Thoughts on the New South Africa

by Jeremy Willems

28 July 2004

South Africa apparently has a huge white population; something like 5 and a half million people by these statistics. ( What are they doing? What are their lives like? Are they trying to leave? Have their been any efforts to attain large-scale refugee status in America or England or the Netherlands for them?

I understand that a large number of farmers and members of farm families have been killed and that the crime and murder rate are high, but what about the rest of the population? Are they making any efforts to leave or separate themselves from the blacks and form their own enclave? How has the situation effected their mentality? Thinking it over, it seems like it can only have had a good effect on them.

Supposing even 100,000 of them have been killed, that still leaves many millions, living in harsh conditions, toughened by it, quite aware now of racial realities, and identifying stronger as a people than ever and with a heightened instinct for self-preservation. I have high hopes for South Africa and its whites, thanks to their unpleasant situation. What if a massive counter-movement arose in South Africa proclaiming a return to separation and an independent white area? Or, what if a large-scale effort in America or in some European country to grant the white South Africans refugee status succeeded? Imagine what a good influence these whites would be on the politics and attitudes of the societies that took them in.

After all, there are 5 and a half or so million whites in South Africa now who can't just be gotten rid of. They will end up somewhere. A chain of events has been started that has to play itself out. What this whole experiment in black rule has created, it seems to me, is a massive reservoir of racially conscious and hardened whites, who will be forced to think and act somewhere, at some time in their own interests -- something that whites in America and Europe don't yet have to do. Perhaps the whole anti-apartheid movement will turn out to have been a very bad idea for the Jews and liberals. Wanting to hurt the whites, they have in fact given them the very things they need to make them healthy again. Better if they'd just left them to rot in their own comfort and stew in the Jewish media juices, than throw their nation into chaos and force them to defend themselves and become vigilant. I don't see how this situation can turn out in any way except good.

Looking at the American racial situation, one notes that anywhere there is a substantial mixing of the races, anywhere whites come into contact with nonwhites, there is conflict and racial tension, racism. Anywhere whites actually interact with nonwhites they become aware of the characteristics and nature of nonwhites and either leave or stay and learn to defend themselves. South Africa's 5 and a half million whites are now in this situation, it would seem. How could they not now know the truth about race? How could they not now identify stronger than ever with their own kin? For them it is a matter of survival. What more could we wish than that we were all in an equivalent situation? How long before the whites begin to fight back, begin to take their destiny into their own hands? Who would stop them? Who would tell them they couldn't? Would they listen this time?

Does anyone reading this know anything about the situation in South Africa? Is there any prospect of a white revolt? Could it succeed? Or, what about a large-scale movement of white South Africans out of Africa and into Europe and America? What a blessing that would be to our countries, racially and politically. These people have to end up somewhere, and I doubt they'll let themselves be exterminated. There are just too many of them. Looking at it logically, the worse it gets for them, the harder it gets for them, the better it gets for them. What doesn't kill them will have to make them stronger. Will the world really stand by and allow 5.5. million people to be slaughtered -- more importantly, will they themselves allow it? Who will stop them when they get the idea to reassert themselves?

Could it be that those who wanted to destroy the white race in South Africa just forged a new white national group of 5.5 million into a decidedly racist mold? What a can of worms has been opened! What prospects, what good prospects! Thank you Jews! You have given us a gift that we cannot repay you for -- or, perhaps, the gift that will enable us to one day repay you in full! Let us hope South Africa will be the birth place of a new, hard white nation! Anyone who has any information on this subject, on the state of the white South Africans today, please share.


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