The AK-47: The White Patriot's Best Friend

by William Anderson

26 April 2005

I've been alive for 28 years, and I cannot remember a time when it seemed there was so much racial antagonism and hatred building up just beneath the surface of society as the days we're living now. Whether it's the burning resentment over the mud invasion exhibited by the Arizona Minutemen, the hmong mass murderer in Minnesota or the disgust over rampant nigger pathology, things look ready to explode at any time. And that's why we White patriots have got to be sure we have the right tools for the job when the balloon goes up. That brings us to the topic at hand: What have you got in your gun cabinet, White man? If the best you can say is the 20-gauge shotgun you use for duck plinking on the weekends, you're woefully unprepared for the storm to come. But I'm here to help, so say hello to my leedle fren' - the AK-47.

The AK-47 is a pretty old design; it's been in service for about 60 years now. But the fact that the AK is still being used to put holes in people more than half a century after its invention by Mikhail Kalashnikov is a testament to the weapon's greatness. It has never betrayed its owner. It's cheap, scary, packs a hell of a punch and is stone-cold reliable under all circumstances. When the time comes to take a turn in the trenches here in America, a White man will find few combat rifles as good as the AK-47.

The AK-47 you can buy in a gun store is a civilian model, and cannot fire full automatic like the Eastern Bloc or Chinese versions. A Romanian AK like I have will rarely cost you more than $400. I picked mine up for $300. It is possible to buy a full-auto AK, but the cost runs into thousands of dollars and requires your name being put on a government list; never a good idea. Still, the semi-auto is good enough. It fires one bullet for every pull of the trigger, so a good shooter can dump a full magazine of 30 or 40 rounds on a target very quickly indeed. Full-automatic fire in an assault rifle was never as good as it sounded, anyway. Shooters tend to spray inaccurate fire and waste ammunition. In Mark Bowden's Black Hawk Down, he quotes American soldiers as saying they could tell the difference between the sorry-ass Somonkey militia and Aidid's professional killers because the militia opened up full auto every time, almost always missing by a mile, while the professionals took aimed shots.


The rifle's greatest strength is its reliability. The AK-47 is phenomenal in its ability to suffer abuse and keep putting out rounds. It almost never jams, and will continue to fire even when its internal mechanisms are full of mud or sand. AK-47s last forever and are essentially impossible to break. The AK does require cleaning, but rest assured it will still fire flawlessly if those cleaning sessions are brief and rare. The weapon of ZOG's army, the M-16, will jam fairly easily without meticulous cleaning and maintenance. After spending a few months in the rubble of a city, sand and dirt, with no relief and no time to clean your AK, you will see the beauty of the rifle. The soldier who lets his M-16 get dirty and muddy better find the time to clean it in the middle of a firefight.

Those who would disparage the AK-47 often criticize the limited effective range of the rifle. It's true the AK-47 isn't very accurate beyond 400 meters, but study after study since World War II has concluded that in modern warfare accuracy beyond 150-200 meters falls behind reliability in importance, and a recent Associated Press article concluded that most of the combat in Iraq has been in urban environments, and 95 percent of all engagements have occurred at ranges shorter than 100 yards - well within the AK's killing reach. If you need accurate fire beyond that distance you have your squad sniper (a racist with a scoped hunting rifle). Our conflict is sure to take the form of an urban killing ground like Iraq, at least initially, and it won't be possible to fire great distances anyway. Here the AK-47 has another advantage. It's shorter than the M-16 and that makes it better for house-to-house fighting. If you want a rifle for target shooting, buy an M-16. If you want a rifle that can get you home alive from a war, pick up an AK. Colonel David Hackworth, America's most decorated living soldier, writes in About Face about discovering the decomposed body of a Viet Cong soldier in a bog, complete with AK-47.

"I jumped down into the hole and pulled the AK out of the bog. 'Watch this, guys,' I said, 'and I'll show you how a real infantry weapon works." I pulled the bolt back and fired thirty rounds - the AK could have been cleaned that day rather than buried in glug for a year or so."

Biting the Bullet

The AK-47 fires a 7.62x39-millimeter round. I like to fire Russian Wolf ammo. It's cheap and accurate. My Romanian WASR-10 eats the stuff like candy. The 7.62 is a heavy deadly round, capable of penetrating cinder blocks or even 8-inch thick tree trunks. What the enemy thought was cover is quickly turned to mere concealment. The 5.56-millimeter round fired by the M-16 is fast and light, and can be deflected by thick glass. When carloads of inner city Wookies show up in your neighborhood, you want a round that can cut through their vehicles and "pimp they rides" White-man style! The 7.62 is that round. The 5.56 is capable of causing massive tissue damage, but that's the trouble of the round. The Pentagon, concluding that wounded soldiers place a greater drain on the enemy's resources than dead ones, designed the 5.56 to wound. In a war of nations that can be an effective long-term strategy, but when you're in your suburban home with the Rainbow Coalition outside trying to break in, you don't want wounded niggers. You want dead niggers. A wounded nigger can still shoot you. It's no consolation if it dies later from that 5.56 wound, but has time to kill you. The 7.62 will kill quickly. It's also cheap. You can get 1,000 rounds of Wolf for around $100. This lets you lay in a stock of several thousand rounds, and it also means you get to practice with your rifle a lot more.

You can also hunt big game with the AK-47, a handy attribute in uncertain times. The heavy 7.62 slug will drop a deer while the lighter 5.56 is really not up to the job.

Fear and Loathing

Nothing says "badass" like the AK. A .30-.30 is beautiful, the M-16 looks cool, but an AK-47, shit, you can kill somebody with that thing. Scary people, like terrorists, carry AKs. Never underestimate the power of raw terror in warfare, and if most Whites have forgotten what a terrible, world-conquering force we once were, rest assured the jews and muds have not. They know that if we wanted to wipe them out, we could. That's why we are hated so much. They fear us so much it has turned to hatred and, if holding a job ranks at five on Jamal's list of things-to-avoid, a White man with an AK-47 and a nigger-killin' gleam in his eye tops the chart.


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