An Alternative View on Gay Marriage

by White Proletariat

24 July 2004

Now I probably differ from many racists on Gay Marriage. I support it. I don't support Gay Marriage because I believe in the homosexual lifestyle - far from it, but I do support it from a tactical standpoint. Anything that might knock Joe and Jill Sixpack off the couch seems like a good idea to me.

Strictly speaking, I don't view homosexuality as a problem - in and of itself. Rather, I view homosexuality as only one symptom of societal decay. To me, it's almost an abstract issue, and I believe the Gay lifestyle is discussed so frequently in order to divert Whites from discussing much more pressing issues. This is precisely why Whites hear so much controversy surrounding Gays in the media. In a healthy family-oriented White society, homosexuality will largely disappear by itself.

Homosexuality itself is frequently misunderstood. In quite a few cases, it's not so much the desire for the same sex as much as simply the wish for sexual gratification. Many homosexuals are individuals who happen to be addicted to sex - anywhere, anytime, anyone. Most men have been raised in an environment that promoted Playboys along with masturbation. The male sex addict is frequently addicted to two-dimensional Playboy women well before sexually acting-out with other men. Instead of being forced to compete for desirable females, as their forefathers had to, today's young men can simply whack off to a Playboy. The more extreme examples turn to homosexuality. As good as modern birth control is, there is absolutely no chance of pregnancy in a homosexual relationship, and Whites can find this lifestyle appealing - all the benefits of sex without any of the expense. Another strong reason for the homosexual lifestyle is that homosexuals tend to live at a much higher standard of living than their heterosexual counterparts. The no-hassle lifestyle can be appealing to many Whites. For any White willing to not reproduce, the societal rewards can be quite high. So why do I support Gay Marriage?

I support Gay Marriage as a means of upsetting the status quo. Folks get used to just about anything if it's done long enough. When forced busing first began, the government had to use force in order to forcibly integrate the schools. Forced integration has gone on for so long that forced busing is now considered the norm. Many Whites are either too young or too old to acknowledge the fact that forced busing was once an issue with the potential to cause a Civil War. Most folks won't even bat an eyelash at that issue now. As racists, we can't hope to change anything unless the old system is thoroughly destroyed. To paraphrase Nietzsche, "Whatever is falling, say 'Fall faster!'" A new White society cannot be created until the old has been thoroughly destroyed. Gay Marriage has the potential to destroy the current dysfunctional status quo. The destruction of White society began many years ago.

Women were originally subservient to men. A woman belonged to her father before being given away in marriage. Those women, without husbands, were considered failures. Women lived their lives under the leadership of men from the dawn of time. Not only was it rare that women owned property, but women were largely viewed AS PROPERTY. The right marriage to the correct man was considered ideal for a traditional woman. A woman was not successful in and of herself but rather through her man, and a traditional woman enjoyed much more fulfillment than her modern equivalent.

Under jewish leadership, White women achieved the right to vote after the first World War. Even with only men being allowed the vote, any people voting their way to good government has always been a shaky proposition at best. With women voting, jewish animals found it far more easy to both subvert and pervert the political process.

In existence, during that time, were condoms. Not long after that, abortion procedures became standardized - though still illegal. Little by little, the power of women grew, while the power of men declined.

Then the jew-led hippies marched in the 1960s, and birth control usage rapidly spread amongst White women. It became popular for women to live without a man in their lives. Ideas like chastity and virginity became obsolete and only remembered in English Lit classes. A woman's mating mistake, even a potential mistake, no longer meant a lifetime devoted to raising the result. Women came to hold the reigns of life and death over White children and frequently sentenced these children to either DEATH BY ABORTION or DEATH BY PREVENTION - via the birth control pill. Sex became cheap, and shitskins came to be the cheapest sex toy of all - first for the men, then for the women. But there was still a problem with this cheap-sex scenario.

Somehow, somewhere jewish animals concluded White men still had too much power. The child custody and divorce laws were configured to force men into the servitude of women. Those men, not consenting to having orders barked at them by their spouses, suddenly found themselves living a life of chastity, a life of poverty, and having Uncle Shitskin breathing down their necks - all at the same time.

Now comes the legalization of Gay Marriage. Conventional opposition wisdom dictates that Gay Marriage will destroy the traditional marriage. But hasn't the traditional marriage already been destroyed? As far as I can see, there is not even one marriage in which the man truly wields the power and the woman is truly obedient. At best, any such woman is simply engaging in a nostalgia fetish for more traditional times. But when the inevitable conflict comes to such a couple, the woman will eventually turn to Uncle Shitskin to control the man. While Uncle Shitskin holds the man down, the woman is free to live a life of sexual promiscuity. At worst, the father simply becomes a babysitter so that a woman can conduct her sexual forays in private - apart from the embarrassing questions frequently asked by small children. But now there is Gay Marriage.

What Gay Marriage will do is help erode the power that White women hold over their men. Employee health coverage is currently bound by the traditional definition of marriage: marriage is defined only between one man and one woman. With Gay Marriage, the pool of those eligible for health insurance will be much larger. Indeed, any two men, pledging to be buttplugs for each other, can be gaily insured if even one of them is covered under an employee health plan. Unless Uncle Shitskin wishes to see the sexual footage, any two men or any two women can describe themselves as Butthole Buddies, and the government will reward them.

Are you a struggling single college guy working several part-time jobs? Find a new male friend, publicly declare yourselves to be Butthole Buddies, and you and your friend can share the same health plan. The jewish animals might also kick-in tax breaks in the future for married Gays. And hey, if you're the kind of guy that likes dating girls, just say that you're bisexual, and the government won't be any the wiser. Are you a guy that just won't be able to get it up around another naked man? Just tell Uncle Shitskin about it, and you might even qualify for the government's Gay Erectile Dysfunction Plan - pleasing the available women even more in the process.

With more and more people being included for marriage benefits, the power of the modern woman will be forced to decline. Perhaps if she comes to view her future as being intertwined with the father of her children, she'll have much more incentive to cleave unto him. Healthcare costs will be forced to rise because of the larger pool to be insured. The power women took from men will now be claimed by Gays. What a pity it will be for Joe and Jill Sixpack to have to get off the couch!

So you might ask me, White Proletariat, how can we be more racial because of this? We can become more racial, because more and more of our racial brothers and sisters can be covered for healthcare in addition to government handouts. Every little bit helps. Have you considered that the jewish animals won't stop redefining marriage - even after Gay Marriage becomes established?

If you've read any of the New Age stuff, the jewish ideal is for there to be no limit to alternate marriage scenarios. Marriages, such as between two women and three men, will also become accepted. How about this example? Let's say you live together with a bunch of Skinheads. Skinheads being Skinheads, you might not be able to work the best job, with the best benefits. But if you should become friends with a mild-mannered Clark-Kent-type-of-guy, you and your squad can declare yourselves Clark's Butthole Buddies, and now you and your squad have all the bennies. You and your squad can go do what needs to be done, and only mild-mannered Clark Kent has to appear to be friendly to the jewish animals. Let's now explore more adventures of our married Skinheads. Let's look at another example.

Let's say that Trooper should we say it?...had to get a little rowdy in the performance of his duties. Here come the fuzz ("Police" in Hippie-speak), and the fuzz arrest Trooper Roscoe and haul him off to jail to stand trial. At Roscoe's trial, the prosecutor calls you as a witness to testify against good ol' Roscoe. Now Roscoe's attorney, the good one only Clark Kent can afford, raises an objection with the judge. Roscoe's attorney says to the judge that since you're married to Roscoe, you shouldn't have to testify against your spouse. Down goes the gavel. Case dismissed. Let's look at one more example of our married Skins.

Let's say that Troopers Brian and Tim are having 65% of their paychecks ripped out in child support, that's after Uncle Shitskins gets its cut (meaning taxes), and the troopers are having a pretty hard time of it. Now that the squad is married, the squad together can afford a pretty nice place to live in a nice neighborhood. Essentially the squad lives and behaves much like squad of military soldiers. But instead of carrying rifles, our unarmed Skinhead squad provides security at rallies and such. Since Clark Kent is the wife bringing home the bacon, good ol' Clark once again proves to be useful by claiming Brian and Tim as dependents on his income taxes - effectively writing off Brian and Tim's child support payments.

You see, there can be bright side by simply by remaining positive and looking for solutions. Don't forget to smile.


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