The Real Racists

by Edgar Steele

30 August 2004

He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster...when you gaze long into the abyss, the abyss also gazes into you. --- Friedrich Nietzsche, 1878

The tactics of smear almost always tell us that the smear's target has offered facts and arguments that can't be answered on their merits - and the only way to answer them at all is to attack the person who brings them up in the first place. --- Sam Francis, "The Knives are Out for Harvard Immigration Critic," VDARE Internet essay March 24, 2004

If the races are so equal, why do racial disparities exist in so many areas? "Racism" is the glib and easy answer offered by both knee-jerk liberals and conservatives throughout the world. It's become an article of faith. An unquestioned and unquestionable mantra.

Economic and academic racial disparities in America have become bootstrapped by conventional wisdom into serving as proof of pernicious White racism. Notice that this conclusion absolutely requires the assumption that all races are identically capable.

"Blacks suffer crime, poverty and illiteracy much more than Whites. Whites are predominantly in charge of American society (wrong, actually, if one views Jews as being a race apart from Whites, precisely as do the Jews, themselves). Therefore, Whites must be responsible." Thus goes the logic.

As we have seen, that is wrong. Otherwise, athletics would be a lily-White affair at all levels, whereas the reality is exactly opposite.

Why does racism seem to be so unevenly applied, if conventional wisdom holds true? Why do Asians do so well academically and economically, though the virulent White supremacist sneers at them with a contempt equal to that held for all other non-White races?

No explanation other than White racism is allowed, else we are drawn inevitably to the doorstep of admitting that racial differences exist.

Why is it so hard for the politically correct to admit seeing the obvious racial differences? Is it because they believe such differences necessarily create racial pecking orders whereby some races are inherently inferior to others? If so, and this seems the only logical reason, then just who are the real racists around here?

Consider the last paragraph carefully. In fact, go back and read it again. I'll wait right here for you.

How ironic. The very people who decry racism in those who readily acknowledge the existence of racial differences actually are the ones possessed of illogical racial attitudes. They are the real racists.

This vitally-important concept deserves restatement: The politically correct refuse to acknowledge racial differences because they believe that such differences would be proof of racial inferiority. They refuse to see differences as being merely different. Theirs is a singularly racist outlook because of the negative implication they insist upon applying to racial differences.

Those who deny racial differences have painted themselves into a corner. If ever they accede to the overwhelming proof of racial differences, then they immediately become the very racists about whom they complain so loudly. That is why they are stuck and unable to accept the overwhelming proof of racial differences, though their position so clearly is lost.

However, the politically correct show they know the real score by the manner in which they handicap races they consider to be superior with such devices as affirmative action, quotas, profiling and diversity programs.

Golfers play with handicaps so as to make their routine game more competitive. Golf handicapping readily acknowledges the ability of some players to play the game better than others. Handicapping makes games like golf more competitive and, therefore, more enjoyable. Handicapping in life merely is unfair for those held back while the less deserving take their places in line.

New America. An idea whose time has come.


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