Media Notes

by The Crux

December 8, 2004

What follows is a gallimaufry of nutritious items carved out of the Jewish Question...

You wouldn't mix White kids with blacks unless you intended to place obstacles in the way of white kids' intellectual development, a placing jews would call "hate" crime if Aryans did it to their kids. Placing those obstacles is the real purpose of Brown. Better that you homeschool your tot.

It doesn't matter what the country, our jews destabilize it through CIA money or through smashing the local media and medical centers, the source of reports about what is actually going on as a result of American actions. Cockroaches, like jews, work best in the dark.


Pat Buchanan, Eternal Shyer... You know what happens to the rider of a horse that refuses to jump, don't you, White reader? Hello, Mr. Reeve. What Pat Buchanan is too Catholic to tell you is that the Republican party got jewed. Until the jews are rooted out of the country, and the West, nothing will change. There won't be any battle for the soul of the Republican party, that battle would have taken place twenty years ago, if there'd been anyone willing to fight on the side Buchanan pretends is his. The Republican party sold down the river, long ago, whatever conservative principles it ever represented. Like the father in "SLC Punk," Daddy Republican says, "I didn't sell out, son, I bought in." Bought in to what? To a brownskinned, socialist New World Order.

Buchanan says,

There is no conservative party left in Washington.

Who killed conservatism? The jews. Does Buchanan say this?


Buchanan's fundamental flaw is his insistence on interpreting standard jewish behavior -- pushing for global revolution and destroying dissenters in name and body -- in terms of traditional American conservatism. But you cannot understand the first in terms of the second. Jewish behavior is instinctive and tribal, 'pre-political,' some term it. Refusing to view our situation through any but the conservative-liberal lens leaves Buchanan blind to what is actually going on. Don't be a Buchanan, reader. Don't take the form for the substance. The jew may call itself a thousand things - a conservative, a communist, a liberal -- but it is always just one thing: a jew. And it only pursues one object: what's "good for jews." Understand this, and you have a Ph.D. in politics, and everything you need to evaluate controlled media reports.

Today, America lies in the palm of the jew, and what the jew says goes -- and those who disagree must be shot. Falluja -- Iraq -- America -- must be destroyed to be saved; must be reheated and reshaped in the jewish forge. Anything less would be antisemitism.

Either you accept your status as a consumer-slave in the jew-produced New World Order, or you're an anti-democratic hater, "unAmerican," and must be disposed of by any means necessary. Buchanan's age and religion prevent him from speaking the necessary truth. The truth Buchanan can not tell you, reader, is that race is more important than religion. There is no way out of our cultural quandry but identifying as Aryans, and driving through the jews who oppress us.

Buchanan says, To defeat a faith, you need a faith. Indeed. But that faith ain't Catholicism. The white race has moved on. The only believing Catholics you'll find in the world are coloreds in Africa. Only Kin-ism, only Race-ism can supply the fighting spirit to defeat the race controlling our government. Only race gets out race.

Race is instinctual; that is why the full powers of the controlled media are arrayed against it. No matter what the media say, no matter what the homosexual priest says, we all know what we think when we see a nigger. And that is the Truth that will never go away as long as a single Aryan carrier draws breath. Whites still refuse to mix with blacks, and continue to protect themselves from coloreds wherever it is legal and possible.

Free trade is a bright shining lie. Indeed. But free trade is the natural economic corollary of a political tyranny based on the lie that race does not exist, and which prevents men from acting on their disbelief. If one race of men is denied by law the right to protect itself physically and politically, then why should it be allowed to protect itself economically? Free trade is the natural economic system of a race-free, globe-spanning empire.

Pat Buchanan had the talent to be a Goebbels, but he didn't have the character. Goebbels wrote plainly, eloquently, about race and politics and media and jews. Read here to see the difference between a man and whatever Buchanan is. Goebbels' descriptions of the jews at the heart of the matter stand up so well that they offer better guidance from the 1940s than Buchanan can offer from the '00s. Buchanan always, but always, draws up short. He hasn't got what it takes to outline a path and lead his followers down it. Most of the top Nazis graduated from Catholicism to race-realism. That is one secret of their political success. Patrick Buchanan hasn't got the balls, the guts, whatever that certain something is made of. He and his followers will never free America from the jewish grip, whereas Goebbels and Hitler did free Germany. When you want to get something done, do you look to the man who's done it, or the man who talked about doing it, sort of? You'll know a revolution's in the offing when men like Buchanan are laughed at rather than listened to.

The jews control the media by ownership, by placing their number in huge proportions among the top editors, and by collaborating to suppress advertising in organs that might threaten to break from the Jewline. This is the cardinal political fact of America 2004. It is why everything you read, from Nome to Miami reads exactly the same.

Everything we say at VNN stands or falls on jews. If jews are not the evil we describe, then we truly are evil haters who ought to shut up. But we are not wrong. We are right. The Buchanans fail even to raise our issues, let alone address them. They are a motley collection of jews, Catholics, homos, and paleowimps. They use 'Nazi' as an epithet - in exactly the same way jews do. Then they wonder why things keep getting worse. Do you want to win? Join us Whites.

Do you want to lose? Join Pat Buchanan and the pallids.

Here's a long review of the future of neoconservatism, from Policy Review...

The best solution for the rest of us, for all non-jews, is for jews to go back to Israel. Jews will never do this, because they need to be among other peoples to practice their swindles. Israel exists to give them a place to flee. With their control over goy governments, the jews enact special double-citizenship double standards, giving them a bolthole. What a great system.

Some believe in God, some believe in government. Both faiths are groundless. The former is usually more dangerous. The realist knows that the best government can do is kill people, sometimes even the right ones.

An essential characteristic of that political liberalism was its faith that government intervention on a sufficiently large scale could solve, or at least ameliorate, the effects of the social problems of the day, especially poverty and racial discrimination.

Not a government alive can turn a nigger into a human. All it can do is enforce laws and ads promoting race-mixing, and penalize Whites who object.

What is neoconservatism? If it were a website, it would be: Just like /zionism or /communism or /liberalism.


Examples from a few minutes of half-hour Just Shoot Me:

- two guys flipping through fashion mag, discussing which models they'd sleep with
- mag cover tease: "Let your body do the talking"
- line of dialogue: "There was this jerk who hated me for no reason at all...Wait, i may have slept with his girlfriend..."
- line of dialogue: "Nina Van Horne? in high school i stared at her poster every night. Sometimes twice a night."

All sitcoms are more or less like this. Sex the only motivation, interest on anyone's mind, from eight to eighty. Deviant sex presented as normal. Promiscuity presented as normal. Not making sex top priority under any conceivable circumstance presented as deviant.


Old Navy tv ad: How do you buy for someone "who speaks a totally different language"? -- alluding to teenagers.

The concept that teens and adults need mediated through jew clothes shop; the concept that teens and adults speak different languages is a jew-enabling fiction aimed at setting class against class, and profiting from it politically and economically. Teens, as an absolute rule, are presented as walking cauldrones of hormones, in no way capable of controlling themselves. They are always interested in different fashion and reading and tv and music than their parents, and parents are never allowed to dictate their choices, which are portrayed as conforming to jew-manufactured notions of kewl and Semitically Correct.

TAC, Sept 27, 2004

On "Billionaires for Bush," group of libs who dress in pearls and tuxes, mocking preppy Bushies: I heard two women with pronounced Long Island accents (as in "The Nanny) observing, "they even look like billionaires, all WASP-y." In fact, old WASP money is about as influential in today's political process as wooden racquets are useful for winning the U.S. Open.

What does this description remind you of? Me, of Christians using 'secular hyoomanism' and 'atheist' to avoid saying 'jew.'


Esquire April 2004...jew Hilfiger multi-page layout featuring Bowie and dark wife...

Esquire joke: A woman was on a car trip in New Zealand. She sees this guy on top of a hill mucking with a sheep. She goes up to him with her camera and asks, "Excuse me, sir, are you shearing that sheep?" And he turns to her and he says, "Listen, lady, I ain't shearing this sheep with anyone."

Lauryn Hill has balls the size of grapefruits. In case you missed it, she recently poked her head out of self-imposed exile to deliver a tirade against pedophile priests -- while onstage at the freakin' Vatican. then she asked fans to pay $15 for a one-song online video that you could view only three times. And when a music-industry message board carried the thread "For $15, you can listen to Lauryn Hill's new song," one poster asked, "Does the $15 go to her or us?"

Food for thought for budding White artists:

Cheaper music means cheaper music. Literally. The only artists who don't lose from cheaper albums are the ones already doing the kind of volume where it doesn't matter -- big ol' lowest-common-denominator-pandering pop stars. And with cheaper music, only pop stars capable of that kind of pandering are going to get star-making marketing dollars out of their record companies. Any artist who doesn't fit into the usual mold stands in line for sloppy seconds. ... Yet there's already a precedent that shows we're willing to pay extra for musical quality. Rarely do you see the Rolling Stones', the Beatles', or Miles Davis's records discounted, but the catalogs of each are mainstays on the album-sales charts. Record stores know these are albums so satisfying that we're willing to pay full retail for them. Similarly, we're willing to fork over serious money for concert tours we believe will be serious entertainment. It wasn't long ago that we'd have balked at a $100 Elton John ticket. Now we realize that's what a full live set of shamelessly satisfying sing-alongs is going to cost.

Not just music. People are willing to pay top dollar to live among humans. They call it White flight. White self-protection or good taste might be more objective than the controlled-ubiquitous dysphemism.


Take for example Road House. This is a movie I love. But I don't love it because it's bad; I love it because it's interesting. Outside the genre of sci-fi, I can't think of any film less plausible than Road House. Every element of the story is wholly preposterous: the idea of Swayze being a nationally famous bouncer (with a degree in philosophy), the concept of such a super-violent bar having such an attractive clientele, the likelihood of a tiny Kansas town having such a sophisticated hospital, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. Every single scene includes at least one detail that could never happen in real life. So does that make Road House bad? No. It makes Road House perfect. Because Road House exists in a parallel reality that is more fanciful (and more watchable) than The Lord of the Rings. The characters in Road House live within the mythology of rural legend while grappling with exaggerated moral dilemmas and neoclassical archetypes. I don't feel guilty for liking any of that. Chuck Klosterman, from article debating concept of guilty pleasures. (Esquire November 2004)

I agree, "Road House" is better than the LOTR yawners. Fewer orcs, funnier lines: "I used to fuck guys like you in prison!" "Next time you decide to bring a pet, keep it on a leash." "Be nice....Until it's time not to be nice."

Esquire (November 2004) interview with Angelina Jolie:

The media report things in certain ways. They know exactly what they're doing. Like in Darfur, Sudan, they say that the violence is Arabs against blacks. You read this and you get a certain picture in your mind. But the truth is, on both sides, the people all look exactly the same! Most people don't realize this. It's significant.

It is. The misrepresentation helps jews make their case that Islamics are responsible for the actions of niggers, and helps make the case in the average Christian idiot's mind that the only good Muslim in the "Middle East" is a dead Muslim.

Oliver Stone (same issue):

I've been out of the country for seven of the last fourteen years. ... It gives you an interesting perspective on America. I was in Morocco during the Iraq war, and also in Cuba, Thailand, France, and England. I read the newspapers from back home, and I read the papers where I was. The difference was devastating. I was appalled and saddened by the coverage I was in America, because the people were really being shielded and insulated from the truth. It was extreme. It was an absolute travesty.

Related to men and divorce and the jewing of courts...

I had houses, ranches, women, children -- a lot of things. Everything went out in the divorce. It was a typical California divorce, very punitive, which destroys the ability of the income earner to really recoup a life.

ON ESQUIRE The magazine is senile-puerile, aimed primarily, it seems, at educating the reader into becoming a fit customer of the companies buying the ads that take up half the space in the magazine. Are expensive watches, shoes, suits, and cars necessary? Even the fiction, or especially the fiction, is McInerny-full of brand names. We reviewed two issues, this Notes. April, 150 pp.; November, 196 pp. Ads made up just about exactly half of the April issue, and just about the same in November, 93/196. That's not counting various articles that are at least as much about product placement than the editorial itself.

Magazines cost a lot of money to produce. Esquire only charges about $10 a year to subscribers. We don't subscribe, as we can check it and other mags out from local library. The cost of the publication is subsidized by the ads. The publishing industry that produces fare such as Esquire is located in New York. It's really only possible to get something like Esquire going with big heaps of advertisers, writers, publicity agents in cab distance. Only in New York does this matrix exist, although it exists too, to a lesser extent, in D.C., due to vast amounts of government-stolen money and foundations.

Consider what jew Gottfried, former employee, says about the late The World and I, a publication formerly put out by the Sun Myung Moonies. By publication I mean, a near-thousand-page monstrosity I never actually saw anyone reading on the street. Can you imagine how much it cost to print such a thing? And this without 1/100 of the high-paying ad base of an Esquire.

Jew Gottfried points out that The World and I, like the Washington Times itself, was owned by Moonies, typed by a bunch of neocons. They needed someone to pay their salaries, but don't think that earned Korean Moon any loyalty. The neokahns mocked him privately, even as they accepted his paychecks. When someone better came along -- ~jew Murdoch -- the neo-commies took off, and their mockery of their former boss went public.

Says jew Gottfried: "...a striking disconnect existed between the world in which the Korean church elite and their multinational following were immersed and the neoconservative jounralists who predominated at Insight and the Washington Times. While the latter were busy networking with "Norm," "Midge," and "Irving," and referred to the ungainly John Podhoretz, who worked at the Times and later Insight, as "Norman's son," the Unificationists were absorbed in theology.

Note this too: In 1987, the American Spectator brought out a diatribe against the "theocratic socialism" and mind-control that it accused the Reverend Moon of practicing. This came at a time when the well-wishers of that neoconservative magazine were working and writing for the Washington Times Corporation. No attempt, to my knowlege, was mad by the Unificationist leadership to require its staff to sever relatoins with those who were taunting them. The most negative thing that I heard church members say about the American Spectator was that they were sorely "disappointed."

Fox News's recent unsubstantiated statement that Moon, "claimed that the Jews started the Holocaust," exemplifies more of the same kind of bullying. It shows once again that neoconservatives love to hate the man who was their most generous benefactor before the arrival or Rupert Murdoch. Having received from the Australian press magnate more and bigger goodies, including a TV network, and without the same social embarrassment, neoconservatives can afford to lace into their old sugar daddy. On July 4, the Weekly Standard ran a spoof about Moon's coronation at the Dirksen Building taken from the Washington Post under the title "Not a Parody."

Perhaps these latest assaults were also partly occasioned by the recent decision to euthanize Insight and The World and I. Both provided money and jobs to neoconservative publicists, and it has been argued that Moon turned on his former beneficiaries in a fit of pique or because he really believes that the predominantly Jewish neoconservative recipients of his favors are Christ-killers. In "The Divine Principle," Jews are held responsible for the death of Christ, but since Christ in this text is seen as a relative underachiever and since Moon (to all appearances) is a more fully actualized deity, the collective stigma would not appear to be particularly grave. Moreover, the Washington Times has always supported the Israeli Right, and the commentary section features impassioned advocates of Sharon almost exclusively. If Fox News is correct that Moon does not like Jews, he has hidden his prejudice well.

Certainly this is not the first time that the reverend and his circle have done something out of the ordinary. In the late eighties, when abrasive wars of succession broke out among his disciples, the Washington Post played up these spats, but the neoconservative press kept away from the story. There were then still limits as to how far it would go to humiliate the Moonies while so many neoconservative jobs depended on the reverend's munificence. The Weekly Standard's reprinting of the Washington Post's derisory remarks about Moon can allay any fear that the minicons are still indulging their old sponsor. By now the "Messiah" is coming to resemble the medieval useless king. Those who had to eat at his table can despise him openly, without having to spit up his food.

There you have it - the loyalty of jews does not extent outside the boundaries of the synagogue or eretz. They scarcely even bother to conceal their snarling hatred for you, even when you're paying them to sing your tune. They have their own agenda, and if they argue among themselves, they know that they must turn as one on anybody who threatens to displace their power. By "they" we mean "jews," and by "their agenda," we mean whatever is currently "good for jews."

The most vicious folks of all are the moralizers, a truth long known. Read this account of feelings inspired by leadup to firebombing of Hamburg. Who are the worst moralizers? First jews. They claim they're gods, everyone else is cows. Then Puritans. They're good, and everyone else is evil. Read the jewish Bible, then read Twain and Mencken. Note the difference in temperament, the difference in tone. The former are for low people and their Masters; the latter are for men.

ST. PAULI GIRL ad: "Lots of girls have morals. But only one has the German Purity Law. Pic of two white girls with a white guy and black guy on either side of them. (Nov 2004)

Ad trends: few things are worse than midwestern commercials featuring the kids of the owners being cute.

If you were watching tv in November 2004, you'd see... Attack trends in advertising (it is considered graven law in journalism that three examples constitutes trend):

- MacDonald's' ostensibly funny "step away from the chicken" ads, fought against by Subway and their fatboy slim Jared, who's definitely staying away because MacDonald's' chicken dish has more fat than Subway's.

- Budweiser launches "fresh" campaign, emphasizing its beer is brewed fresh. As is every other brew in America, counters Miller, with ads showing football refs calling fouls on Budweiser: "You can't flag the King!" The refs replace Bud with Miller, which their tests show has better taste. Within a few weeks, Bud responds with ad showing cops busting refs, who confiscated the Bud...for their own drinking pleasure....Clever response. The back and forth is every bit as substantive as the Bush-Kerry campaign, but funny too.

Note the first time occurrence we've ever seen, in this Miller replacement series, of the mocking of non-white masculinity. The Mexican Hector, on beach blanket with "Tina," his spic girlfriend, commits foul by giving her inferior beer. The ref says something about Hector having inordinately hot girlfriend who will require further review. He sits down next to her and she blows his whistle, while Hector, like a thousand other white guys in ads, sits by, impotently remonstrating. Very interesting. We've never seen the colored gelded like that in a commercial before. Check your watch: Fall 2004...

- NetZero spoofs AOL ad in which woman/mother/customer hops up on corporate boardroom table to demand X, Y, and Z services free, and AOL says, you got it. You got same from NZ, but for $10/month vs. $25. Side note that in the AOL ad, the baby-toting woman without a thought dumps her baby in the arms of a black man before saltating onto the boardroom table. Honey chile, nigs don't even care about their own kid, much less yours. But in teleworld, nigs are responsible.

Coverage of VNN's distributions of #1 and #1a of The Aryan Alternative at Truman State and around Kirksville...

A 12-page issue full of good material, what's the headline? "Tabloid degrades minorities." Imagine a headline: "Tabloid degrades white people." What isn't allowed to exist, may be abused freely. And really, that denial that whites exist is the bottom of the problem. Whites are only allowed to exist as repositories of historical guilt, and as the class against which it is legally acceptable to discriminate. Whites are scapegoats, loaded with all the hatred, lies, and blame the jews who produce our society can heap on them.

The extent to which the young are brainwashed is remarkable. It never occurs to them to see things in other than conventional terms, especially when they "rebel" in ways manufactured profitable and non-toxic by the Judenpresse. You can't reject the System until you understand the System, and its foundations. The cement, better sand, on which ZOG, its Propasphere, and the Judeo-System are founded is the lie of human equality. Race-does-not-matter is the undiscussed assumption of all broadly disseminated media in America 2004. That this assumption is demonstrably untrue doesn't matter. Truth is the loudest lie, at least as long as the truth lacks effective champions. That white men are wiped out in nations built on this Big Lie that race does not exist doesn't get reported. Thus, a paper with a first-hand report about a family being racially cleansed from Zimbabwe is dismissed as "hate." No matter how much evidence, humor, and cleverness you put in, the jew and the brainwashed always dismiss the end product as "hate" if the writer includes criticism of jews or coloreds.

The reporter in this case, Whitney McFerron, editorializes practically from word one: "Many students waiting in line to see Ralph Nader Wednesday night got a nasty surprise..." We didn't see anybody who was unhappy to receive the publication. Our handout included a letter Nader wrote to the ADL, which is a nice appetizer leading up to the live speech, as well as a great paper thrown in for post-speech perusal. But the facts don't matter next to McFerron's opinion.

Next there's this, a quotation from a jewess TSU professor advising Kirksville High School on their production of "Fiddler on the Roof": "One of the students said the scary thing is that he seemed just like a normal guy doing it." This is the natural result of allowing jewish "educational" materials to be visited on Aryan children. They believe that anyone distributing factual information ought to look like a monster. The child who spoke these words has been brainwashed. There's no other word for it. He is the victim of child abuse, which none dare name, as it is the desired outcome of the official system.

The public school system brainwashes White children into believing that they have no interests, and that anyone who says they do is a hater. The public system instructs innocent Aryan children to identify with the jew who uses and oppresses them, and teaches them to regard those who fight that oppression as evil incarnate.

BREAK: As we write, ABC reports on a school system that has changed the words of a carol. The kids sing no longer "We wish you a Merry Christmas," but "We wish you a Happy Holiday..." No, there's no brainwashing here; Christian kids denied the right to sing "Merry Christmas, but encouraged to sing the many songs of the jewish musical, "Fiddler on the Roof" rural America...with a jew advising them...inside a public school. No, there's nothing to see here, folks, it's just all "hate" on our part.

According to the jewess professor, the kids were ready to burn the copies of The Aryan Alternative in a bonfire. Of course, the same jewess also said the cops picked up the papers, which the cops told me us no uncertain terms they did not.

Two basic observations about what passes for journalism today continue to hold: 1) there are Official Guidelines for treating any politically sensitive story. These guidelines are never bucked. Anybody defending Whites in any way, shape, or form is by definition a hater. 2) The corollary is that because this defender of Aryans is morally indefensible, the facts about him and his publication and his true motivations need not be considered, and the journalist may freestyle abuse as fits her aesthetic.

Kirksville Dailly Express, Dec. 2, 2004, reports on a case of whooping cough. Noting there have been more cases than usual in Northern Missouri and Southern Iowa of late, a nurse says "We have never had it to this extent." No mention of the race of the Kirksville carrier. There's a good chance the infectious agent is a Mexican invader.

Toby "Tell your mom to pack something better tomorrow" Keith, got to give him credit for decent duo with duaghter, on crappy song "Mockingbird." Note this about how the world works: just like Bach, Keith looks to create a family tradition. The quicker you develop specialized skills extending natural talents, the better positioned you are to develop generations-long success-niches for your kin. Putting you in better position to help your neighborhood, your community, and your race. You can't develop these skills while watching tv.

TAC: Bin Laden's genius has been to focus the Muslim world on specific U.S. policies. He's not, as the Ayatollah did, ranting about women who wear knee-length dresses. He's not against Budweiser or democracy. The shibboleth that he opposes our freedom is completely false, and it leads us into a situation where we will never perceive the threat.

In terms of popularity, it would be difficult to underestimate the growth in popular support across the Muslim world. Bin Laden has identified six specific U.S. policies that appeal to the anger of Muslims: our unqualified support for Israel; our ability to keep oil prices within a tolerable range for consumers; our support for people who oppress Muslims, i.e., Russia in Chechnya, India in Kashmir, China in Western China; our presence on the Arabian Peninsula; our military presence in Iraq and Afghanistan; and finally our support for Muslim tyrannies from the Atlantic to the Indian Ocean.

People say we are going to do public diplomacy -- magazines for Muslims. Well, as long as Al-Jazeera is broadcasting from Gaza and the West Bank live, 24 hours a day, no one is going to listen to the Americans.

Note how this ties in to the Guardian piece up top: the U.S. learns from its mistakes: the first thing we do, let's kill all the free reporters and the doctors treating the collateral damaged. If an Iraqi is maimed in the forest and nobody reports on it...does it really happen? No, says the jew WHO CONTROLS YOUR COUNTRY, YOU STUPID FREE-REPUBLIC-READING, O'REILLY-LISTENING IMBECILE.

More, and pay attention movement Aryans, try to spot parallels:

...Bin Laden has a genius: he has the only organization of its kind in the Muslim world. He has Muslims from multiple ethnic groups and they work together with a lot of friction, but they work together effectively. We've watched the Palestinians for 45 years. They are all Palestinians, and they can't go across the street together. Without bin Laden, al-Qaeda initially will lose some of its cohesiveness because of his very genuine credentials as a leader, but al-Qaeda is now a very mature organization. It is into its second generation of leadership, and the second generation seems to be more professional and businesslike. They're quieter. (8/02/04)

Raimondo, "The Imperial Personality" (TAC, 8/02/04): The imperialistic personality -- reflexively aggressive, unbearably conceited, extravagantly self-deluded -- is really a form of mental illness. It is clearly visible in Sabrina Harman's manic glee as she posed next to a mutilated corpse, in the demented delight Charles Graner obviously took in his "work" as he piled naked detainees in a human pyramid, in the manic malevolence of Lynndie England's on-camera antics. We are told the madness was confined to the rank-and-file, but the evidence, as it comes out in the testimony Jordan, Reese, and others, indicates otherwise.

You're myopic, Raimondo. The point is not these low-level morons letting their state-sanctioned sadist run wild, but the paranoid jews who control them. Schizophrenia and paranoia are more or less endemic in the jewish gene. Jews believe they're Napoleon, and our world is their free-range insane asylum. We'd prefer to be ruled by the fellow who thinks he's a chicken.


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