Fiction: "Ghost Treaty"

by White Proletariat

24 November 2004

This is the story of Sandy and Sal - two NSM troopers. Sandy was called Sandy because of his sandy hair. Sal often got joked about his jewish-sounding name, but it was all in good fun. The National Socialist Movement is all about brotherhood and strong Human men standing together. Sandy was almost 19, and Sal was 19. They had both graduated high school and cruising the rundown west-end of the town where they lived. Like most teenagers who are pushing twenty, Sandy and Sal were considered highly motivated and somewhat happy-go-lucky. The more senior Comrades often debated Sandy and Sal's wisdom, but hey, they were teenagers - always redeeming more than they paid out. Our story begins with the two troopers right outside a jew-owned pawn shop. It was almost dark.

Sandy began speaking. "Sal, why are we doing business with this jewish animal? No good thing ever came from doing business with such filthy beasts."

"Come on, Sandy! I was here just last week, and I really saw a bargain. If it works out, we can get some much needed equipment for our Comrades."

"I don't know Sal..." It was too late. Sandy went into the pawn shop, and Sal was right behind him. Sandy and Sal had forgotten that they were each wearing their tiny Swastika pins, but that made no difference to the filthy hook-nosed jewish animal, behind the counter. Disgusting jewish animals do business with everybody.

The beast spoke to Sal. "You are back. You brought your friend. You want to buy the chest?"

Sandy followed Sal to the chest. The jewish beast couldn't see the contents as Sal opened the chest. Inside, the small chest was filled with what looked to be gold ingots. Sal whispered into Sandy's ear, "Yes, it's real gold." Before Sandy could process the information, Sal spake unto the animal, "We'll take it!"

Faster than you can say, "Holoco$t," the hook-nosed animal took Sal's money and closed the sale. The bell of the cash register rang loudly. Sandy and Sal grabbed the money chest and left the store. It was now dark.

Once in the car, Sal opened the money chest, picked up a handful of the ingots, and let them drop back into the chest. He handed one of the ingots to Sandy as Sandy drove.

Sandy examined the gold ingot as he drove. Sandy spoke. "Stupid jew! We can buy all sorts of things with this gold - for our Comrades." Sandy grabbed a handful, let go of them, and the ingots fell back into the treasure chest. He took another handful but accidentally dropped them onto the rear seat. After that, Sandy also spilled more ingots.

Sal rolled his eyes but otherwise let the goofs pass replying. "For our Comrades!"

Just then, an angry-looking ghost appeared out of the windshield glaring at Sandy and Sal. Although the ghost was transparent, you could still make out the pretty features of the ghost. In it's former life, the ghost had been a beautiful light brown-haired woman. The angry ghost spoke in a loud echoing voice to Sandy and Sal. "You two have disturbed my money chest. For all who touch my gold must die. But before I kill you, I must tell you my accursed tale."

Sal replied. "Well, if we get to live a few more minutes, tell us all about this accursed tale. In fact, tell us about you."

"My name is Shamika."

"Isn't that an odd name...for what used to be a White woman?"

"I lived around blacks the whole time I was alive. My mother was a prostitute, and I was also one."

"How did you die?"

"My pimp boyfriend beat me to death."

"Negro boyfriend?"

The ghost Shamika now noticed the Nazi pins on Sandy and Sal. "Yes, he was 'negro' as you say. You two are a couple of Nazis. I'll relish killing the both of you."

Sandy couldn't contain himself, and he started talking to the ghost. "It sounds like your nigger boyfriend was doing Humankind a favor by offing a treasonous bitch like you."

"I'm not a bitch, and leroy wasn't a nigger. Niggers only exist in Nazi land."

"I don't see leroy around. Why isn't leroy with you?"

"I tried and I tried to get leroy to join me."

"What happened?"


"Well what?"

"This is kind of embarrassing...You see, leroy has been stuck over in the produce section of grocery store not far from here...trying to eat the bananas. I tried to get his attention and come join me, but leroy is still too busy trying to eat the bananas."

Sal quipped. "Apparently niggers don't get any smarter in the afterlife."

Sandy asked the ghost. "How does this curse stuff work anyhow?"

Shamika answered. "I don't know whether you counted, but there were almost a thousand cursed gold ingots in the money chest before a bunch spilled. Whoever touches the gold will die that very night, and whoever touches the gold last must die first. You touched the gold last, so you'll die before morning. Ha ha ha you Nazi bastards! Any last words before I kill you?"

Sandy got a thought and cut the wheel sharply to the right. In an instant, Sandy, Sal, and the ghost had turned into a negro housing project, and the monkeys didn't even try to conceal all the drug dealing going down in the hood. A porch monkey asked if Sandy wanted any drugs but Sandy declined. The negro signaled his homies, and before you could say, "monkey with a banana," about a hundred negroes surrounded the car.

The head monkey saw the open money chest and said, "Thanks for the money chest honkey! Homies and I don't mind if we do!" And quicker than you could say, "nigger's your neighbor," the neighborhood of the apes had distributed all the gold ingots from the chest, but the negroes didn't see the gold ingots Sandy had spilled onto the floor of the car. The head nigger waved them out of the neighborhood, signaled his homies to let the car out, and stepped away from the car.

Shamika just couldn't stand it any longer, made it so the head monkey could see her, and spoke to the beast. "Hey, are you just going to let these honkies get away?" Shamika pointed out the Nazi pins.

The negro looked at the Nazi pins, pointed out the pins to a few of his homies, and all the monkeys began laughing. One ape was rolling the ground on account that it was laughing so hard. Shamika stayed to argue with the negroes as Sandy and Sal drove off.

Sandy asked Sal. "What do you make of that Sal?"

"I don't know Sandy, but I have an idea."

"What's that Sal?"

"Well, we did make a mistake trading with the jewish animal. But we can turn this to good. Here's how..." Sal told Sandy about his idea, and the two drove off into the night. Sometime around 4:00 AM, the two went to Sal's apartment and crashed.

Shamika woke Sandy and Sal right before dawn, and the slut of a ghost was even more angry. She scolded them severely. "You Nazi bastards! I spent all night killing african-americans, and yet you Nazi bastards gave out even more of my cursed gold!"

And it was true that Sandy and Sal had spent much of the night buying things for the troop with the cursed gold. While they couldn't go to the standard discount and grocery stores, Sandy and Sal managed to get willing negroes to make the purchases on their behalf. The willing negroes thought that they were getting over big on Sandy and Sal as purchase after purchase was made. Their local NSM finally had all those local household items that had eluded the troop for quite some time - little odds and ends, supplies for the new upcoming barbeque, and so forth. Sewing machines, needles, thread, and other items for the construction of new NDM banners and uniforms were also obtained.

Shamika noted all the new supplies, stacked from floor to ceiling, in Sal's living room that clearly been purchased with the accursed gold. Although ghosts can't blush, Shamika turned beet red at the thought that the accursed hold had been used to purchase supplies - for Nazis of all people. Shamika screamed at Sandy and Sal. "I SPENT THE ENTIRE NIGHT KILLING african-americans!"

Sandy replied. "How many did you get?"


"Well, it was good while it lasted. At least the troop can come out ahead. Even if we should die, let everybody say that we did our duty for Humankind."

Sal added to Sandy's last statement. "And we didn't curse even one White! Aren't you proud of us Shamika?"

Shamika was still hysterical. "YOU, YOU, YOU, NAZIS! I haven't got time to kill you right now, because the sun will be shining in just a few minutes, but I'll get you Nazis." In a poof of fog, Shamika was suddenly gone.

Sal checked the money chest. Although Sandy and Sal had spent the last of the gold, gold from the dead negroes had now returned to the money chest. Sal looked at Sandy, and Sandy looked at Sal. They both exclaimed together! "MORE SHOPPING!"

During the daytime, Shamika could not appear. Sal and Sandy remembered to give generously to the United Negro College Fund, the NAACP, the United Way, and many other negro-focused charities. In each case, they made sure that it was an animal who took custody of the gold.

When nighttime rolled around, Shamika had her work cut out for her - negroes, jews, and other mud creatures were being slaughtered by the bushel by Shamika. And as busy as Shamika was, she just didn't have time to get around to slaughtering Sandy and Sal.

This continued for weeks, and the news media and local government couldn't figure out why on earth all these mud creatures were disappearing without a trace. While it was true that nobody really wanted the creatures, it was the government's job to figure it out why the beasts were missing.

Shamika one night returned to Sandy and Sal. She spoke. "Guys, I can't keep up with all the work you've made for me. I need a rest."

Sal replied. "Okay, but on one condition. We get to keep the gold curse-free, and no tricks. Because if you kill us, we're going to come kick your ass in the afterlife."

Shamika replied. "Okay. No tricks. The gold is yours."

Sandy just had to ask the one question that had nagged both him and Sal. "Shamika, before you have to make like horseshit and hit the trail, I just have to ask: what ever happened to that jew that sold us the gold?"

"Shamika answered. "Well, technically, the jew never touched the gold."

"So the animal is still alive?"

"No, one of the gang members eventually tried to pawn off some gold. That's when the jew bought it."



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