Hitler Brigade

by White Proletariat

17 November 2004

A White military recruiter is loudly debating with a young White Draft candidate at a military induction center. The military recruiter is a fat White Army Sergeant - Sergeant Murphy. The young man he's arguing with is Scott Anderson. The two of them have the attention of all the Whites in the large room. A good number of shitskin animals are also present. Nobody else participates in the exchange.

Sergeant Murphy argues. "Don't you love your country?"

Scott Anderson replies. "It's a goddamned country."

"It's only because of freedom-loving Americans that you can say that!"

"Well, Goddamn!"

"Serving your country, under the Draft, is your duty as an American."

"Well, Goddamn!"

"Don't you know that if young folks like you don't serve, we'll all lose those freedoms we've come to cherish?

"Freedom such as Whites like me having the freedom to live - only with other Whites?"

"Hell, no! That's discrimination!"

"Freedom like a White man having self-determination over his own money?"


"Self-determination, like not having to have money goddamned out of a man's paycheck - to fund nigger-screwing, defective kids! You know, freedom like that?"

"We can't have deadbeat dads!"

"My race is my religion! My religion is that I shouldn't ever have money goddamned out of my pocket to pay for defective kids! I want the same choice my forefathers had! If the kid is defective, beshitting Humankind with nigglets, the kid should starve! I shouldn't have to pay for that! It's that simple!"

"Racism isn't a religion!"

"That's exactly why this is a goddamned country, with a goddamned government, forcing young Whites to fight in a goddamned war! All for the goddamned jews!"

"That's exactly what the Army is for - teaching Whites like you to embrace diversity!"

"Thanks for the lump of shit!"

"You don't look old enough to have kids. Why are you saying all this about child support, kids, and such?"

"Because I'm not blind. My father is one of those that's been goddamned by the state!"

"I wish you wouldn't cuss. Why do you cuss so?"

"Goddamn is my religion."

"Your religion?"

"Goddamn is winning."

"You are lucky to be talking with me. I'm more open than most sergeants, but I'm still struggling with the racism...I really don't want to argue with you. It's just that I've never talked with anybody like you before. You were saying that the state did something to your father?"

"Really to all fathers! Well, White fathers. Oh, I suppose Uncle Shitskin will persecute a dirt-dad every once in awhile, but let's not kid ourselves. The child support laws are only aimed at Whites."

"Aimed at Whites?"

"With what the state leaves a father, it defies the odds for the father to be able to select another woman and start over. Most fathers can barely afford to feed themselves, much less being able support a wife and kids. And for all that my father had to pay out, he had no say-so at all when my kid sister goes and gives birth to a shit-beast with a nigger. Is this the kind of freedom we're fighting for?"

"Well, all any of us can do is to make sure we vote."

"Vote along with all the dead people, mexcrement, and niggers? No thanks! Say, do you think the iranians, iraqis, and such would give us Whites better treatment than the jews?"

"You can't ask questions like that!"

"Isn't freedom of speech one of the freedoms I'm supposed to be fighting for?"

"Why, you're one of those Nazis, aren't you?"

"I never really thought about it. I guess I am."

"Do you also worship Hitler?"

"I have a higher standard. No hero of mine will ever have to be whispered, but you can claim him if you want."

"But Adolf Hitler was the most evil of all Nazis. No Nazi can be more evil than Adolf Hitler."

"My hero is."

"Who is your hero?"

"I have yet to meet him. I don't even know if he exists. But if he does exist, he'll only accept praise in the final victory. For if he will not bring us Victory, while he lives, let no one utter his name - forevermore!"

The sergeant shook his head, turned, and walked off to take care of other matters. Other young White men formed conversations with the Whites around them. The room was abuzz.

The young racist Scott Anderson found a deserted area of wall and sat cross-legged against it. Another young White came and sat down beside him asking, "What's your name?"

"Scott. Scott Anderson." Scott extended his hand and asked, "What is your name?"

"Bruce. Bruce Johnson. So who was that sergeant you were arguing with?"

"That was Sergeant Murphy..." The potential draftees were called to attention and ordered to strip down to their undies. Both Scott Anderson and Bruce Johnson took their shirts off and both had large Swastikas on their chests. Scott's was larger. Scott's giant red Swastika looked like it had been painted on with a large wide house-painter brush, but Bruce's Swastika was a stark military green colored Swastika. Sergeant Murphy approached to see the tattoos and slightly rolled his eyes, before walking away. Scott and Bruce had been too immersed with each other to have noticed Sergeant Murphy's reaction.

The tattoos were causing quite a commotion. The negroes were talking amongst themselves in the squawking-bongo-ape-like fashion, and the animals all noted the novelty of Humans actually standing up for something - anything at all. A mexican animal leaned over to Scott and asked, "¿Por qué todo el commotion?" [Why all the commotion?]

Scott responded. "No Goddamn!"

"No le entiendo." [I do not understand you.]

"No Goddamn!"

The mexican gave up trying to communicate with Scott, and the beast began grunting and making noises with the other beasts. Sergeant Murphy called out, a day late and a dollar short, "No talking in the ranks!"

Sergeant Murphy called out to the men and animals to line up for physicals. The prospects were put through their paces going from medical orderly to medical orderly, taking military aptitude tests, and then came the political questionnaires.

There were only a few Whites, amongst the prospects, who were willing to be fully cooperative with being drafted. These were Humans who bought into worshipping the shitskin attorney general - alberto gonzales. They were mostly fundamentalist Christian types who believed every line fed by their TV god - fed through the TV god's pope Bush II. Some came from sports-fan families, whose members' prime functions in life are to recite sports, weather, and various other worthless statistics.

But most Whites didn't want to be drafted into the military. While most of the unwilling couldn't be considered open racists, they clearly weren't blind to what was going on around them. The mexican border was nonexistent, and shitskins were all over the place. Somebody told most of them that America had once been a White country, but most of them had a hard time believing it. Like most Whites anywhere, these Whites simply wished to be left alone. These Whites neither wished to own slaves nor known anybody who had. Sure, the history books spoke about Whites having, once upon a time, owned slaves; but then again, King George-Bushie II said the economy is going well and all that. The only thing young Whites were sure about at all is that they didn't wish to go fight in another war, a war that could never be won, and a war in which the enemy had never even wanted to fight.

Sergeant Murphy led prospects into still another large room with classroom-type desks. Even though the shit-beasts also had to take political tests, the Whites all knew that these political tests were only for Whites. These tests were drawn up during the days before the War on Terror when the military could still pick and choose who they wanted. In a nutshell, the tests were designed to test for Nazis and the likelihood that a Human might actually become a Nazi. Without asking each other or even giving each other a glance, both Scott and Bruce each took a #2 pencil and drew a large Swastika, covering the entire page, on the front of their test answer booklets. A number of nearby Whites looked over and saw what Scott and Bruce had done.

Most of the remaining Whites also drew Swastikas on the front of their answer booklets. No doubt about it, the tests ended up doing exactly what they were designed to do; it uncovered Nazis at the military induction center. Sure these Humans weren't racists, but who wanted to get all shot up, have crappy health care, and then have your own government jew you out of combat, pension, and disability pay? And while Whitey gets to fight sand niggers, a mexican animal is hitting up on his woman while he's gone. Most Whites preferred to be labeled Nazis to being dead. At least, they'd still be alive if the military rejected them. They could deal with the 'Nazi' label later. More than a few identified themselves, since the beginning of the screening process, as in-your-face practicing homosexuals who had partnered with at least one AIDS carrier - in addition to being a Nazi.

Sergeant Murphy noted so many instances of racial identity that his brain more or less shut down from further processing. The sergeant took up the tests but showed no visible reaction to there being a large Swastika across almost every White answer booklet. In protest, the few fundamentalists drew large crosses on the face of their answer booklets.

The last part of the induction screening was the one-on-one interviews with the Draft Board. Each prospect was to be butt-naked in front of the board. All the prospects had to wait their turn in a large room with no furniture. Most ended up sitting on the floor. Scott and Bruce finally had a chance to talk with each other.

Bruce spoke first. "Dude, you need to come hang out with us."

Scott responded. "Who are you with?"

"I'm with the NSM - National Socialist Movement."

"You guys are the real thing, go do racial rallies, and wear the Swastika armbands. You also wear the brown uniforms. I think it's cool that you guys are brave enough to wear your beliefs on your sleeve. I can't say whether those are authentic-like Storm Trooper uniforms, but it's close enough for me."

"That's us. I like what you're saying brother, but I wonder at a part of it. Now that I've got the chance, I'd like to ask you about it Scott."

"Sure, Bruce."

"We've got a whole lot of folks who are real into Hitler. Some of us really dig the man. I mean he's been dead for a lot of years, but he still lives with us. You know what I mean?"

"I know what you mean Bruce. Between you and me, I very much dig the man myself, although I won't state it out in public."

"Won't state it out in public?"

"Don't get me wrong Bruce. I've read Mein Kampf. It's a good book, and there's a lot of good wisdom in there." Bruce nodded as Scott continued. "Adolf Hitler was also a very brave man: the Iron Cross, standing down jew-led mobs in the streets, and all that. Even Hitler's monumental rise to power can only be described as a work of genius. I really don't have any problem with Hitler the man or Hitler the leader."

Now Bruce was confused and he responded. "Now you've confused me Scott. You'll praise Hitler privately but not in public." "It's a standard I seek Bruce. Even though I'm young, I've read a whole lot of history. Not only have I read it, but my dad is also a racist, and he's read quite a bit also."


"Starting with Hitler, many racial leaders have risen and fallen."

"Nathan Bedford Forest was before Hitler. You said 'starting with.'"

"Nathan Bedford Forest will do. He helped found the Ku Klux Klan, helped it to rise in power, and then renounced the movement he helped found. He's not the only racial leader to have done this. There are others such as Orval Faubus and George Wallace who also were respected leaders but ended up renouncing the causes they had once led."

"But Hitler never renounced National Socialism. Hitler never even entertained the idea of compromising on National Socialism."

"That's true. But Hitler serves as THE effigy of the entire White racial movement. To most Whites, if you even mention Hitler's name, their brains will simply shut down. That's how much they've been programmed by jewish propaganda. I will only praise Hitler privately - as a strategic decision."

"Strategic decision?"

"Look at it this way. Hitler's name has been used as a weapon by the jews for decades. To even invoke Hitler's name will shut down almost any argument."

"Yes, I know that."

"But what if - what if instead of accepting Hitler publicly, why not reject him?"

"Reject him?"

"Reject him. Did you see Sergeant Murphy? I totally threw him off guard when I basically said that Hitler wasn't hard enough, wasn't good enough, wasn't 'evil' enough."

"Isn't that like saying that only a victorious leader should be celebrated? That kind of the reminds me of the Star Trek Klingon websites I see out there. If the battle leader falls, the rest of the Klingons more or less grunt and get on with it."


"So, in other words, if we use this tactic, you're saying we can force the jews into defending Hitler?"

"Right! Take the so-called Holoco$t for example. What happens if I say publicly that Hitler was a failure, didn't measure up, wasn't evil enough, and all that?"

A grin came across Bruce's face. "If you publicly disown Hitler, that forces the jews to prove that Hitler was the very best at exterminating the jews, gassing gypsies, and all that."

"Right now the jews have their hands full simply convincing folks that the Holoco$t actually happened. The biggest part of the Holoco$t is the tenet that Hitler was the most evil of all evil, the baddest of all the bad, and most efficient of all the efficient."

"But if Nazis say that Hitler was a loser and wasn't good enough, that's really pissing on the jews' propaganda parade. Hitler doesn't work so well as the jews' Satan unless he's infallible. I mean if Hitler should be seen as Human and able to make mistakes, then the holoco$t religion begins to lose power."

After many interviews and other tasks, Sergeant Murphy came into the room. He walked over to Scott and Bruce - calling out with a loud command voice. "Nazis Anderson and Johnson! On your feet!" Scott Anderson and Bruce Johnson stood up. Sergeant Murphy began speaking again - softer but still loud. "Just because you two have Swastikas on your chests don't mean that you can get out of being Drafted. Because chances are, if you two are Drafted, they're going to put you in the thick of the fighting. All you Nazi bastards can expect to go to the front."

Although Sergeant Murphy tried to embarrass Scott, Scott loudly and defiantly responded to Sergeant Murphy. "I'd be proud to serve with other White racists. In fact, I only want to serve with those Whites who think that WHITES HAVE A RIGHT TO LIVE. I mean, if a White doesn't think he has a right to live, put his ass somewhere else! Hell, we can call it the Hitler Brigade in Sergeant Murphy's honor."

A White across the room called out - shouting. "I WANT TO JOIN THE HITLER BRIGADE!" Another and then another and then more called out for joining the Hitler Brigade. Even one of the fundamentalist Christians called out for the Hitler Brigade.

The opinions expressed are only my own - Proletariat.


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