mixed) admixture in your family history, and;
e) your parents and grandparents do not possess the characteristics listed in the opening paragraph but do exhibit the qualities noted in a-c.

2. Should you not meet one of the characteristics in 1a-c or are unsure of your family history in 1d, then you can use the genome-based test at and score the following on the test to determine if you are of the Caucasian Race:

a) European, 90% minimum
b) East Asian: 10% maximum
c) Native American: 0%
d) African: 0%.

3. If one has been diagnosed with any of the following: (1) type B blood, (2) a Diego-positive blood system, (3) genes for the following diseases: sickle cell anemia, G6PD, torsion dystonia, mucolipidosis IV, Forbes disease, Canavan, Tay-Sachs, non-classical adrenal hyperplasia, familial Mediterranean fever, Gaucher disease (type 1), factor X1 deficiency, familial dysautonomia, Niemann-Pick (type A), Bloom syndrome, Fanconi anemia (group C), or Alpha-thalassemia, (4) the negative blood antigens: Duffy; U; Js (b); Cr (a); At (a); or Rh17, then they would have to meet all of the requirements in 1 and 2 above to be considered a member of the Caucasian Race.

4. Should one have a borderline case of one of the characteristics that is listed in the opening paragraph, and claim to be a member of the Caucasian race, he would have to meet the requirements listed in 1 above, meet the test requirements listed in 2 above, and test, with negative results, for each of the items listed in 3 above to validate that claim.


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