by Edgar Steele

27 October 2004

"They (the Jews) work more effectively against us, than the enemy's armies. They are a hundred times more dangerous to our liberties and the great cause we are engaged in ... It is much to be lamented that each state, long ago, has not hunted them down as pests to society and the greatest enemies we have to the happiness of America." -- George Washington, America's first President, Maxims of George Washington by A. A. Appleton & Co.

This is my favorite part of the four-year Presidential election cycle: with just a handful of days to go, the disinformation, rumors and conspiracy theories reach critical mass, exploding much faster than the eye can possibly follow:

Bush is going to invade Iran...Russia is sending a fleet with anti-ship missiles to sink the American navy in the Persian Gulf...Russia has supplied Iran with anti-ship missiles (presumably to sink the American navy in the Persian Gulf)...America's entire invasion force is about to be taken hostage in Iraq...Osama bin Laden, kept in hiding at Gitmo for so long, will be produced and claimed to have just been captured...Dubya will resign and Cheney will assume the Presidency, declare martial law and cancel the election...The draft is about to be reinstated...Women are being added to combat units in Iraq...Saddam Hussein is still alive and at large; we have one of his body doubles in jail...the concentration camps for American dissidents are being readied...Planet X is just rounding the Sun and all of Earth's volcanoes will erupt in unison, due to the massive gravitational pull...

What a distraction, huh? That's probably why you missed the fact that, just a few days ago, both houses of Congress unanimously passed "The Global Anti-Semitism Review Act," which charges the US State Department with monitoring and combating anti-Semitism wherever it may occur, anyplace...that is, as in anyplace on the face of the earth. No public input was sought. No public discussion took place. Unanimous. As in every single one of those reprehensible boobs that we elected! Yet another thing you should keep in mind while punching out those chads on November 4.

Now, it is bad enough that it has become official American policy to "combat anti-Semitism" anywhere. But everywhere? Sometimes, it seems like just a few of us are paying attention anymore. Would you please increase my Thorazine drip, nurse? I seem to be much too awake and the pain is more than I can bear.

Even the State Department itself opposed this legislation, which will come as a shocker to those who follow such things. After all, the US State Department has been firmly in the grip of Jewish hands since before the time of Henry Kissinger. The only rational explanation is that some Jews are becoming afraid of provoking a backlash as a result of the Zionist clampdown now taking place. Be still, my beating heart. If only...

However, I have learned to take my first position on anything these days by first determining how the Zionists feel (that's Jewish Supremacists to those who don't do shorthand - Supremacist as in feeling superior to all the rest of us and entitled to anything they want), then I just assume the opposite point of view. Rarely do I have to change my outlook based upon further developments. Therefore, I have decided that I support this legislation. Why? Because, like so many Jewish overarching and self-serving acts these days (like the Middle-Eastern War, for example), it is helping to create a backlash.

People are starting to wake up. Hallelujah. Ordinary people see something like this and say, "Wha? Huh? Where?" Thus does enlightenment begin. That is where we step in and supply the answers, all of which begin with the phrase, "The Jews..."

Like the Bride of Frankenstein, America lurches forward into the dark and stormy night, ready to do the bidding of its evil master (can you say, "Israel," boys and girls?). Nearby, a cliff falls away into the darkness, with jagged rocks far below, beyond the visibility afforded by the gathering fog. Meanwhile, the townsfolk (that's us, for those who just arrived) are starting to wake one another (more of us) and collect firebrands and pitchforks.

"She's Alive," gloats the evil Dr. Ariel Frankensharon, all the while gesturing meaningfully toward Iran.

Casting aside the broken body of the small child named Iraq, Frankenamerica mumbles, "I just wanted her to love me. But she hated me. They always hate me. Why, Doctor? Why do they always hate me?"

"Because you are so free. They are jealous. Now they must pay..." hisses the evil Doctor.

"I've seen this before," you might say. Yes, sad to say, there is nothing new under the sun. And it is the same evil Doctor that drove Frankenrussia to its death in times gone past. For the same reasons. Always, for the same reasons.

"Anti-Semitism," shouts the Evil Doctor, "It's always anti-Semitism. Foist Egypt, den Goimany, now here. Vhy oh Vhy do dey poisecute us so? Git'em, Frankie. Go git dem evil anti-Semites." Dutifully, Frankenamerica sets its resolve (passing the Global Anti-Semitism Act) and shuffles off into the night, oblivious to the danger presented by the gathering townspeople or the cliff's edge to which, inevitably, they will drive the monster.

Why did this Act have to be passed? Because of the outcry that has gone up about the obvious truth concerning both Afghanistan and Iraq. Because of the growing awareness of the lie that 9/ll masks. Because, already, it is too late for the Evil Doctor, who was just doing what comes naturally to Evil Doctors, after all. Because people like you and I have awakened recently and taken up the cry. We call to those still asleep, just over the rise. The Evil Doctor thinks that, with Frankenamerica, finally he can conquer the world and put all his detractors to the sword.

Yes, we've all seen this before. We know what happens to the witless monster. We know that, once the evil monster's body lies broken on the rocks below, the Evil Doctor steals away into the night, to ready yet another cheap sequel...because that is what he does, you see. That is what he does. He can't help himself.

Over the top? No, I can't say this loud enough. In fact, I have been shouting about this danger loud and long. See, for example: Hate Speech - Anything Jews Hate to Hear, The Finlandization of America, Rhapsody in Blood, AntiSemitism is a Disease (You Catch It From Jews), The Synagogue of Satan, In Defense of Terrorism, Kill 'em, Kill 'em All!, Blame Israel, JEWS - JEWS - JEWS!!! There, I feel better already, Would You Like Fries With That New World Order?, I'm Mad as Hell, If You Want to Be Loved More, Be More Lovable, Know the Breed, Know the Dog, Elevators Smell Different to Midgets, Them vs. Us, Mutterings, It's the Jews, Stupid!!! and, my personal favorite, In Defense of Anti-Semitism.

Early in the evolution of a society, criminals lead to the making of laws. Lawmaking is a perpetual motion machine, however. Before long, it is the Lawmaking that is, itself, creating criminals. America passed into this phase years ago. With each of these laws comes more control, more restriction, all in the name of freedom and safety.

Pursuing safety, I say, is the worst thing we can set for a national policy. Safety and freedom are incompatible. Freedom requires lack of governmental control. Safety requires total governmental control. Besides, ask yourself (and answer honestly): do you really feel safer than you did four years ago?

New America. An idea whose time has come.


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