Our Multi-Hued, Multi-Gendered Global-Deployment Jewish Mercenary Force, aka the United States Armed Forces

by Douglas Wright

30 July 2004

I never wore a uniform, unless you count the white shirt and navy pants from Catholic school. Like Bill Clinton, I never served. So my credibility on military matters is probably pretty low for anyone who's so much as been through basic training.

But the news dribbles in, and I can't help but notice some patterns. And if I make the not-too-huge leap that the military isn't so unlike any other endeavor in that competence, organization and drive make it successful, there's no escaping it: the multiracial military sucks. It's dragged along by a hard-chugging engine of white men, with the flub-lips and Nancys trailing along.

Yes, I'm sure the off-whites are capable of some basic tasks. But I'm not talking about a mobile government office/Taco Bell in camouflage. I'm talking about a fighting force with the smarts, hearts and balls to stick together, coordinate action and fuck shit up in a major way. I haven't been to the war college at Leavenworth, but this is my understanding of what military forces do, pretty talk aside.

Recently: Muslim Marine Wassef Ali Hassoun returned to the United States under a cloud of suspicion about whether he was kidnapped in Iraq or abandoned his post. At one point, it was thought that he was going to lose his head at the hands of the anti-Zionist Arabs. Now, if Hassoun had in fact abandoned his post, well, maybe it was because, as an Arab, he choked on the idea of killing his fellow Arabs. But if he was nabbed by fellow Arabs upset by a traitor, then that doesn't exactly recommend the strength of his being in the U.S. military to begin with, now does it? Either way, point is, "Wassef Ali Hassoun" ain't an asset. He's a liability. At least, from the perspective of the job at hand, Jewish puppetry aside.

Same for Capt. James Yee. Who he? Yee be a Muslim. A Chinese Muslim. I've missed this trend, apparently. Usually, it's the blacks claiming fealty to Mohammed. Anyway. Yee, whilst at Guantanamo Bay, was caught with classified documents about al Qaeda fighters detained there. Not sure whatever happened to this yellow fellow, but what, exactly, is his great contribution to the military? T o serve as a sympathetic conduit for the enemy? Before the bust, Yee was all over the news for his wonderfulness as a Muslim in the military. Guess the diversity celebrators didn't count on this one. Duh.

The Pentagon, in fact, had been using an unaccredited school called "the Graduate School of Islamic and Social Sciences" in Leesburg, Va. to train its 13 Muslim chaplains. The school then came under scrutiny for financial ties to al-Qaida. Double duh.

And triple duh. Army Sgt. Hasan K. Akbar, of the 101st Airborne Division's 326th Engineer Battalion, was charged with lobbing a grenade into a tent area in Kuwait and killing two officers and injuring 14 others. Akbar was, like Hassoun and Yee, a Muslim. The military said he had "an attitude problem." Yeah. His problem was, he was a nigger and he hated whites. The incident recalled the "fragging" of the Vietnam war, whereby enlisted men killed officers. Most of the time, the officers were white and the enlisteds were black. So it was this time 'round: the two officers he killed were white.

Remember Lynndie England, the boy-like West Virginian caught in the torture picture scandal? Seems she made pictures of her own, fucking around with other soldiers. So did others. "One of the female soldiers supposedly had sex in a gang bang," Terry Stowe, a military policeman, told the New York Post. One of the soldiers behind the hooded "electrocution" Iraqi, by the way, was said to be Nigger-In-Uniform Sgt. Javal Davis. And just a few days ago, a white soldier was busted for carjacking in Iraq. Great. Gang-bangs and carjackings. It's the niggerization of the military. How inspirational.

For one of the bigger comedies of multiracial errors, check into the details of the Pfc. Jessica Lynch escapade. It all began with a wrong turn by the convoy she was in. The military said the mistake was due to fatigue. OK, maybe. The newspaper photo I'm looking at shows the gang on duty: Lynch, a woman; Specialist Edgar Hernandez, Specialist Shoshana Johnson (black); Private Brandon Sloan (black, he was killed); Pfc. Lori Ann Piestawa (looks like a Hispanic woman); and a white guy, Sgt. James Riley. A Pfc. Patrick Miller, likely a white man, is described as killing nine Iraqis before giving up. All right, folks. I ain't gonna dishonor the dead and I don't know for sure what all went on, but given my experience with the relative capabilities of a multiracial crew as compared to a team of straight-up, lock-and-load white guys, I'm just going to say that maybe you're going to invite screw-ups like this when you make racial and gender equality your top military priority instead of getting the job done.

Anyone with military experience, feel free to set me straight or share your story.


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