The Jew From Close Up

by Nathaniel Taylor

11 September 2004

As far back as I can remember I have always known in my heart that the Jew "friends" I had and their families consistently shared characteristics. The dark memories and experiences I have been through involving Jews is certainly a part of my life that has produced many mixed feelings, but on the good side it has made me a more socially conscious person, has taught me certain truths, and has given me a blissful sense of comfort in knowing that I am the antithesis of what lies in most Jews' hearts. My mother always taught me never to hurt another, for one day it will come back to haunt me. When she was alive she taught me honesty, the joy that sharing and giving brought, doing charity, helping the blind or disabled, being a brother to a young kid from a broken home. She also taught me an awareness of evil; not to succumb to lusts and desires of greed, or to become deceptive, callous, cold-hearted, envious, money-minded or power hungry. Pretty much the opposite of how the vast majority of Jews go about their daily lives, and what takes up their thoughts. As my Christian youth group leader showed me to confirm my beliefs from the experiences I had with Jews, the Jews are still the same seed of the serpent, and still up to the same tricks that they were using in the days when Jesus identified them, cursed them, and denounced them.

I remember back in 3rd grade once when we were out on the playground playing basketball. Like four or five Jews started laughing in my direction. I went over and asked what was up and they were pointing at my sneakers and laughing. I had no idea what was up so I looked down at my new converse kicks then saw they all had the new in fashion $100 reebok pumps on. They started calling me scruff and when I asked what their problem was, they just said "you're poor" and then proceeded to laugh like a gang of hyenas. The Jew girls that were there too were also laughing which infuriated me at the time because the school was mainly full of Jews and news spread fast that they had reeled in a new fish to fry by criticizing me because I did not have as much money as them. I noticed that many Jews would just look at me and laugh in the days to follow because I wasn't as rich as them. The Jews treated the non Jews like pieces of trash. Of course there were a few non-Jews who were also rich and hung around with the Jews, but mainly they would gang up on any non-Jew from a poor background. Nobody else but these filth seemed to even notice. I was quickly realizing that what was important to them, what they talked about most and cherished most, was material things of high cost, glamour, glitz, hot cars, etc. God were they arrogant, inconsiderate bastards. They were very clannish, disruptive in class, racist and uncaring. When a teacher asked what everyone thought about the meaning of Christmas, I answered from my heart saying that for me it was a time to give to others, embrace in love at that magical time of year, visit a homeless shelter or go on a midnight run with the church, just do something special for somebody who may have been having a rough time lately and could really use a helping, loving, generous, and kind act. I felt great as I was saying this, it really felt as if it was the right and good thing to believe in my heart, what the other kids should hear. What happened next came as a shock and utter feeling of embarrassment. This one little arrogant cunt burst out laughing, the rest of the Jews followed suit, a couple rolled their eyes, the girls snickered. There were about 14 of them from what I remember. What in the world was so funny about what I said?

My father worked for the daughter of a high figure in the Federal Reserve who was a Jew. Our family lived on the estate of this woman where my father worked as the gardener, groundskeeper, estate manager, driver, electrician, and helped with any other odd jobs that needed doing. He worked his ass off, insane hours, always tired and was paid beans for it. He always felt his work went underappreciated, like she put it into his mind that SHE was doing him a favor, always nitpicking, and finding the smallest thing to bitch about after a great job well done. She always found something, and actually got pissed when she couldn't find anything to bitch about, and would bring up things from the past. Typical Jew. Don't appreciate "fuck all," and certainly do not understand the concept of gratuity, need I mention all the other characteristics?

For a while I just thought it was a few Jews but the more I met, the same characteristics would show up on a consistent basis in every one of them. But back to my father. Like I said he sacrificed most of his life providing and caring for this woman, always treating her like gold, like a slave would a master. He showed incredible strength in shrugging all the negativity off, sometimes it got him down, but he had a family to love and care for, and the things she was doing, my father knew were from how she was raised, what was in her blood, and what she practiced and believed in. My father had a great heart and would not let this defeat him or drive him into being a disgruntled worker. So check this out. 17 years on the job he spent like a slave doing everything she asked, then more. What does she give him in her will before our family has to pack up and find somewhere else to live after 17 years? Does she set my father up with a new job? A year's worth of pay? No. 2,000 dollars. A measly 2,000 dollars. Oh yeah silly me, I forgot to mention that she was a multimillionaire.

When Hanuka (excuse the spelling) came around and it became a part of class discussion, the Jews would be in a frenzy drooling at the idea of 7 days of high-cost material presents. That's their holy cherished time for you. They would come in each day showing off whatever they got, it was like a contest amongst themselves to see who had the most expensive gift while the rest of us looked on in disgust. Sometimes it was a sense of jealousness, but then the truth came. They needed flashy things of high cost to keep them happy or from having fits; we had our fellowship, friendship, love, imaginations, games, and a good book to keep us happy.

You see, to become a part of their crowd, or to even get a sniff of respect from them you needed to come from a rich family, have a big house, act like a wise ass and be disruptive, or kiss their asses. They shared the same characteristics, those my mother taught me to stay away from. Many, many other incidents occurred to teachers and students, most I have blocked out of my memory. If the Jews complained about a teacher and he didn't have tenure? Goodbye. This usually occurred when a teacher would stand up against the disruptive chatter and giggling, or the wise cracks, the complete disrespect. These people have no pity, no shame, and are downright hateful.

That's all I have to say for now. I'll share more experiences as they come to me.


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