Defensive Racism

by Edgar Steele

7 October 2004

"We have come to believe that merely resisting being oppressed and divided by the very racist policies of America's ruling class is, in itself, racism...In other words, unless we participate in our own racial genocide, we are racists." --- Edgar J. Steele, Defensive Racism, chapter 11 (2004)

Do you disapprove of affirmative action?

Are you opposed to racial quotas which place those whose sole qualification is skin color, though grossly unqualified, ahead of those who earn and deserve jobs, government benefits or college placement?

Are you upset about the closure of hospitals due to their bankruptcy by non-paying illegal aliens whose interests are legally required to come before those of American citizens?

Worried that Social Security, into which you have paid your entire life, will not be there for you because the funds for it are being squandered on other things and people who never contributed a penny?

Concerned that America's twin deficits, both fiscal and trade, together with unprecedented monetary expansion, promise an economic collapse that will make the first Depression seem like a bump in the road?

Unemployed or know someone unemployed...and not finding suitable work?

Sick of choosing between Tweedledumb and Tweedledumber for President?

Then you might find yourself cheering aloud while reading Defensive Racism, one of the first books to take an honest look at the modern American racial divide and what it bodes for our future.

Finally. This morning, the printing company confirmed it is shipping 132 cases of my book, Defensive Racism. Visit for more information and on-line ordering information or simply click here: Quantity:

Quantity discounts are outlined at and are automatically applied during the order process. Shipments to buyers will begin as soon as we receive this first shipment of books, estimated to be in a week or two.

Members of this list will receive an additional discount, through the end of October, approximately equal to the shipping cost, by entering the code "cpp" into the "Customer Code" blank when the shopping cart appears. I will be honored to sign copies of this first edition of my book to faithful members of this list: on the screen where you select the type of shipping and enter credit card information (if that is the payment method you choose), enter "Sign my book" into the "Customer Comments" blank, otherwise I have no way of knowing you are a list member.

I'm keeping the printer's identity a secret, of course. Heaven knows I had enough trouble finding one that would print my book. And a publisher? Never came close. I finally set up my own publishing company. You-know-who controls the entire book industry, top to bottom and side to side, just as they control virtually every scrap of Western media, save only the nether regions of the Internet, wherein my web sites dwell.

Just as soon as the ADL and the SPLC get their hands on copies of my book, I expect the harassment to step up to a fever pitch. Then, of course, I honestly will be able to call Defensive Racism a banned book. Query: if a book never even gets a chance to enter the traditional distribution channels, can you honestly call it banned? Censored, yes, which is worse.

Move over, Mike Piper. I'm going to give your Final Judgment a run for its money as the "most-banned book in America." Get yourself a copy and find out why, even though one reviewer said, "Steele's book is something America has needed for a long time...(it) will assist in the racial healing of America" (Mark Farrell). Mr. Farrell ended his review, which is posted in its entirety at, with, "If you read just one book this year, let it be Steele's. You won't regret it."

John "Birdman" Bryant, well known in many Internet circles, also wrote a review with which he concluded: "If this book ever makes it past the politically-correct censors at the bookstore door, I predict that Steele's penetrating insights coupled with his warm personal style of writing will make his book wildly popular." And Billy Roper, also well known in many Internet circles, wrote, "Steele's genius lies in his writing style...I got more out of his chapter 'Money's End Game: Depression II,' than I ever did from college...I recommend Ed Steele's 'Defensive Racism' for all your friends and family..."

I invite you to write a review, too, or send me an email with your comments, once you have read my book. Please indicate if it is ok to post what you say on the web site.

Finally - I just watched Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11. You should, too. Before you vote. In fact I recommend you rent two movies tonight, and watch them in the following order: Moore's and 911: In Plane Site, the latter of which you might have trouble finding because it is so potent, so convincing banned. In Plane Site uses nothing but video footage aired by the networks on September 11; what it reveals quite literally is mind blowing. Find a detailed description and purchase information for 911: In Plane Site at Something to do while you wait for my book to arrive, which you should read, also, before you vote.

A housekeeping note: I am now being so deluged in spam by freedom's enemies that unless you include "subscribe" in the subject line of emails sent to or "unsubscribe" in the subject line of emails sent to, such notices now simply get scrubbed away with no action taken.

New America. A book about which finally has come.


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