The Subjectivist-Moralistic Hoax of Immanual Kant

by Apollonian

24 July 2004

In the spirit of Ernst Zundel, hero of scholars and freedom, patriot inspiration, upholder of culture, civilization, and OBJECTIVE STANDARD OF TRUTH, I submit this essay upon the German thinker of the enlightenment era who should be considered most carefully: Immanuel Kant. Kant's moralism (hence Pharisaism) should be considered merely the effective gentile application and adaptation of Talmudism, for it is the same SUBJECTIVISM and the foundation for what is known as "German Transcendental Idealism" ("GTI"). Hence the proper revisionist mission is the overcoming of this subjectivism and moralism, the typical pretext/excuse/justification for fascism and present Talmudic empire of doublethink, insanity, and disinformation.

First observe the "good-evil" fallacy (necessarily at the heart of all moralism) is absurd in the deterministic universe as there is no criterion, and perfectly free "free will" is impossible, indeed the very essence of HUBRIS (as of the ancient Greeks). For cause-effect is inexorable, and God's will is not to be changed or abrogated in any way. Thus the pretense to "good" or "good works" is mere hoax as originally argued by St. Augustine against the "Pelagian Heresy."

Next observe Talmudism, a most sublime conspiracy-religion, as it features not the worship and service of God, but rather service- and worship-as-the-rabbis-direct, advise, and "interpret." Thus Talmudism is not service to God BUT RATHER SERVICE TO THE RABBIS and their subjectivist "interpretation." Hence Talmudism is very much literally the Orwellian DOUBLETHINK, and the Talmudists are conspirators BY RELIGION, fraudulently pretending to being citizens in a social contract with gentiles.

Thus the dirty little secret is the Talmudist gives the gentiles the "shake-down" beginning with the very claiming (totally fraudulent) to being a citizen -- for Talmudists are already "committed." The citizen is thus disarmed and betrayed at the very outset presuming the good will of the Talmudist.

So in Talmudism we have a war-strategy by which the Talmudists are given a one-up on everyone else by "religious" conviction -- but these predators are necessarily arranged in a hierarchy. For Talmudism is (again) conspiracy and scam, so the topmost masterminds are favored. Thus sometimes the lower-level working-class Jews have to suffer in order for the masterminds to benefit (though the lower-level Jew cheerfully refrains to complain as long as they're fighting "anti-semitism"). Then there's the necessary side-effect of hystericism, and insanity (though so sublimely effective and successful for the larger "cause") for many of these lower-level Jews who seriously take the Talmud as something other than scam. The worst of these mad Talmudists and lower-level Jews are what we would call "anti-antisemites," and they're determined we gentiles HAVE NO RIGHT to being antisemitic; they're determined to completely wipe out such "antisemitism" (thus Christianity). Hence Talmudism amounts to being war hysteria sublimated to a religion-style fraud, war-by-stealth.

Hence "moralism" is the Talmudic trap for the gentile as it is always upon this pretext of moralism (as in anti-drinking and -drug laws/persecutions) the Talmudists impose their subjectivist fascism and thence laws like "hate-crime," and "hate-speech."

So it's important to point out one of the great hoaxers of history, Immanuel Kant, whose moralism and subjectivity took the world by storm and set up the Judaic World Wars I and II, for example. Note the rise of Kant's "moral" "philosophy" PERFECTLY parallells the rise of the (power of the) Jews in the late modern period from French. Revolution/Napoleon. Another rising scam, especially for America, was fractional-reserve money and banking (f-r m & b) which culminates in the US Federal Reserve Bank ("Fed"), history's most powerful monopoly/scam by far. Kant's subjectivism/moralism and its rise, setting the foundation for the other frauds, constitutes precisely the Spenglerian "Decline of the West." It doesn't mean Kant was himself a deliberate fraud -- he just played a little joke which too many people took too seriously.

In brief, here's Kant's "moral" philosophy: (1) real life is too prosaic and "determined," so "let's pretend" we can be "moral." (2) So let's pretend morality is based upon "good will." (3) Continuing to pretend, the "good will" executes "duty" in accord with the "categorical imperative" (CI). (4) Then Kant goes on to describe the CI with further absurd and utterly unfounded, unpremised DECLARATIONS. Such is Kantian "moral" "philosophy," simply a succession and hodge-podge of NON-SEQUITURS, and QUESTION-BEGGING. Only weaklings and suckers could possibly continue to take such Kantian subjectivism/moralism seriously. But such weaklings are unfortunately the overwhelming product of the formerly successful civilization, like the US.

Observe the Talmudists take advantage of gentile credulity, especially regarding moralism--for too many people, lacking self-confidence, seek "morality" as expiation for their inferiority/guilt complex by which they feel impelled to pretend to "good" -- in order to impress the powers/authorities they so dread and fear. Feeling guilty makes people feel they're at least being "moral." Kant was successful as he was so persuasive especially with his extremely obscure and obfuscating writing style -- it intimidated people to think Kant's twaddle was "profound" and hence so virtuous.

CONCLUSION: Hence for patriot purposes, and in respect for and honor of Ernst Zundel who suffers for the truth of OBJECTIVE REALITY, we patriot revisionistics should understand Immanual Kant for what he was, simply a hoaxer, regarding his so-called "moral" "philosophy." If there's anything to be rejected and repudiated for us "revisionists," it is moralism, subjectivism, and then a particular form, Kantianism, the gentile version of Talmudic delusion and madness, the latter day "Pelagianism" opposed by St. Augustine. Stay loyal to Ernst Zundel and OBJECTIVITY thus Western civilization and culture by which we have and defend rights and freedom, including the freedom, so presently crucial, to be anti-semitic and thus obedient to God.


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