Letter from Cincinnati

by C. White

17 November 2004

I was sitting in a restaurant recently, enjoying my meal, and looked up and was reminded of where I was. Across from my restaurant was an empty shell where another restaurant used to be. But then niggers happened to it, welcome to Cincinnati.

I could write about noble nubian knights questing for justice in shoe stores but that's old history. Yesterday's arson is a tragedy but it pales compared to today's murder. Niggers are killing my neighborhood. In Cincinnati we have Section 8 - basically this means free or vastly reduced rent - and once you scrape all the PC shit off it mainly means niggers. Since they've destroyed their free government-provided homes and cannot seem to master that whole "get up and go to work and pay your own way" thing there's a new solution in place: since I'm smart enough not go to the ghetto, they've decided to bring it to me. Basically a few homes are bought in a once-middle-class area and Section-8 filth is moved in; you get the joys of inner city living brought to your front door!

I was quietly anonymus and happy for the first 1.5 years where I currently live but now it's different. Imagine just walking down the street and someone you've never even seen yelling profanities at you. Or maybe you're at a bus stop and some shitskin with his buddies pushing his face three inches from a book you are reading repeatedly to intimidate you. And the niglets barely get out of the way when you drive and look at you with undisguised hate. And there's trash everywhere, dozens of unsupervised bastards (and I mean that literally) out late, and my local area is five for five on 'hood businesses (check-cashing, a phone/pager store, a blood/plasma donation center, rent-to-own furniture, and instant tax refund).

A rare voice of sanity was from Terry Deters, an unforunately failed candidate for City Council "We've lost 150,000 residents in the last 32 years," he said. "People don't leave a place when they're satisfied or feel safe." "I go downtown and I see people -- they may be coming home from school, or on their way to or from work, and they may be very good people -- but they look exactly like the people I saw on the hood of the car last night on COPS. That's the perception."

To which some black moron replied, "Trust me, he's not talking about white folks. While I, at least, appreciate his honesty. Attitudes like his are the reason that Cincinnati is seen as one of the least progressive cities in the country when it comes to race. In fact, last year, the city moved up from 8th to 6th on the list of the most segregated cities in America."

If only this were true! The niggers burn the city, the cops started ignoring black crime so it wouldn't burn again and what did we get? Racial Utopia? Nope, a new record in homicides! From another candidate for City Council, "When I fight crime in neighborhoods, I don't see it as a black or white issue. People are dying," "We have 90 unsolved homicides in the city of Cincinnati, and most of them are black. Who's killing whom, and what are we going to do about it?" I dunno...start a free bullet program? And "most" by the way means a hell of a lot more than 51% in this case.

Some other moron said, "Crime is not the No. 1 problem in Cincinnati. Race and class are the No. 1 problem in Cincinnati," he said. Yeah no-class niggers. And it's so bad your can even find an article on the local paper's website:


But I'll spare you the PC horseshit and summarize. Basically whites notice more niggers and "unsupervised children loiter on street corners along Glenway and Warsaw avenue" (more on this later).

"Activists say that low-income tenants there are being shoved out to neighborhoods such as Price Hill, bringing the problems of poverty with them. Meanwhile, long-time Price Hill homeowners such as Patti Gaskins are leaving. Gaskins says changes - gunfire and nightly police sirens - so unsettled her that she had trouble sleeping through the night." "Gaskins, who works as a nurse and had lived in Price Hill for more than two decades, bought a home in Fort Wright last summer.

And any WN (or other sentient human being) knows "poverty" is just another bullshit excuse. Having three kids by three guys before you're 20 isn't caused by poverty. Hanging out with your loser druggie friends instead of learning to read isn't caused by poverty. Soap, shampoo, proper non-profanity English, cutting your grass, putting garbage in a garbage can, knowing where your kids are, and bus fare to work isn't expensive at all. Poverty is a lie. Poverty is an excuse. I've been poor and washed dishes and mopped floors and disposed of dead animals but every penny I made was mine. "Poverty" doesn't cause gunfire. Niggers do. Hell, even Mexicans are only a fraction or the problem and work ten times as hard (but seriously Pedro, go home).

"I really did believe things were going to turn around," Gaskins says, her eyes welling with tears.

"I just decided to leave, my tail between my legs."

It's okay Patti, me too. I'm moving. And it not just the weekly personal abuse and having to watch my neighborhood die either. It's two conversations.

The first took place when I was walking home and saw two whites searching is the grass. They were searching for a gun some kids were playing with. And I don't think you loaded caps into it. And for ten minutes we dared the impossible and three relative strangers had a real conversation about race. They have own their home and have lived there for a quarter century - proud and tough. I couldn't help but be impressed by the their courage in not leaving but in the back of my mind I'm hearing "Zimbabwe is coming."

My second conversation was with a cab driver who told me what an open air drug market Warsaw avenue has turned into, she mentioned 11 prostitutes and drug dealers busted. All black, all under 18.

Welcome to diversity. And Cincinnati Council just approved 500 more Section 8 garbage for Price Hill, and there's going to be a hearing on 1000 more. And if wherever you are if you don't find three "For Sale" signs per block I know one thing - you aren't in my neighborhood.

And as ugly as its current state is, Price Hill is going to get worse. I figure even more working whites and going to be replaced with section-8 freeloaders who will vote for idiots that will jack up taxes (that their constituents don't pay anyway) to drive into backruptcy any business that can survive the crime waves. And without white money to pay for streets, schools, and civilization in general....

...and it's time to go. I have money and a car I leave at a family member's house blocks away so it will survive longer than the vandalised vehicle (guess who!) I had before it. Time to call a few landlords, rent a van, and escape this zoo. I hear Kentucky's not so bad...


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