A Bush in the Hand is as Worthless as Two Johns

by Edgar Steele

1 November 2004

"Doctor, my eyes
Tell me what is wrong
Was I unwise to leave them open for so long?"

-- Doctor My Eyes, Jackson Browne, from the album Jackson Browne (Elektra/Asylum Records, Jan. 1972)


Don't vote.

Anybody but Bush.

Anybody but Bush or Kerry.

Yes on no.

The voices, Doctor. The voices won't stop. I see dumb people. They're everywhere. They walk around like everyone else. They don't even know that they're dumb. The voices. Please, Doctor, can't you make the voices stop?

I wasn't going to write anything more before the election, but I can't stop myself. Call it a weakness.

As loyal followers of this list know, I steadfastly have advocated voting against all Republicans and Democrats during tomorrow's election (with the possible exceptions of Tancredo and Paul, but then I haven't checked to see if they voted yes on that unanimous Global Anti-Semitism Act abomination or were conveniently absent during the roll call) and for every Constitutional Party candidate (Libertarian or independent if there is none for a given position), starting with Peroutka for President.

I've read a few articles by others arguing that not voting is our duty. That voting amounts to collaborating with the enemy. Somehow, not voting is supposed to show our disdain for the system. Proves we won't play along...or something. These people miss the point altogether. By even participating in the discussion, they "play along."

Those who say "Don't vote" seem not to understand that the meatballs who assume office will wield power over nonvoters as surely as they will over the people who voted them in. You may not be interested in voting, but the results of voting are interested in you, to paraphrase one of our oppressors' heroes: Leon Trotsky.

One could, and should, as easily say that those who urge others not to vote are, themselves, "collaborators." Like it or not, they do the very thing about which they complain: use the system in a vain attempt to change the system. And the action they urge - inaction, actually - aids the opposition! If they truly meant what they say, they would be out blowing up transmission towers, not trying to win hearts and change minds. They are hypocrites.

Voting, I have argued, is a duty, since not voting actually helps our oppressors legitimize their victory. Not voting increases their margin of victory, you see.

Lessee now. The US population officially is about 290 million people. The Census Bureau says that 111 million voted in the 2000 Presidential election, which means that 38% of the population voted last time around (the rate goes way down in all other elections). More importantly, only 59% of those eligible to vote (185 million), actually did so. Now, Bush didn't even get the majority of votes, as some may recall - Gore did (Bush - 47.9%, Gore - 48.4%). Bush's 47.9% times the 59% who are eligible to vote is 28%, which means that something over 50 million people voted for Bush. 17% of Americans decided who got to be President last time. 17%.

Think about it. Of all those eligible to vote, substantially more than twice the number of people who gave us Bush don't even bother to vote.

Do you see why minority blocks, such as Jews, Blacks and Hispanics, get such lavish attention at election time? They vote cohesively, early and often. We - descendants of those who gave so much to establish this country - can't be bothered. "It doesn't make a difference." We "make a statement" by not voting. What crap (rhymes with "splat" - I love words that sound like what they describe)! What boobs we have become!

If you haven't yet rented and seen both "Fahrenheit 9/11" and "911 In Plane Site," you must do so tonight. Since "911 In Plane Site" is so hard to come by, click here to download a copy. Nobody who watches these two videos will ever vote for Bush.

Given how great is my antipathy for Bush, it will be interesting to see if I can keep FROM voting for Kerry tomorrow once my hand is on the levers. Of course, I would never admit that I did so. After all, it took me years to admit that I voted for Reagan (both times!), but that was when I viewed politics as a way to meet girls.

For balance, here's an on-line link to "Stolen Honor," the video that exposes John Kerry's record of betrayal during and after the Vietnam era: WMV video. Nobody who watches this video will ever vote for Kerry.

Warning: Watching any of the three videos just mentioned can be extremely hazardous to your preconceptions.

If you haven't or won't watch the foregoing, rent "Pacific Heights," starring Michael Keaton as the tenant from Hell. Imagine America as the unsuspecting couple that rents out the downstairs apartment. Guess who the tenant represents? For extra points, also rent the low-budget "They Live," starring Rowdy Roddy Piper (yes, the wrestler) and guess who "they" are. Then go vote.

Vote like your son's life depends upon it. My son's life does depend upon it because he will be draftable in less than two years. Believe me when I say the inevitability of a draft under either Bush or Kerry dictates the way I vote. For an extended and graphic explanation, listen to my speech to the Sacramento Zundel Revisionist Conference this past Spring by clicking here (RAM) for streaming Real Audio or here to download and listen to it via Windows' Media Player - some in the audience were openly weeping during the guided imagery portion.

If we all got out and voted our true conscience tomorrow, rather than opting for the lesser of two evils, we could change America overnight, despite the rampant vote fraud that will take place. They would have to install the guy we agreed to vote for, despite the inevitable and widespread vote fraud. But, I agree - we won't. Can you say, "Baaaaaaaaa?" Sounds like "Baaad," boys and girls. Tomorrow we will work on "Aiieeeeeee," which sounds like "die."

New America. An idea whose time has come.


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