The Unraveling of the Jewish-Left Coalition

by Richard Hartmann

24 July 2004

The whole 20th century political strategy of the jews is summed up in the slogan of their new ADL ad campaign: "Anti-semitism is anti all of us," with pictures of non-whites, feminists, homosexuals, etc. The jews have built a coalition, a power-coalition, a voting-coalition, a demographic-coalition, around themselves, dependent on themselves, which shares their interests - they have used it to break the old order and power structure and create a new one composed of themselves and this coalition of groups; in media, in education, in politics, everywhere. The coalition; the hungry aliens flooding across America's open borders, the liberated minorities and feminists and homosexuals and members of all other behavior abnormalities, the welfare class, the criminals and other social or economic predators, the whole congress and political/legal class - all exist at the sufferance of the jews. Anti-semitism is in truth anti-them, for all of these groups have been empowered and liberated by the jews and are part of the jewish program for destroying us. All have an interest in keeping us down and the jews securely on top. This is the source of the jews' power; it has all these 'liberated' groups on top of us, the minorities, the freaks, the social parasites, the hungry foreigners, all organized into a powerful coalition, feeding on the white carrion and getting their piece of loot. The jews are the string that holds it all together; their control and ownership of the mass media, their money, their organizational power, their intelligence, their program to destroy us. If ever the jews are overthrown and the white man becomes healthy again he can no longer be a prey to these predators and parasites. All of these groups will be put back in their cages or sent home; the criminals, the freaks, the social parasites and economic predators, the minorities and hungry aliens. There will be no more white nation to loot, no white girls to sexually exploit, no society to prey upon, no welfare handout or slap on the wrist punishment, no privileged protection from the law, no affirmative action or career path for minorities and feminists - no white carrion to pick at and feed on. The whole game will be up. So now the jews are running their ADL ad campaign reminding all of these groups of this fact; the nonwhites, the freaks, homosexuals, etc., that anti-semitism is also 'anti-them.' It is to offset the effect of their shift right in pursuit of Zionist goals and their break from the far left. The jews are saying to these liberated groups: you need us. If you allow us to be destroyed, you will lose everything we have given to you. Inevitably, as jewish political activity shifts more and more toward Zionist goals, with the attendant rise of neo-conservatism (as jews are satisfied with the status quo while most of the left-coalition is not) there will be a growing break between the jews and the traditional left; but the jews need this left and it needs the jews, this left is where the jewish power really lies, it's the army with which it has subdued and overthrown the white man, and so now the jews are firmly reminding the members of their coalition where their interests lie.

Very interesting and very revealing. Show others this. Make them understand why anti-semitism is such a threat to these groups, why they need the jews. The ADL is basically admitting it, trying to sure up the coalition.

And explain: If anti-semitism is anti-them, then it can only be pro-us.


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