My Conversion to White Nationalism and Call for Subracial Unity

by Anonymous

30 January 2005

I decided to write an essay for Vanguard News Network to tell my story of how I became a White Nationalist. I used to be a flaming liberal, believing in such nonsense as all races being equal, women deserving equal treatment and opportunities to men, and the need to make amends for the past injustices committed by the White Man against all of the darker races.

How did I come to believe these insane ideas? Well, I was always academically gifted and went to an elite private secondary school, and it so happened that it was fashionable growing up to outdo the others in my circles in leftish politically correct talk. Those who held right-wing ideas were ridiculed by the academically and socially snobbish for being naïve or just not with it. Those with conservative viewpoints were branded "reactionaries." I went along with this to fit in, and would join organizations and clubs in university parroting the idea that all groups but White males deserved special treatment.

So how is it that I discovered the truth about race and the destructiveness of leftism? After I graduated from college I noticed that even though my GPA was higher than that of some minorities, they were getting the jobs much quicker, even when we applied for the same jobs! Some, in fact, were good friends of mine, and expressed surprise that I had been so casually looked over by some employers. Things just didn't seem to fit with what I had been taught growing up. I figured that perhaps there was some reason I was looked over, and tried to rationalize the situation like a guilt-ridden liberal, so I left it at that.

A couple of years went by, and I landed a job with an aerospace company in the South as one of their top engineers. During this time the atmosphere of political correctness was pretty heavy because there were some racial lawsuits winding their way through the courts. So Whites were pretty cautious not to offend the Blacks. Yet ironically enough, the Blacks felt free to crack racial jokes in front of the Whites, and would sneer at their timidity, knowing that they could get away with it. I just had had it with the racial double standards, and just snapped. No longer did I buy into the egalitarian talk (I had recognized that one reason the Blacks were resentful was because they were generally not as qualified), or the notion that Whites were in some way inherently more evil.

Judging by the articles I have read in this forum, I gather that most have not done such a U-turn as I have, in order to embrace White Nationalism. Still, I feel White Nationalist leaders should not keep their doors closed to the possibility of gaining converts from the left, or even the far left. Even fairly intelligent people can be fooled into believing scientifically unfounded and contradictory claims given a strong enough socialization during their childhoods. However, human beings are capable of adjusting themselves when their beliefs do not correspond to reality, and a little prodding from others can't hurt. If I could change, so can others.

As an individual of Germanic descent, one thing in the movement which I have found to be particularly disturbing is the unnecessary bickering among various White ethnic groups. Don't get me wrong, I am all for the preservation of the various ethnicities within the White race, but I find it counterproductive for Nordics and Mediterraneans to be flaming one another when there are more important things to deal with first (e.g., the Jewish Question). I find it distasteful when Mediterraneans act like Negroes and claim in their fits of rage that Nordics are "fags," or when Nordics claim Mediterraneans have an inferiority complex or are racially tainted just because they are a little darker. In fact, these fights have shown to me that there are individuals of both groups who don't belong in the movement and should simply excuse themselves until they mature emotionally. To be honest, I don't think I would mind seeing a racially conscious, morally upright Italian man with good genes having a tryst with a Nordic woman.

To conclude, the movement should be open to attracting converts from all sides of the political spectrum; and retaining these converts means encouraging greater unity among our people.


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