Hitler Is Not My God

by White Proletariat

12 September 2004

I never thought I would encounter such perfect opposition so quickly. The writer of "Understanding Hitler" certainly fits the bill as the kind of opposition I had hoped for. There was quite a bit of time between when I first submitted my earlier commentary, "A Weak Message Forecasts Future Failure," and when it was posted. I've always written each and every commentary like it would be my last. I never know when I'll write one commentary too many, one commentary too outspoken, or one commentary too harsh. For I have resolved on that day to shake the dust from my feet and declare this crop of present racists worthless. It matters not to me whether I'm the lighting rod for opposition, such as is embodied in this other writer. Here is a link to author's work.


I have but one goal for our race. I wish for the White Race to win. How we win does not matter to me. IF RACISTS MUST LIE, THEN RACISTS MUST LIE! IF RACISTS MUST STEAL, THEN RACISTS MUST STEAL! THE WHITE RACE MUST WIN BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY! If ten Whites must be murdered for victory, that's a small price to pay for White life. If a hundred, if a thousand, even if a million must be murdered, that's still a small price to pay for our continued existence. Let the other author hang himself on his own words.

If any man, claiming to be a racist, disagrees with my previous paragraph, I don't want him as my Comrade. For such a man would serve the Race far better by joining with the lemmings. If any leader disputes my previous paragraph, let me be the first to denounce him. We need leaders that are hard, leaders that aren't squeamish, and leaders that won't jew our racial message by buckling under pressure.

Hitler did the right thing at Dunkirk. The Germans in May of 1940 were still desperately hoping that a diplomatic peace could be arranged with both Britain and France. In fact, it was in that month that the great "Prisoner of Peace", Rudolf Hess, the Reich Minister and Deputy of the Fuehrer as leader of the National Socialist Party flew on his ill-received flight to Scotland to negotiate peace with England. It is documented that Hitler made at least 6 offers for peace between Oct. 6, 1939, and July 19, 1940, that were all rejected by the so-called "flat-footed bastard of a drunken old cigar-smoking Jew" Winston Churchill.

The author is stating that losing was okay because Hitler did "the right thing"? Is this author proposing that we do the same thing in the future? I can see it all now, "I'm sorry we lost the war son! We just had to tell the truth and play by the rules." Instead of a leader that "does the right thing," why can't we have a leader that will win? The author also implies that there are conditions where he would choose defeat over victory. Do we really wish to see such traits in a racial leader? For if a leader does not truly wish to win, why follow such a leader at all? Ask how many WWII German veterans think that Hitler did the right thing. If our race should once again bring forth a leader, let's do whatever is necessary to ensure that the new leader can get the job done! Let's take another passage.

The Germans proved their superior intelligence once again during the Second World War with the brilliant creation of the Messerschmitt 262 (Me 262), the first jet-powered aircraft to enter combat.

Nature only has one criterion for superiority. That species which survives is the superior. There is no other criterion besides this. I'm not looking for the honest leader, the dashing leader, or the polite leader. Instead, I'm looking for the winning leader. As long as we're discussing history, let's get at least a little bit of understanding.

Hitler did lose the war. That means Hitler was a loser. It doesn't matter if Hitler tried to be nice to the British. It doesn't matter if Hitler was nice to the jewish animals. It doesn't matter if Hitler ordered his subs not to fire on American ships, BECAUSE HITLER IN FACT LOST. Even the jewish animals will tell you that Hitler lost. I do not hold up losers as examples to emulate. Here is another passage.

The author's statement, "Americans fought against Germans because Hitler's National Socialist message was weak!", assumes that American masses had heard Hitler's message in one way or another -- which is completely incorrect. The Jews had a stranglehold on the mass media just as they do today.

The author conveniently neglects to mention the millions of Klansmen and former Klansmen in the U.S. during Hitler's time. Are we to assume that the Ku Klux Klan were engaging in underwater basket weaving, during the 1930s, and not willing to listen to a strong National Socialist message? The jews also had a complete stranglehold over the media in Germany prior to Hitler assuming power. The punishments are far greater for speaking out in Germany today, and yet the author fails to concede that Germany today can field far more racists than the United States. Let's not use the excuse that we must lose simply because the jews don't like us. If a leader doesn't feel that he has what it takes to achieve victory, he needs to step down to allow some fresh blood to assume the post.

And the most emotional subjects always revolve around family, friends, and loved ones, which ultimately leads to the entire race as extended family. This is the heart of National Socialism.

The author states this, but yet the common racist hears nary a word about family issues from modern National Socialism. Why am I the only one putting forth ideas on avoiding the upcoming Draft? Why am I the only one who has any ideas at all about helping to make life better for the divorced White Man? These divorced White men have the potential to be the greatest of all racial activists. First of all, they can't be bribed, because Uncle Shitskin takes one third of their pay right off the top. It's also hard to intimidate them - again, because Uncle Shitskin can only offer them jail even during the best of times. Instead, the author chooses to discuss worthless dead presidents and make excuses for previous White failure. Let's ditch the dead presidents thing and start preaching a message that will actually help today's White men get through each and every day. Let's tap this divorced White anger. Like the Ju-jitsu master, let's use laws designed to keep the White Man down as our greatest propaganda tools. As long as divorced White men must live as monks, let us ensure that these divorced White men shall be warrior monks. Let's spread the hate, baby!

The author also chooses to use that irritating writing style, whereby jews are treated as people. The proper usage is, "jews" - not "Jews." Whites alone are Human, and our writing style should reflect this. Does the author truly think he's being cute by adhering to outdated jewish grammar rules? The point of effective writing is to communicate. If you are truly a racist, your writing needs to reflect that.

To answer the general question, Why believe Hitler? Very simple: because the entire NS movement was based on telling the truth and doing the right thing. Sure, Germans are humans and tell little white lies now and then, but it wasn't policy.

I'd far more prefer to win. Again, the author is making the point that defeat is okay as long as Whites tell the truth and "do the right thing." I believe the right thing is for Whites to win! Period! It does not matter to me how victory happens. I, for one, have no desire to share a foxhole with this author. The author is a prime example of a White that racists should shun. Only if this White should come to believe that White victory must reign supreme, regardless of the methods, should any racist stand with him.

Is there a point in time when the author will actually believe in taking off the gloves and simply do what needs to be done? Will there be a point in time when the author will be willing to lie for the good of the Race? Will there be a time when the author will put away his jewish grammar rules? In case the author has not looked around himself lately, it's rather dark and getting darker - even in the Whitest of areas. Is there not a point in time when the author will cease treating shitskins as Humans and treat our racial struggle with the seriousness it deserves? America is not just getting bad, AMERICA IS BAD! America isn't just turning into hell, AMERICA IS HELL! I don't believe the author is approaching the racial subject with the seriousness that it deserves. Do you really want such traits in a leader?

The fact that the so-called Holocaust is a hoax is a separate issue. It always amazes me how the same people who want someone to have a fair trial-the innocent until proven guilty crowd-have no qualms with throwing out Aristotle's scientific method when it comes to accusations of mass murder against the "Nazis." When one examines the exterminationist theories of the Holocaust, it's quite obvious they don't hold water.

The jews, Hitler, and Hitler's gang had ample motive for showing Röhm in a bad light. If there must be a White leader, jews always insist on it being the weak leader. Since the jews won WWII, Hitler, as a White leader, was the best choice from the jewish animal point of view - regardless of how Hitler had been elevated.

The answer to why the Americans fought is simple: National Socialism never reached the ears of the American people who were lied into a war against Germany by the Jews in America.

Almost any racist will readily declare that jews are liars. The fact that jews lie isn't news. Even Hitler confessed that the jews are no good at spreading the message of White Life. I declare statements like this to be merely confessions of defeatism. Let's get one thing straight: the jews are never going to like us. The jewish press is never going to willingly spread our message.

When our message does get out, it needs to be the strongest type of message possible. We have to fully prepare ourselves to have our messages sliced, diced, and taken out of context. Any racist who doesn't think this will happen is a fool. Our messages should be such that any single sentence, from any of our messages, needs to be a message - in and of itself. Each statement we utter should be constructed so that it's not possible for that statement to be quoted out of context.

The opinions expressed are only my own - Proletariat.


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