Young Swedish Nationalist Murdered by Immigrants

by Meister Eckehart

13 September 2004

The night between Saturday and Sunday the 14-year-old white boy James Waite was stabbed to death by a gang of immigrants north of Swedish capital Stockholm. Waite had participated in a barbecue with his friends when he on the way home met his assassins, a group of five to seven immigrant youths. "Are you a Nazi?" one of them asked young James. "Yes," he replied, whereupon he was assaulted, stabbed several times in the chest, one blow piercing his heart. He later bled to death on the way to a children's hospital.

The Jew-owned media in Sweden have tried to defuse what really happened, referring to the fight as a "racist gang fight" between skinheads and immigrants, in some cases not even informing that a "racist" was the victim. Some have used deliberate deceptive phraseology such as "several racists were at the scene where the murder took place," not mentioning the ethnicity of either victim or perpetrators. Some media stories report that one immigrant youth received a knife wound, "forgetting" to mention that he received it by mistake from another knife-wielding immigrant. The whole "gang fight" smokescreen also conceals the fact that Waite and his girlfriend were the only people at the scene apart from the immigrants.

Four years ago 17-year-old nationalist Daniel Wreström was brutally murdered by immigrants who battered him for a long time before cutting his throat. The heinous deed caused an outrage among Swedish nationalists who in short notice summoned well over 1000 people to march in honor of his memory. The march has become an annual event in protest of the anti-White violence in Swedish society. Last year over 2000 nationalists participated.

Today a memorial ceremony gathered almost 300 nationalists at the scene of Waite's murder, showing their respect for the young boy and their fury at the murderers and the political establishment whose policies are responsible for the destructive conditions in this country. Next weekend yet another march will take place, expected to assemble far greater numbers of people from all over the country.

Today all nationalists should give a moment of thought to White and his near and dear. We also must understand that though this incident in itself is a reason to act and to manifest our indignation, we must act and manifest every day to throw off the yoke holding us down as a people. A young boy shouldn't have to pay with his life for us to understand that.

Meister Eckehart
Nationalsocialistisk front


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