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The Line in the Sand from October Sun Films

Victor Wolzek's Terror Timeline
Unique history of jewish attacks on the world, updated frequently.

Listen here: Linder on "The Peter Principle." Read it here: The Aryan Alternative #2 (pdf)!

VNN EXCLUSIVE: Mother of Murder Victim Describes Vicious Anti-White Injustice System and the Niggers It Caters To

Her son and daughter-in-law were murdered by vicious niggers who didn't even have a "beef" with them -- they just happened across the white couple in a house formerly occupied by rival drug dealers. After the double homicide, the nig pack went back to Kansas City and, fifteen strong, gang-raped a white girl. All in a day's play for the nigger Big Jew set loose to prey on our civilized white communities. Don't wait up for Hollywood to make a movie. Don't even bother trying to find a report in your local paper. In America, we shut our eyes and pretend it isn't happening, and bow our heads once more before the idol of diversity the jews set before us? When does it end? When we destroy the jew destroying us. NO WAY OUT BUT THROUGH THE JEWS.

Woman Against Time: Remembering Savitri Devi's 100th Birthday

NS philosopher's ideas continue to inspire R.G. Fowler

Dead Shoah Shuckster Snubbed

A tribute to ol' Smokey the Goyimus Veritas

Sailing Off Course (Part I)

Dissecting the black-superiority gibberish of ordinarily iconoclastic Steve J.D. Cash


Correspondence between White Eric Thomson

Interview with the Grim Reaper

Re Smokey Arch Stanton

Why White People Don't Stick Together

The things that divide us are less significant than our common interest in ending jewish The Shadow

JULIE (MAGRUDER) LOCHBAUM: These Butt-Ugly Affirmative-Action University Cunts Are So Goddamned Predictable!

Carrying water for the jews, spreading Big Lies about our editor, getting jobs because ol' dad's the university president; that's our William E.

A Pronouncement of Condemnation for America's Ruling Elite

Integration is genocide; the media and the jews controlling our nation know this and prevent us from doing anything about it through their legal and media control. Either we dispose of them, or the West goes down the Gerald McManus

Can the Truth be Racism?

The minute Authority is down, blacks act like creatures under a lifted Robert Ericsson

The Purists and the Pragmatists

A system for separating T.S. Pyne

Book Review: The New World Order Exposed

A mixed bag: Thorn incongruously holds to certain establishment values which mar his Rich Brooks

Movie Review: 'Road Warrior'

Classic movie about civilization and its William Anderson

Movie Review: 'The Great Raid'

Solid movie about daring Steven Clark

A Video Review: A Line in the Sand by October Sun Films

This video is undoubtedly the most controversial video ever made about America's open borders, and deserves to be watched by anyone who is even remotely concerned about how America's policies are leading to the complete decline of Western Mark Farrell

Government Failure

It can't keep the levies up, but it can come in after the fact and seize guns, drive people out of their homes. If you subtracted the criminals, the cowards, and the bullies from government, what would be left? If you've ever dealt with government engineers on a project, you know how blinkered and obnoxious they can be. They only grow more so as you go up the scale from local to national. They know best, and they are never responsible for their failures.

Katrina Flushes Niggerville

Although their carcass was destroyed, too many maggeaux of melanin went unflushed. Beyond stealing literally TRILLIONS of dollars from White earners to make possible 'groids' very lives, government hasn't done a thing for niggers. I for one am bothered by that. Maybe it's because I have conscience. I'm a caring person. don't look so caring. I think you need to be roped in. Some sensitivity training must be drilled into you, since you lack natural springs. Report to Human Relations class at 0900, and if you're not there, be assured you will be collected.

Intellectuals in Britain Today...

The word "intellectual" replaced "man of letters" in English parlance only a century ago, imported from France and popularized by Emile Zola at the time of the Dreyfus affair. Hitherto the British had made do with humbler words, such as "educated," "erudite," or "learned," to denote a person of higher culture. The ideal was to be "a scholar and a gentleman." An intellectual, by contrast, might or might not be a scholar, and he was quite likely to look down on gentlemen. ... Because the British intelligentsia have never been as thoroughly discredited as those of continental Europe, they have also escaped without a thorough debunking. George Orwell and Aldous Huxley rebuked them for their totalitarian tendencies, Evelyn Waugh and Anthony Powell for their social pretensions. But no British novelist of the generation now in its prime -- that of Martin Amis, Julian Barnes, and Ian McEwan -- has succeeded in writing a full-blown satire on the British, let alone the European, intelligentsia. Nor has a younger generation so far made good their deficiency. It is so much easier, of course, to mock Middle England. Here Taki on Hemingway. On board S/Y Bushido -- "In the late summer of that year we lived in a house in a village that looked across the river and the plain and the mountains. In the bed of the river there were pebbles and boulders, dry and white in the sun, and the water was clear and swiftly moving and blue in the channels. Troops went by the house and down the road and the dust they raised powdered the leaves of the trees. ..." I once quoted the exact sentence in the London Spectator and called it writing at its best, and a very nice Oxford don wrote me a very nice letter telling me I was full of crap. This was more than 15 years ago. It is one form of good writing, and it is generally true that words should carry their weight, but sometimes you need setups to produce effects, and Hemingway's morality makes certain effects impossible. Here on Lowell. There are snapshots of Eliot unable to work an elevator; Pound offering "a torrent of oracular advice on how to run Spain"; Dylan Thomas "dumpy, absurd body, hair combed by a salad spoon, brown-button Welsh eyes always moving suspiciously..."; Philip Larkin "low-spoken, bald, deaf, deathbrooding, a sculptured statue of his poems"; Yale professor Cleanth Brooks buying "a 1710 salt box house which he has restored so that it is far more like itself and in period than when it was built." Lowell was jailed for refusing the draft in Jews' War II. He also protested the firebombing of Hamburg and Dresden. Lowell has much in common with the most controversial poet of the 20th century, Ezra Pound, whose anti-Semitic views and radio screeds supporting fascism in Italy during World War II got him charged with treason and thrown into an asylum. Both men were tortured by mental illness yet produced some of the most beautiful verse of the century. Likewise, Pound and Lowell's closed-mindedness shouldn't reduce our appreciation of them as men or as great poets, which they surely were. You gotta love these kikes and kikealicks. It literally never occurs to them they're looking up, not down, when they discuss 'closed-minded' 'anti-semites.' It's only the scared, conformist, mediocre middle classes who think they think jews are great. Geniuses almost universally despise jews, and recognize them for what they are.

End of Globalization?

Claim cheap-oil age is ending, which will, in turn, end cheap-chink supply chains. WN tend to get discouraged, which superficially seems reasonable in light of the trends. But we're an inch away from a future such as the world has never known. If we reclaim our Whiteness, 90% of the problems we have today would be over in a flash. WE DON'T NEED ANYONE BUT OURSELVES. Once we dispatch the jews, there is nothing stopping us from rebuilding civilization. And since our people are free of the paranoid genes driving the jew, all the "suicidal" tendencies the fools speak of will disappear. White people are not suicidal or self-destructive because they fail to reproduce at Mexican rates. They appear that way purely because of the sick jew-controlled System, which has propagandized people with lies for the better part of a century. We are going to have to make other arrangements, and the process will probably include an interval of hardship and discontinuity. Maybe, maybe not. I don't believe it. The economy wasn't about "information" or buying and selling things on the Internet. It was about bulldozing 200 acres of red clay 38 miles outside Atlanta, plunking McHouses down on half-acre lots, tilting up a programmed set of national chain retail outlets on the nearest "collector" highway, granting no-money-down interest-only mortgages to anyone with a pulse regardless of creditworthiness (or lack of), and then flipping those mortgages into yet more abstract tradable securitized debt instruments. That, by contrast, is an attractively painted thumbnail. As Marx said, the jew's god is the dollar, so why shouldn't production move to China, if it's cheaper there? If our nation has nothing to do with blood, then political borders make no sense, they're simply sales districts. There are two chains of logic, and we're following the jewish one. Only they may keep a true nation; homogenized consumerism for the rest of us. We WN reject The Agenda and the jews who set it. We demand and will have a White nation. NO JEWS. JUST RIGHT.

Little Nog, Who Made Thee? Nigger-by-Nature or by Welfare...

Buchanan uncharitably and incorrectly lumps Americans in with the Africans of New Orleans in a very liberal sharing of responsibility for the Katrina fiasco. He repeats for what must be the millionth ineffectual time the neo-conservative Big Lie that it is the welfare we shower on Africans that prevents their development into ordinary citizens. The fact remains, you can't turn a black manimal into a white man by taking money away from it any more than you can by adding money to it. It has nothing to do with money... VNN continues to speak the truth: Welfare exacerbates the nigger, it doesn't create it. Niggers exist, whether or not Patty Buchanan thinks it politic to acknowledge the fact. Giving them money doesn't "empower" them, it enniggers them. More gear, more spinning rims, more gold teef, more crunk CDs, more Doritos, more malt liquor, bigger watermelons, fleshier booty. It's not like the minute nigs hit 25k they denude local book stores of Aeschylus. If Buchanan were a real conservative rather than a jew-gelded pseud, he'd repeat Jefferson's Truth, that "the two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government." New Orleans provided proof in spades. Hey, Patsy Decline: There's no welfare in Africa -- yet there are, I'm told, millions upon millions of niggers. Can you explain that, Mr. "Conservative"? Ah, well -- it wouldn't be conservative if it were thought through and had balls. The truth is that most niggers owe their physical existence to welfare, whether the twat-droppings of babymammas in New Orleans shacks, or the bloatbellies screaming for dugs of hapless mothers "saved" by Western medicine in Freaka proper. The biggest joke in the world is calling Patsy Buchanan "pugnacious," rather than what he is: a bow-'n'-scraper. Pat Buchanan is not a whit different from the smart liberal girl in "Back to School" with her ridiculous but heavily promoted notions about Vietnam, and VNN discharges a Kinisonian snort in "her" general direction. Yeah, Patty, nobody ever heard of niggers before welfare. They spontaneously generated from WIC and AFDC checks, thanks to those evil liberals. Is conservatism cowardice? Is there evidence otherwise? AmeriKwa is a loud, stupid, dangerous place unfit for adults thanks to uncaged niggers, and save a man has the moral courage to confront them, he deserves no praise. The fact is, white people didn't fail in Katrina at all. The jew-ridden government failed. "Tough, streetwise" niggers failed. Whites either used their foresight to get out ahead of the storm, or, if they rode it out, used their guts and guns to protect their homes and businesses from looting coons. The difference between VNN and Patrick Buchanan is that Buchanan is on the side of those he criticizes, we are not. JOIN THE QUEST: READ VNN AND JOIN VNNFORUM TODAY.

Zimbabwe: First the Farms, Then the Firms

The idea is to go after anything Whites own, including their lives. Blacks are simians-of-failure, and if they stumble across a golden goose -- a white man with a mind -- they promptly rape it and eat it. And then it's gone, and they're no worse off than they were ten minutes before. We are, though. White communal protection from other races is the first political duty. It is job #1 for the jews to persuade us that we do not exist...and therefore must "abolish" ourselves posthaste.

Why Homeschool, Reason #32

Keep bright kids from dimming. When you send your bright kid to public school, you're turning him over to education majors who don't like intelligent people. How are they going to know what's best for him -- even if they cared, and even if they're weren't brainwashed in egalitarian nonsense? Homeschooling is revolutionary because it is a direct rejection of the government itself, as the schools are second only to television in indoctrinating people in the dogmas of the jews controlling the nation, including our foreign and domestic policies and the Semitically Correct guidelines with which textbook writers must comply to have their books bought by the state combines.


In much the same way that jew Stein said the way to make sense of tv people is to think of them as a tiny aggrieved class bent on dominating others, one way to make sense of libertarianism is to think of it as the philosophy of men without eyes. Barnwell almost strays into the realm of physical fact, but catches and quickly capsizes himself with Christianity. Here another libertoonie dances around reality's edge. The idea that races can be reconciled by government guns is as ridiculous as our jew-produced social engineering in Iraq. And yes, there is a matrix, and it is generated by jews for goyeem. LaTulippe poses good questions: Would a similar melt-down occur in other societies under the same circumstances? If not, why did it happen in New Orleans? But he doesn't answer them. The answer is that only the nigger portion of NO melted down. Those whites who stayed put stayed civilized and protected their property. They did what came naturally, as did the niggers they held guns against. There was a giant flood in Grand Forks in 1997, and that white area remained civilized. Blacks aren't individuals, they're a menace. It is uncivilized to pretend otherwise. We do because the jews write our laws and run our media, and they're quick to shit on anybody who speaks the obvious truth. But the facts they cover up won't go away because we quit acknowledging them, any more than a cancerous tumor. We need levees for water, yes; but we need levies for niggers and the levys who sicked them on us too. By the way, libertarians, the truth you fail to acknowledge is that welfare may have exacerbated the nigger, but it didn't create him. Without welfare, the nigger would still be a violent stupid animal by comparison with a human. I look around and all I see are alchemists. The christians claim they can dribble some goop on a monkey, and whisper to it, and the manpants won't scratch anymore. The libertarians claim you get rid of a few benefits and the bonobos become Proper Bobs. Um, in a word, and that word would be, let me check it here...ah, yes... -- NO. America was only civilized when niggers were treated as wild animals. There is a connection. But you System punks let the itty bitty giddy-yiddy committee Jon Stewarts bitchslap you around for segregation - honorable, reasonable communal protection that is the opposite in every way of the indefensible, the jew-instigated, the gun-enforced, the genocidal "integration." Integration is the jew's euphemism; his code word for WHITE GENOCIDE. Put away your childish fear of the jew, conservative cowards, and join the fight.


There's a Mencken org you might join or the events put on by which you might attend if you're around Baltimore. The big news is Marion Elizabeth Rodgers', Mencken: The American Iconoclast (Oxford University Press, 2005), which is due November 29th. Claim it's the definitive biography. Mencken is the best English writer so far. Men will be reading him thousands of years after they start reading Faulkner, to pick a name. If you lack talent, use Fred Reed as your model. If you have talent and are funny, study Mencken, and see how he contrives his effects. Also read Twain and Schopenhauer and Nietzsche. Here is a gallery of shots of folks involved with the Scopes trial. The past is a different country, indeed.

New Orleans: Cash Poor, Nigger Rich

Nagin said the city had spent its last available cash last week on city employee payroll and was seeking bank loans, federal assistance and other means of financing to continue paying its bills and staff, including Check Casher. "Seeit, why not? Technically today we're out of cash," Nagin said. "The city is bankrupt... We have no money. It's all about the paper caper, and we ain't even in the game, dog." Eat crawdads, nigger. We don't care. I wish I was in the land of cotton/watching nigger corpses rottin'/Look away, look away, look away -- and plug your nose.../

If Fin Then Why Not Begin du Siecle

When I kick up to the surface, I whack my head on a 16-ounce can of Busch floating there, crack it open, take a long pull, stare across the surface at the other cans floating. Full bottles of Pinot Grigio are scattered along the bottom. It's the only way to keep them cool. All leftovers from my birthday the night before. As are the sleeping bodies strewn about the patio in this old courtyard in the center of the French Quarter. On the steps up to the main cottage a Miami Herald reporter sleeps in his own vomit. He spent the night with us to do a story on our little commune of French Quarter rats, and he wound up like many another tourist in the Big Easy. There are fewer of them now. All the more liquor for the rest of us. Lots of people hate civilization, and not just niggers. Fuck your sell phones your elf phones your self phones. You aren't important. A cell phone does not change that. And keep your voice down. You're not interesting when you're talking to me. Why would I want to hear you yawping at someone else? With all the fucking horrible female government, life today is nice and cotton-comfy, like wrapped in a big warm used pink maxi pad. Fuck women, too. They don't belong anywhere near politics, and they think media is daycare. Ugh. Go in the other room and irritate the dishes. Here the world's oldest fourth grader, a despicable Israel-Firster, nevertheless makes my point: All six women jurors in the Erik Menendez trial voted to acquit him of the murder of his father (all six males voted guilty of murder). A virtually identical breakdown by sex took place in the Lyle Menendez trial for the murder of their mother. The women all had compassion for the brothers despite their confessions to the shotgun murders of their parents. The dumb cunts couldn't see past the "nice" sweaters, you know it's true. Women are not technically capable of thought. They can produce words, and this fools people, but that is not the same thing. New Orleans needs not clothes but DDT, and whatever the DDT is for niggers. Boobegone, perhaps.

Pop a Cass

This ubiquitous jewish douchebag lays out the horrors just waiting for us if we appoint judges who follow the letter of the law rather than the velleities of jewish perversion. Fuck you, kike. What the jew is really afraid of is that political power might be decentralized - as the Founders intended. The jew prefers everything run out of Washington. Much simpler that way. He can set up a choke ring of lobbies and think tanks around the capital and vet all incoming traffic. He can take all the money from the states, and feed back forty or fifty percent to his pet projects. That is dictatorship called democracy, and it is the system we have today. Lincoln founded the forerunner of this system when he crushed the states that used their legal right to secede. We went from "these" United States to "the" United States. One size fits all. The jew does not trust the dirty goyim. They must be constrained by noahide law. They must be denied word and weapon, that they remain impotent to defend themselves against jew-paid, jew-indoctrinated, jew-positioned armies and mercenaries. Whites are the only race capable of decentralizing political power, which is a schematic way of saying, giving somebody other than me a bit of power for himself. It's a unique part of our culture. No other people can sustain any kind of system that allows people to have their own say and go their own way. We can do this because we are not genetic paranoids like the jews, and we don't hate all other groups. The great jewish propaganda triumph is to portray us as though we are him. He is the one that wrecks nations; by contrast, the white man built infrastructure throughout Africa, and gave the sorry niggers and dotheads whatever rudiments of civilization they were able to enjoy. So, we live in a country in which there's no freedom for states. They must follow the party line coming out of the jews who control D.C., or all their funding is cut off and they're demonized in the jewpress for being unprogressive or racist or whatever smears seem likeliest to work at the time. The nice thing about America was always that if you didn't like how they did things in Kentucky, you could move to Illinois. Now it doesn't matter. One state is the same as the other, no matter what the paleo-pseuds say. Local traditions can't truly exist in an age of mass media, in which everbody knows what everybody else is up to. The best we can do is exterminate the jew, and exile the coonios and Asians, and allow such power as is not needed to defend ourselves from hostiles to devolve to the states, where they may do as they see best, apart from importing non-whites and threatening the race the state exists to protect.


Another dissimulating conservative who will turn out to be a white-faced jew. Here Ferguson on decline in intellectual standards of conservatism. Freely may they call non-thems nutters, until the nutters win, and places are traded. Not criticizing jews is nutty. Not naming jews is cowardly. Not fighting jews is genocidal. Not criticizing jews is anti-Burkean. Not being an "anti-semite," the jew's own dishonest term, is not conservative. Most conservative books are pseudo-books: ghostwritten pastiches whose primary purpose seems to be the photo of the "author" on the cover. Here a jew celebrates Sowell's blaming black "failure" (failure can't exist where there's no potential to succeed) on "rednecks." So, if it's anti-semitism to blame the jew, what's the term for blaming the "redneck"? There isn't one. Until now: LOXISM; pure and simple loxism. The same jews that produce and promote hip-hop and gangsta culture have seen to it that any criticism of them is illegitimate while every criticism of Southern Whites is justified and probably doesn't go far enough. Sowell is brutal, but unflinching: brawling, braggadocio, self-indulgence, disregard of the future. -- Yeah, none of that in Afreaka, you signifying monkey! -- These sound like stereotypes, but Sowell doesn't care, forging ahead with his logic. He is dismayed that the redneck culture -- alternatively "cracker culture" -- has come to be equated with black identity. This is pretty close to insanity. He defines Southern culture by its worst qualities. But everything he laments in "cracker" society can be found in spades in African society -- and unlike cracker society there's no upside! Sowell writes as though he's never heard of Africa and what has always gone on there. I mean, come on man: niggers came off the ship ready made, no assembly required. Even his downside of "cracker" culture has good points. Should everyone ape the mean, moralizing Northerner? What about putting honor ahead of money? The South was civilized. That was one reason the jew-aping abolitionists wanted to destroy it. They felt ugly by comparison, just as the jew feels ugly when he beholds the Aryan. The South had an upside that far outshone the downside, no matter who won the war. Why didn't the blacks ape the better and bigger part of Southern White behavior? Why is there no honorable behavior among blacks, apart from an indie project here and there? Was there any time in black history blacks acted more civilized than when they were slaves in the South? That is not a rhetorical question. Sowell is losing it. The young Sowell would quickly respond to this dotard's foolishness, uh, aren't you overlooking one small thing: all (cracker-recorded, since jigs aren't on the writing tip) history in Africa. Did the niggers in Botswana or Chad or Niger or Ethiopia or Somalia or Sudan learn their cannibalism from "crackers"? This is wacky. To the extent Sowell gets around to blaming white liberals, he does in an extremely weak and attenuated way what E. Michael Jones does directly, and without avoiding the direct cause: the goddam motherfucking JEW. The jews smothered honorable black nationalism in the cradle: they made sure blame-whitey rather than help-yourself was the dominant message in little africa. Boy howdy did we see that pitiful whining slum-bunny by the boatload in New Orleans just now. Blacks may be dumb and worthless, but they don't have to be as completely utterly shit-assed useless ugly stinking feral monkey excrement as they are today. JEWS MADE THEM. Little nog who made thee? THE GODDAM KIKE MADE THEE. If you're a jew reading this, give protracted thought to killing yourself. You should. You come from an evil race, and your existence makes everyone else worse off. Suicide is the only honorable action a jew ever undertakes. In keeping with their anti-Black tradition, the jews today hate fear smear innocent violinist Farrakhan and the proud blacks of NOI who would resuscitate the poor little choked 'boo-baby. Jews needed niggers to lynch White America, and they, not Southern Whites, produce the paragons niggers ape. It ain't VNN selling you ass-popping, bling-circled, AK-toting monsters on BET as something admirable. It ain't some cracker listening to Aaron Tippett. It's the goddam jews. That stinking cunt Richard Rubin and the rest of the diamonds. Jews produce Ludacris, Stoolio, Buttacrunk, Dairy King and the rest of the noxious nappies. Jews tell the dumb niggers how to act. If white people, with measurable brains, are driven wacky by televitz, how the fuck are no-IQ niggers not going to be influenced? THE JEWS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE HORROR THAT IS THE AMERIKWAN NIGGER. What horrors has jew perfidy caused both races. Even the Lincoln the kikes so love knew that separation of white and black is the only long-term solution. EMJ in Libido Dominandi describes in great and memorable detail the noxious culture of free love the kikes and noxious northern WASPs built in Greenwich Village and elsewhere. The celebration of the nigger as sexually potent manimal is an enduring meme, and those who traffic in it bring all manner of misery down upon their own and all of our heads. Sowell, my good monkey, it may be time to upend the aspirin bottle.

White Genius: Uberbeer

Highest alcohol volume, created by German. It tastes like a quirky mixture of beer and sherry," said Bavarian brewer Harald Schneider. ... "People will only be able to drink two or three glasses, otherwise they'll drop like flies," he said.


The things government does may be divided into three categories. The ordinary, the bizarre, and the pseudo-protective. Ordinary government is simply out to enslave you to expand its staffs and their fleets of automobiles. Bizarre government does things like send rock-catchers to Pluto, for only 82 thousand billion dollars, it hastens to assure us, adding that private companies would never undertake such missions. Then there's protective government. This amounts to a perpetual dual-campaign against innocent foreigners and domestic serfs alike. The only thing government respects is its version of sex (money), and its fellow monsters (force). Unless you're willing to kill and die, the government doesn't respect you. It knows you don't know the first thing about reality. Trying to stay out of its way by obeying its rules? The government can't really respect that, you know. The government leaves alone the dangerous people and focuses on the innocent. They're likelier to pay up (accede to blackmail) and they don't shoot back. The amount of misery caused by government is exceeded only by the amount of progress it has blocked by soaking up funds that otherwise would have stayed in the hands of earners, and from them been transferred to the hands of those who truly did provide valuable goods and services. This country needs a revolution, or at least a double flushing. Here's some nice bits about what the ATF terrorists are up to.

The 'Kwa: Running on Empty

I know it used to be this way in America. In Japan, honor and respect are much more valuable than money. If you had a guest come to stay in your house in Japan and you had no money, you would borrow money -- you would do something -- in order to treat your guest with the utmost respect. It is absolutely unheard of to ask a guest for money. LRC's Rogers is close to making the nazi's point: America has become the distilled essence of Judaism. If you have money, you're a god. If you don't, you're worthless. From what I've seen, the average 30-year-old college-educated guy in America today is getting paid less than I was paid in 1975 as a part-time commission salesman at Sears Roebuck department store.

There'll Always be a Holocaust

Since it never happened, we must remember it twice as hard. Ouch. My rememberer is sore. I tink it happened. I mean, it could have happened. I mean, jews are very hated you know. In every generation will arise he who tells the truth about us. Him, we will shit on. What we do, itz. Ash, in a fit of pique, traced a sole white swipe across a textured cream background. "I called it a polar bear eating a Holocaust victim at the north pole during a blizzard," he says. "This was 1977; people were not ready for radical re-visionings." Thought experiment: side-by-side comparison of the works of art inspired by the crucifixion of Jesus vs. works of art inspired by "the" "Holocaust." If I were in school, I would make a Elie-Wiesel-lookalike Holocaust victim submerged in urine, with a menorah through its head, just to kind of shake things up. I would call it...Piss Weasel: an act of transgressive micturition. Again, we repeat this point because we've never seen anyone else make it, and we believe it essential in its irony: the key to the success of the Holocaust Big Lie is less media repetition than the inherent plausibility of the claim. Plausibility springing not from the evidence that actual jews were actually murdered in actual ways -- not one person in a thousand has werewithal for judging evidence in any case never advanced -- but the nature of the jew. The average white person believes in the Holocaust because, having met jews, he assumes without chewing that it makes perfect sense that someone would try to expunge the jew blot from the Western canvas. The nature of the jew makes "the Holocaust" plausible; so jewy is the jew it makes the demand for evidence of this "Holocaust" seem absurd and redundant. Who wouldn't want to wipe Wiesel from the face of the earth? Who would doubt we'd all be better off?

Gunga Ding!

This is one spot-on dothead. Hitler is a great model for Gujarat. What, they should be like Gandhi? Drinking their own piss while insulting niggers and sewing their own diapers? Even then, at times, he hemmed the borders of his handkerchief, napkin or loin-cloth.

Coopting the 'Net at Google

Always the jew strives to position himself between you and reality, that he may skew your perceptions in a jew-favorable direction, while charging you money to access the reality he's warped. Diversity is danger - real diversity, not racial diversity. Blending races makes people less distinct, not more. Jews prefer uniformity masked as many splendiferous things. Conformity with the jewish agenda is what they seek.

Can't Take Pictures, Says FEMA

Who is FEMA? Feebs, energumens and munchkins, allied to do damage. Don't obey it. Give it the middle finger and snap away. FEMA has no right to prevent anybody from taking a picture of anything. The Constitution was not created by badge fags and can't be protected by them either.

Murphy Ranch, Nazis' Hollywood Haven?

You know, a tiny island amid the great red tide of kikotic commies. For example, she said, one group was called Friends of the New Germany. Another was a local chapter of the Silver Shirts. The group operated in 22 states, numbering between 15,000 and 50,000 members, with Southland chapters in Baldwin Park, Huntington Park, Inglewood, Long Beach and Los Angeles. The groups considered Southern California, especially Hollywood, paramount in their campaign against Jews. Propaganda was distributed nationwide from L.A. In 1934, a congressional subcommittee investigation in L.A. examined the pro-Nazi movement. ... On Dec. 8, 1941, a day after Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, law enforcement officials stormed the compound and made some arrests, according to the oral histories. But Young could find no other details about the event. At the time, many German American detainees were taken to makeshift camps at Terminal Island and La Tuna Canyon in Sun Valley, where they were interrogated before being sent to out-of-state barracks-like facilities under military guard, according to a paper written by Lothrop titled "Southern California and the Rise of the New Germany." What? You didn't know that German-Americans were stuck in camps during World War Jew? What else don't you know? Who has an interest in making you unaware of highly relevant material? Why, the jew, mein two-footed tuber! Here British papers gleefully reveal supposed Nazi plans every bit as ridiculous as giving Castro an exploding cigar.

Orthodox Roaches Expand, Spreading Hatred and Jewish Filth with Every Square Yard They Poke Their Six Legs Into

The ongoing dispute, some in the neighborhood say, reflects growing resentment as the Orthodox Jewish community north of Seagirt Boulevard expands south, the new residents building large homes in a bungalow community that has remained unchanged for decades.

What Makes Blacks So Violent, Stupid and Ugly?

That would be high testosterone, low IQ, and mating with niggers. Itz all in the framing, you see.

Jews & Me

Jews want to protect their people from me; I want to protect my people from jews. I only become the bad guy when they own the media. In my media, I'm the good guy. They can't point to anybody I've killed; I can point to hundreds of millions they've killed. Who is good, who is bad? I am good. They are bad. You reading this, pay attention: you and me? WE ARE THE GOOD GUYS. They are the murderers, the liars, the smearers, the producers of everything foul and unholy. They hate good white people with a rabbiniacal hatred. They are jews. Their way, itz. Our way? The effective one: NO JEWS. JUST RIGHT.

LaKatreena an' Shit

Everyone has an opinion and most of them stink worse than Canal Street at high nigger. At title a Chronically Constipated crankengloomer fulminates about barbarians and ruffians and wrong-classers and spankybonitos and other people we tofties just don't associate with. See, Stinky, itz like this: Mehsicans and Afreakins are subhumans. Yeah. That simple. When the adults are away, the j-bunnies and esos will play. Don't tell me it has to do with Jeboo, Mr. Mildew, all these Nike McFloods are duly christened, if weirdly. You can't turn a jungle monkey into a human by feeding it Jesus. Itz been tried. It doesn't work. Its native urge to flip rocks and gorge on tasty soil socialites cannot be resisted. Katrina "revealed" -- nothing. Remove the Man, the manimal cavorts. If you pretend that niggers and humans are reconcilable, you're part of the problem. That includes all stupid Christian magazines pretending that some water and fine words alchemize Freakins into Fairchilds. Here readers respond to Flemio. Defenses of nigger looting are hilarious, since jiggies began looting before the storm was over. They looted with an alacrity; almost as though looting were a form of work they were specially fitted to. They were in their element. Wading through water, dodging car-hippos, tracking the wily Reebok to its cardboard hidey-hole. Their double-thick lips came in handy, for once, as more than a clamp for malt liquor bottles! They blew their pilfered rafts into swag-floats, displaying genuine ingen-nigger-nuity. Accurate scientists assure us that a nigger's opening a box and figgering to inflate a plastic air mattress is the White-man equivalent of Eagle-has-landed. Apollo comes to the Apollo. It would be interesting to see the results of an imaginary poll asking such niggers as could dislarynx preference whether laziness or loot opps was the reason they niggered out the hurricane. Who knows? It may be most of them were simply sleeping off a three-day sleep, and missed the warnings. The final word? Katrina liberated more niggers than anyone since Lincoln, and to just as disastrous an effect. There are millions upon tens of millions of Christian niggers -- or nigger Christians, as their converters prefer it. There's not one group of these simians including more than 100 that wouldn't act exactly the way New Orleans Christian niggers acted. Race trumps religion. Christianity turns niggers into humans? That organ won't grind. Try race-lax. The bowel loosener for constipated conservatives. Our mantra: "Nig-gurs exist. Nig-gurs exist. Nig-gurs exist." It would seem that when one government is driven out, another quickly takes its place. The corrupt and ineffectual municipal government of the city folded up, and the thugs and gang bangers quickly stepped in and formed one of their own. Ironically, the pre-deluge governance in New Orleans was quite libertarian. Everything was up for sale, including the local officials. Victimless crimes were rarely prosecuted. Drugs and prostitition abounded. Let the good times roll, and do your own thing were the guiding principles. The free market was in full flower. Unfortunately, as Dr. Fleming has had the temerity to suggest, once the flood waters hit, the attractive veneer of anarchy washed off and we are left with the ugly residue of its undecorated reality. This is a dolt letter writer attempting to defend the bearded Clemio. How abysmally stupid are pseuds so sophisticated simple reality sniffs at them. How is it that people prone to making the finest distinction cavil at the grossest? Why was there looting and shooting after the big blow? Because New Orleans is full of niggers, and niggers are animals by comparison with white men. It is interesting that weakling Fleming has taken to a decidedly VNN approach in attacking the puling pups of self-luvertarianism. He dares not attack racialism because he's a stupid pussy who hasn't any arguments. We can explain post-Katrina New Orleans in one word: niggers. He can't even say the word nigger. Rather, they're a special-dark people who could have given us the feel-good scenario of late summer if they'd just been Jeboo-dipped by the right French-trained chefs. Stupid Flemio and the magiacs think men come back from the dead. Small step to believing niggers are men. Jeboo loves the nigs and flemmies, prancing monkeys/prating morons of the world. Jeboo loves his little cowards, and the fartlings who parade as our tewtors. Vice flourished in New Orleans, the conspicuously Catholic wet spot o' the South. So, you've got your two flavor of Jeboo's Shit-flavored insanity: you've got your drunken Catholic hypocrite artistes and your plaino dry wino dirt-eating Baptist mouthsuckers. What a choice. Like a Geico caveman, I find I don't have much of an appetite.

Jews Lecture Capitol Hill on "Hate"

There's the jewish agenda and the "haters" who oppose it. Jewish Congressmen call up jewish "experts" on "hate" to address Congressional panels and task forces, where they collaborate on the latest strategies to destroy the First Amendment. How can they tie the U.S. into international treaties with nations that have no free speech? they fret. How can they see to it that the U.S. transfers sovereignty to international bodies made up of states controlled by jews in which doubting Official Historical Opinions is a crime for which real men do real time? At the same time Amerikikes were lecturing Congress, they were complaining that Easy Dave was awarded a real, not honorary, Ph.D. for his studies of Jewish ethnocentrism. Kikes don't believe anybody who critizes them should be allowed to hold a position higher than janitor. The university that gave Duke the degree is based in the Ukraine, where the blood brothers of the jews at ADL committed the better part of ten million (10,000,000) murders of White men last century. Yet so arrogant, brazen, and without fear are these kikes today, that they lecture the sons of their victims on "hate," and demand the right to censor every last word out of their mouths. Jews deserve to be dragged out of their beds and killed, and that day is coming a lot quicker than you the conservative visiting this site may realize. For there is no legitimate opposition to the jew -- by the terms he sets -- therefore his opponent must either give in or kill him. NO WAY OUT BUT THROUGH THE JEW. On the very same day in Kiev, we see that the jews encourage the police to prevent distribution of books they don't like (scroll). If you're getting the idea that no one's freedom is safe where jews scurry, you're getting the right idea. Jews are totalitarians. Every freedom for them, no freedom for you. They may slur and smear you and yours at will, but you may say nothing in return - that's "anti-semitism," a "global problem." What's the word for what they do to you? There is no word. Not in the press. Who owns the press? Not me. Not you. Jews. They hate anyone who doesn't go along with their agenda. Today that is France, which correctly advised us to stay out of Iraq. Tomorrow it could be America. Today jews speak of "Judeo-Christian" values; tomorrow they will speak of "Judeo-Islamic" traditions, or "Judeo-Chinese" values. There is one solution that works: NO JEWS. JUST RIGHT.

New Orleans

Itz all over but the stinking, or perhaps not, who knows? From extreme cities to extreme sports. We already have extreme politics: egalitarianism. 'Nazi' is normal. Nazi means nationalist means nation means preferring your own to xenoi, the foreigners. Egalitarianism is the demand of the tiny few called jew that the rest of us shirk our instincts and pretend the superdung in the Superdome are fellow hyooman beings. That may be biologically accurate, but the fact remains that the races are "irreconcilable." Hey! Have you heard about the marvelous new sport: Xtreme Dejewing. He who does the most to remove jew control wins. Prize: your very own personal FREEDOM, and honor from all posterity. You get 1 point for showing up at a Dershowitz speech and loudly issuing the following, or near variant: (cough) lying kike! (cough). You get three points (apiece) for doing this with at least one friend. You get 100 points for setting off a nuclear bomb over Tel Aviv. I think there are some intermediate levels too, I haven't seen them puzzled out yet. As fleas on a dog, so jews on America.

Che Still Chic?

The commie is everywhere, on the chests and keychains of kikes and kikealikes. In jewish society, jew-agenda-pushing mass murderers are "funny" and "heroic." Those who opposed jews are "insane" "haters." Can you imagine a world in which the jew was not the gauge of all values?

White Art: Edmund Wilson

Literature critic worth reading.

New 'toon panel: one and two.

Sell a Standard Product out of Your Own Local Sales Office

Start a White religion and make it Arthur H.

Mission Accomplished! NFL Purges Record-Setting White Running Backs, Position Remains Coal Black

They claim Whites aren't good enough, but the facts say the J.D. Cash


Just a momentary flash of genius or the most useful substance ever known to man? Jerome P. Diddywaters

Defeating the Lying Kikes and Their Anti-Aryanism

Katrina shows where we stand, and what needs to be Max Hadden

THEIR WAY/OUR WAY: Bush's Obscene Tirades...

Stop the hate, bushy! Il Ragno

Interview with Byron Jost

Maker of "The Line in the Sand" VNN Staff

The Holocaust

Translated from marketing into English, it means: the only winners of WWII are presented as the only losers. Who lost World War II? You.

The Talmud and the Evil Men Who Follow It

The Talmud is a book of hate. Who is the object of that hate? You. Jews especially hate those who discover what they're up to, and they pursue them until they're dead. The proper solution to the world's jewish problem? This guy dealt with sex offenders by shooting them in the back of the head, the jew's favored method for executing Eastern Europeans last century. There is a solution to the jewish problem. It is simple. It works. It is: NO JEWS. JUST RIGHT.


Are the craps and the shits teaming up with the pukes to go after the blue man group? Itz hard to say from a distance. They all look alike, you know.

God Punishes Those Who Abet Israel

A nice kick in the nuts for Tertiary Hanson. You don't have to be a religious scholar to see the clear message the Deity sent via Katrina: if you side with Israel, God will bring His Divine wrath down upon your heads, O dirty goyim.

Mayor Nagin, Sitting in for McCheese

Has a negro, anytime in recorded history, anywhere, accepted responsibility for anything? It would be hard to prove it using the Internet and books and microfilm and papyrus and smoky signals and watermelon rinds. Always itz the white man's fault.

Our Illegitimate Government is Incompetent Too

Big surprise. The levees failed.

Above All, Don't Blame the Niggers

That's the unimessage put out by Jew Central. Within minutes niggers were looting and raping -- like niggers need an excuse! Like Katrina, the niggers were just doing what came natural. Just as liberal journalists and the kikes who employ them hysterically keep up the charade that we're all shocked, shocked by nigger nature. Niggers don't need a reason. Niggers are the reason!

Katrina Aftermath? Blame the Jews

It ought to be a folk song. Where have all the monies gone? Far away to Kikistan. Where have all the copters gone? To Tel-Aviv. Where have all the soldiers gone? Ja-ROO-suh-lem.... When will we ever learn? The jews are our friend? Israel is our gallant little ally? Ha. Haha. Hahaha. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. VNN demands a jew tax imposed on the hebrew community. You took all our money, guys. You prevented normal security upgrades for the levees around New Orleans to pull off your hate attack on Iraq. Now itz time to pay up, kikes. EVERY JEW A KATRINA. Here claim NO will rebuild.

Earlier Iraq Ventures and Scoop Jackson

He was appeasing Israel and assassinating Iraqis back before it was cool. Here more stroke material from Paul Gottfried, the paleokike. There are no consequences to jewish lies because they are jews. No consequences suffered by jews, that is. Your son is free to die. Your wallet is free to lighten.


Kwiatkowski and Wanniski have to be kidding. Jews don't apologize. They accuse. If you were on the verge of dying at any minute, like Cheney, you might well think it kind of fun to talk about nuking Iraq.

Jew Bloomberg: Herpes-Infected Rabbis Must Be Allowed to Continue Sucking Baby Penises

Anything less would be anti-semitic. Under a jewish dictatorship, metzitzah b'peh is a civil right.

Intelligence Diaries

Courtesy of historian David Irving.

Where's the Gas?

Why gas prices are so Shlomo Rotshield

Movie Review: 'The Horseman on the Roof'

Worth VNN Staff


Ponderings on history and Eric Thomson

(Un)Famous Jewish Cover-ups

On a dirty bit of unknown Bronfman Dan Patrick

Roughing the Focker...15 Yards

Ideas for flinging at sports The Shadow

Movie Review: 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind'

Stupid loose behavior by jews paid to act kike-stereotyped The Shadow

New 'toon: Kill The Beast.

Katrina Bickel Whips Up a Mean Pot o' Bluegumbo

Mmm...tasty! To the extent cameras are allowed to do their jobs, never very far where jewish production values are concerned, they show nigger nature in action: stealing, whining, bitching, lying, murdering, did I say stealing? Well, say it again. Looting is as first-nature to niggers as hooting. What did the nigger get for Christmas? Your bike! That truth was well in evidence in the wake of this high-performance hurricane. Meanwhile the genocidal gangrene over at ADL was blaming VNN for taking accurate note of what the ADL-loosed niggers were up to. The fact is, most White Americans side with VNN. We speak for the community, not the loxist judensauim at ADL. Ordinary Americans don't need a hurricane to evacuate New Orleans - the 67% nigger population drove 'em out years ago. ADL hypocritically pretends to advocate the interests of all Americans, but in fact is a vicious gang of jewish murderers bent on driving Whites out of their own country. The real hurricane is Big Kike, and it hits not just New Orleans, but everywhere in the West at once every day of the year. DEATH TO THE JEWS.

La Dolce Vita Does Not Include Lots of Niggers

Life is good in Douglas Wright

Make a Difference!

Address to Volksfront meeting in Edgar Steele

BTL: Tim Wise

The malignant jew Tim Wise popped up from his hole in the white-bashing swamps on August 10, 2005, and used his favorite technique, a wholly-created caricature, to demolish arguments never advanced by a sentient creature. He learned how to do this from jew Norman Lear who created the fictional character, Archie Bunker, to mock and degrade all blue-collar European American men who work, support families, pay taxes, and are faithful to their George Williamson

Between The Lines: Wiesel

A critique of America's number-one Holocaust performance artist and profiteer sans pareil; a veritable one-man string section. There's no goy abuse he can't rationalize, and no persecution of jews he can't "Newz" Numberman

Movie Review: 'Fargo'

Jews mock N.B. Forrest

Are You Experienced?

Jews murder Aryan minds and Goyimus Veritas

Nothing But Ashkenazis and Appeasers as Far as the Eye Can See

A thousand lies backed up by a thousand excuses. Minding other people's business is the only foreign policy jews know. It's not only against American traditions and interests, it endangers us in ways we won't know until it's too late. What rational man would side with a race that's been hated and kicked out of every land it crawled into? Liberal internationalism's one major achievement in those years -- saving the Muslims in the Balkans... How strange. Muslims in the bosom of Europe are to be cosseted and cooed to. A few hundred miles away, next to Israel, why, those very same Muslims become the devil incarnate, stuffed with hate, hot to drive the noble sons of Abraham into the drink. ONE STANDARD FOR JEWS, ANOTHER STANDARD FOR EVERYBODY ELSE. The same jews who mock "White man's burden" in school history texts assume kike's "burden" to rearrange world affairs to suit their tiny and peculiar community. Either the (Muslims) reorder their lives in line with jewish lies, or they're to be smeared and murdered. This is the historical pattern jews follow in dealing with non-jews. They're treated as cattle who may be ear-tagged and slaughtered as the jew finds fit. We see that jews are hypersensitive about professors teaching things they think are anti-Israel. They show no compunction in spreading lies about your ancestors through their various Boases. Almost literally every single remark critical of Israel makes its way through the neocon press. The control is exercised at that low a level. By contrast, you'd have to wipe out whole universities to make a dent in loxism.

FBI Reopens OKC

J.D. Cash, the only reporter aside from our own Craig Cobb pursuing the story, elicits from the FBI the admission that they're quietly relooking into OKC. In 2000, the head of the original OKBOMB investigation, Danny Defenbaugh, told an interviewer for a documentary film on the subject that, "The FBI will never reopen the case, under any circumstances. Even if McVeigh calls and gives us names," Defenbaugh stated, "we will never reopen it." The way it works: the top of the FBI knows what's going on. To cover up what happened, it sends hundreds, even thousands, of agents on wild-goose chases. All these agents conduct interviews and file reports, producing a great mountain of paperwork that creates the illusion of investigation. The government has no more interest in getting to the bottom of OKC than it does teaching your kid to read or halting the Mexican invasion. OKC was a government-catspaw production aimed at taking the steam out of the growing Angry American movement. It succeeded. Just as INS succeeds in filling the country with Mexicans, and public "schools" succeed in teaching your kid to be illiterate. Note that the judge in the Trentadue case has ordered the FBI to turn over unredacted (unblacked-out) papers including the names of the various agents and informers involved at Elohim City and elsewhere. Keep in mind that it cannot be proved that there was anyone involved in OKC but government agents, and that includes Tim McVeigh. THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT IS ILLEGITIMATE.

Ecce Jew-Appeaser

Calboy Thomas, carrying water for kikes. Generalize about jews, you're an anti-semite. Generalize about Palestinians, call them lethal reptiles, you're a syndicated analyst. They are all crocodiles. White nationalists should have no more respect for christian curs like Calboy Thomas than the jews they appease do. "They are all crocodiles." Really. All of them? Every last one? This sort of chickenshit generalization is only possible when it comes to people the jew-bosses want demonized - namely anyone who understands them and their dirty game. No one understands: how can people be loyal to their own, rather than the New World Order, benefiting jews and only jews? It makes no sense.

The Jewish Big Lie Called Multiculturalism

Multiculturalism was merely a cover story; the esoteric meaning is: destroy the victim nation, and render it digestible to jews. Now that jews are the richest and in most other ways #1 race in America, we see that they took the correct approach to destroying this land. The way forward for Whites is to realize that all the easily visible problems in this country can be traced back to organized jews. Thus, dealing with the jews means dealing with the problem itself, whereas everything else is mopping the floor while the tap's still running. This particular article is a jew dealing with the Muslim-White problem in Europe. Naturally, he spares no words for the jew's role. Whites grow closer daily to a breakthrough, and when it comes, it will be like cards flipping from one side to the other. Only jewish press monopoly keeps people from seeing the truth. We are White people with White interests, and the jews and Muslims and niggers are our enemy. Plain and simple, simple and plain. WE ARE WHITE. THEY ARE JEWS. FUCK THEM, AND UP WITH US!

Once a Nigger, Always a Nigger

It was Jeboo who said to forgive 'em seventy times seven. Jeboo was all wet, except when walking on water. Forgiving niggers means nothing but allowing them to proceed to their next atrocity. When nigger Phillips was in college, he dragged his girlfriend downstairs by her hair. Coach Tom Osborne forgave him. He was a very good running back. When a reporter asked him if that had been his daughter, would he have have allowed Phillips to rejoin the team, ol' Doc Osborne got real, real red in the face. Then nigger Phillips went on to the NFL. Crying Dick Vermeil went the extra yard to make this nigger comfy and secure. No matter. It kept nigging off and nigging up. Eventually even sentimental Vermeil realized this was one useless nigger, and released it. Now this nigger is back in the pokey for running down a few kids with his car. We call that attempted murder in Humanville. Niggers never learn. They can't. We never learn either, and that's the truly sad part. Because we can. Lawrence Phillips is the symptom, JEW IS THE DISEASE. Jew Jon Stewart and the rest of the kikes derive their power from their media control, which they use to shame disorganized whites into conceding that protecting ourselves from niggers like Phillips is immoral. Don't give in. It is on this point that you must fight. WE ARE THE GOOD GUYS. Phillips' alleged behavior Sunday added to his long string of brushes with the law, including at least five arrests for allegedly assaulting women. He was wanted in San Diego on felony charges stemming from two alleged attacks this month on a girlfriend. In one incident, he allegedly choked her into unconsciousness, authorities said. Pretending that niggers are capable of White standards of behavior frustrates the negroes but it DESTROYS white communities. It is a charade we're all forced to play at gunpoint. Whites are like the schoolkids on that bus in "Dirty Harry." The bus has been commandeered by a sick jewish pervert who's forcing everybody to sing "Row, row, row your boat" and pretend everything is just fine. Well, it isn't. And the jew's the reason why. NO JEWS. JUST RIGHT.


'Nobody wants anything to do with the Americans anymore,' she said. 'Why? Because they gave the power to the Kurds and to the Shi'ites. No one else has any rights.'" Kikes make things worse. Always. Everywhere. Here on bushy, straightforward through the insanity. NO WAY OUT BUT THROUGH THE JEWS. Here a bit of what they aren't showing you. "War is hell," said Gen. Sherman, and everyone dutifully agrees. Yet the hell in Iraq is almost never shown. From whom are serious things shielded? From children. The jews will decide where best to position you, fodder, to destroy their enemies. You just close your eyes and heave a prayer to Jeboo. In May 2005, the Los Angeles Times surveyed six major newspapers and the nation's two leading news magazines, and found that over a six-month period, no images of dead American troops appeared in the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Time or Newsweek. Christianity is to the mind as sugar is to the tooth.

Intellectual Conservatism

If it doesn't take race into account, it isn't conservative. Today's conservatism is liberalism by another name, but by the same old jew who shows up when you press commie or liberal. Here on letters between Mary McCarthy and jew Arendt. "The Jews," she observed, "actually are as afraid of complete assimilation as they are of extermination." Remarks like this did not make her the most popular girl at the Purim party. Denounced by B'nai B'rith simply because she reported that the Jewish Councils "complied" with Nazi orders to register their members, thus tragically facilitating the extermination, she reports to her friend, "The Anti-Defamation League has sent out a circular letter to all rabbis to preach against me on New Year's Day. . . . What a risky business to tell the truth on a factual level without theoretical and scholarly embroidery." You know, a million toad-eaters celebrate the jews at their claim, that they bring light to mankind. But the single thing that sticks out most about the average public jew is its positive loathing for fact. Without knowing anything more than that Absolute fact, we could posit that what were hailed in the (entirely jew-owned) mainstream press as jew intellectual breakthroughs were gigantic frauds, and that is in fact the case. Jews have never created a school of thought that wasn't a pseudoscience. And their pseudosciences hold purchase solely because the kikes own all the printing presses and tvs and radios.

The views of the writers and readers of are the sole responsibility of the author or authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the owner, editor, webmaster, transmitter, or any of the other writers or respondents whose work appears at Vanguard News Network. VNN does not advocate any unlawful or criminal acts, nor should any statement made by anyone at VNN be taken as incitement, threat, or conspiracy to commit any unlawful or criminal acts. The views expressed at VNN do constitute free speech as protected by the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States.

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