Lessons for the Kids

by White Proletariat

13 November 2004

For the children, in these last several years, you've grown up way too fast. [The children are from nine to sixteen.] There are so many things I would have liked to have done with you. When I was your age, my father took me hunting in the mountains. He also took me fishing, and I remember getting up real early, say 3:00 in the morning, and driving for three or four hours to get to where the good fishing was. My father used to take my brothers, sisters, and I on long trips as well. All these things I wished to do with you, but one way or another, I've been cheated out of the opportunities. Such are our times.

For I tell you the truth. Of all the generations that have lived upon this earth, ours lives in the most dangerous and the most difficult times. In times past, man lived amongst his Wife, his Comrades, and his Children. All these have been taken from the men of our time. The man of today has to be far harder than any man that has ever come before or will ever come after. For such a man truly stands alone and must be prepared to be vigilant alone - such as me.

Many men are not like me, and you'll not see those kind stand alone. You can observe them by and by. They're the ones who have orders barked at them by their wives. Their lives are spent speaking useless chatter: the weather, sports, what some Hollywood harlot is saying, etc. They're the girly-men Hollywood tries to fashion you after. Hollywood tries real hard to force you into that girly-man mode. Instead of speaking, they go through life whimpering. They whimper to their bosses, they whimper to their wives, and they even whimper unto children such as you. And the more they whimper, the less they're respected. More and more, their wives seek out the love of beasts ONLY BECAUSE THEIR MEN WILL NOT ACT LIKE MEN.

Do you children remember your uncle? The uncle whose daughter gave birth to the shit-beast? I knew your uncle in the early days whilst his daughter was but a baby. I said unto your uncle that he should preach the color of his skin to his children, what it means to be born Human, and not to turn aside from the important task of serving Humankind. Do you know what your uncle's reply was to me?

Your uncle said that he was too busy working, that his family had always stuck with Humankind, and that there would always be time - later on. He once even stood beside me for a time for the good of Humankind, but by and by, he fell away. The excuses were always the same: the job, having to soften himself for the good of the kids, and having a good time. Now your uncle has a new shit-beast in his life. More than likely, he'll delude himself into thinking that he had wanted his daughter to give birth to shit-beasts all along.

I say unto you children that your uncle never had a chance of raising his daughter RIGHT simply because of one thing. Can you children tell me what that is? [The children raise their hands.] Your uncle behaved as a girly-man all of his life. By girly-man, I don't mean that he would have chickened out from fighting another man - oh no! I know of many men who would fight me to the death for a parking space at the grocery store, but these same men are deathly afraid of even acknowledging the color of their own skin. These are the type of men that are girly-men.

Do you know that your uncle once acted in such a disgusting manner? Let me tell you about it. Your uncle's ex-wife decided that your uncle was too fat and had to diet. Your uncle once went a week-and-a-half without eating meat. In order to please his ex-wife, your uncle would not eat meat. That was but one thing his ex-wife made him do. She had all kinds of rules and regulations that he had to follow, and he faithfully obeyed all the laws she had fashioned for him. If any man ever groveled, it was your uncle. What did your uncle get for all his efforts? [The children raise their hands but cannot contain themselves. The uncle got dumped for another man, and the next man likewise got dumped.]

Is there any creature more disgusting on this earth than a man groveling to a woman? Not even jews, negroes, and other beasts can compare in being as repulsive as a man groveling to a woman. Let your uncle's example be a lesson to what happens when a man grovels to a woman. Nature will always punish such folly in the end.

I have stood as a man MY CHILDREN for these years since I parted from your mother. Unlike other men, I shall not grovel. It might come to pass that you shall not see me, but I pledge you this: I will not be remembered by my children as being a beggar. I bow to no one, and if there is but one lesson I can impart to you it is that you shall remember me as a man should be remembered. I am both hard and unyielding, and for Humankind, I'll not back down an inch - ever.

Man was made to lead. Man must first lead himself, and only then, can he lead others - beginning with wife and children. When man knows this lesson, there is happiness and prosperity in the community. But when man forgets, misery and suffering always follow.

Do you children know what truth is? [The children answer that it's not holding back, not speaking lies, etc.] That is correct children, but truth is also much deeper than that. Truth is about accurately describing what is going on around you. That's truth. The wind blowing, an unmade bed, and a cloudy day are examples of the truth - when accurately described.

The reason I tell you children of the truth is because many men and women cannot handle the truth. Do you remember the Disney movies that talk about magic potions? [The children eagerly describe the movies, along with the potions.] In our world, alcohol and drugs are the magic potions, but these potions are not good. Men and women take these potions, because they're too afraid to accurately describe the world around them, so they take these magic potions to force their brains to shut-up. But you and I know that they're really cowards. ALL COWARDS ARE MERELY BEGGARS OF THE ENEMY. Cowards are but beggars that believe the enemy will spare them if they simply whimper loud enough. What happens if I drive my car with a blindfold? [The children all giggle.] I drive into a tree or something. All the children will think I'm stupid if I drive with a blindfold. Men and women who abuse drugs or alcohol are just as stupid as driving blindfolded. The truth, removing the blindfold, and seeing the tree will save your life.

There are only two things that I want out of you children. The first thing is that I desire that you wish to live. Grades and money and material things for you mean nothing to me. It is YOU wishing to live out today, plus the confidence that YOU WILL ALSO EMBRACE TOMORROW; that IS MY GREATEST DESIRE. FOR IF YOU DO NOT LIVE, ALL THAT YOU ACCOMPLISH WILL BE AS NOTHING.

My second wish is that you kids have Human children. If you children do nothing else in life but live a simple life and beget children, I'll be happy. My duty was having you for children. Your duty is to have Human children. Our forefathers sacrificed much for us to be here, and the decision for us to be White is not ours to make. Our forefathers were noble, renounced trashy women, and did right by their families. Your being here before me is proof enough that our forefathers did their duty. For that certain forefather could have easily squandered his money away on booze, drugs, and other such magic potions. But instead, they chose you, and they chose the truth! You are proof of that choice.

I speak nothing to you children that I expect you to keep secret - especially from your mother. I shall be hard, like that large stone out in the yard, regardless of what you choose to say to your mother, but I counsel you this: If you are patient and keep what I tell you to yourselves, for a time, you'll see the truth of my words come to pass. You will see for yourselves that I speak the truth, if you are patient. I shall not be disappointed if you tell your mother, and what you choose do, with what I tell you, shall be your first big lesson of your lives, and I'll let you think upon that.

To my daughters, do you know what your duty is? [The girls look but are unsure because of their age.] Your duty is to choose White and beget children. Your mother has been fixed so that she may not have more babies. Your mother left me because I chose to stand with Humankind, and I wish you to learn from her folly. She cannot be brave enough for the truth, and she can only find comfort in a booze bottle and cigarettes. True love eludes her. She desperately and foolishly thinks she can buy such love, but the only boyfriend she can afford also lives at the bottom of a booze bottle. Your mother is learning the wisdom of her foremothers the hard way: women, who mutilate themselves so they can't bear children, devalue themselves in the eyes of men. If you doubt me, go to any dating website, when you are older, and witness how all the blank women will beg and plead for the love of a man - any man. All the booze in the world cannot make the truth go away that your mother is simply a blank. While there are truly brave women that have vowed a life of chastity, for the good of Humankind, it is sad to say that your mother is not amongst them. Even these sterile racial sisters continue to hold out hope that your mother may one day act as a mother for Humankind.

To my sons, do you know what your duty is? [The boys also look unsure because of their age.] Your duty, my sons, is to lead. Before you can lead, you must surrender yourself to your purpose. I tell you the truth. If you should ever be in doubt as to what to do, do pushups! Embrace the hard way, as your forefathers did, and do not shy away from your duty. Whether you choose to do something or not do something, BE ABSOLUTE ONCE YOU'VE DECIDED. WHEN YOU CHOOSE TO DO SOMETHING, DO IT ABSOLUTELY WITH RUTHLESS PURPOSE OR ELSE DON'T DO IT ALL. Everything worth doing IS WORTH DOING with absolute ruthless purpose.

Men work! That's what men do! Those men who embrace work are the happiest of all men. Look at the girly-man your mother dates for example. He only goes through life because of flattery, manipulation, and begging. Instead of working, he drinks all day and sucks the lifeblood out of your mother. Does he not in fact act like a jew? A true man works and makes his own way in the world.

If I am taken from you children, there is but one history lesson that I wish you to learn. While there are people in history such as Adolf Hitler and Robert E. Lee, men such as these are not for you. Instead, I wish you to learn from Joseph Stalin and Ghengis Khan. I wish you to learn true hardness from them. It is true that one or both of them might not be Human, but I have yet to find an example from Humankind of the absolute ruthlessness that will be required in order for our people to live. May both Joseph Stalin and Ghengis Khan teach you about such dedication. A further lesson is that OUR ENEMIES HAVE NEVER FAILED TO EMPLOY SUCH RUTHLESS TACTICS AGAINST US. Learn this truth, and only choose Comrades who also embrace this very same truth.

I AM THE HAMMER. When such a hammer strikes an anvil, the sparks of victory will fly. The fiery, burning muscles will teach you that victory is at hand. It is not being hard that you must fear. Instead, BEWARE THOSE ANVILS THAT CANNOT WITHSTAND YOUR STRENGTH! I tell you the truth that I've yet to have an enemy defeat me. YOU HAVE MUCH MORE TO FEAR FROM WEAK COMRADES THAN STRONG ENEMIES.

If you are ever in doubt, do pushups! If you should go amongst older folks, only embrace those who praise the virtue of pushups, being hard, and being ruthless in the performance of your duties. For even if older folks can no longer do the pushups, Humankind expects them to fully cheer those who can. Take this wisdom, and go do your duty!


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