ADL Backgrounder

by VNN Staff

November 2004

In America there exists a quasi-police organization that operates outside the law, and in many ways above it. It's called the Anti-Defamation League, and can be thought of as the inchoate Thought Police for the coming American police state. It keeps detailed records on thousands of Americans whose political views and activities fall outside the bounds of political correctness - or 'Semitical Correctness,' as Joe Sobran has more precisely termed it. Its agents gather intelligence (spy) on literally tens of thousands of fully law-abiding Americans. Huge databases are kept by its regional offices. It has a direct working relationship with both the FBI and with police departments nationwide, both on an official level and through underworld and foreign-intelligence connections.

On the official level, the ADL's so-called "experts" on "extremism" routinely are paid money by the FBI and many state and local police to hammer into the heads of rank-and-file cops that Americans whose political views do not correspond to the ADL's agenda are "haters," security risks, and potential terrorists. This smooths the way for ADL one day to prosecute anybody who opposes its agenda as a "political criminal" -- a concept completely alien to our founders, but well known in the former Soviet Union.

The ADL is also a tremendously powerful political lobbying organization. It single-handedly developed the legally bogus concept of "hate crimes," whereby people who behave the same are treated differently, according to the ADL's political calculus. In other words, if one of you reading this website or newspaper were to be violently attacked by one of those affirmative action admittees at your university, and you defended yourself, your charge and sentence would be inflated to penalize you personally for your political views and affiliations, and to create a climate of intimidation against all who share those views. The ADL presents its bogus "hate crimes" conception as a set of race-neutral laws protecting the entire community, but in fact "hate crimes" laws are used to single out and persecute white males, whose rights the ADL wishes to strip because it sees them as an obstacle to the consolidation of Jewish tyranny in America and around the globe. By the Jewish laws that the leaders and supporters of the ADL follow, non-jews are literally animals, and it is perfectly acceptable to lie to them, use them, cheat them -- even to murder them. In the jew's religious/political code, others only exist at Jewish sufferance - they have no rights the jew must respect. When they oppose the jew, they are fair game for everything, including overt physical slaughter. The history of the Russian-jew cousins of the jews who run the ADL in America today shows that jews will murder tens of millions of Aryans and Christians absolutely without compunction.

Bad as "hate" laws are, they're but the opening salvo in the ADL's real campaign: the redefinition of the First Amendment to eliminate legal protection for speech jews don't want to hear. That speech the ADL refers to as "hate," and it will be banned. That is the plan. It might sound ludicrous but for two reasons: 1) daily newspapers nationwide use ADL's political terms and frames - exclusively. Whatever the jews at ADL call "hate," so do the papers. Not sometimes. Not most of the time. Always. 2) laws banning such "hate" are already on the books in most nations in the West. It is illegal to criticize jews today in Canada, Australia, and most of Europe. The ADL seeks the same prohibitions in the U.S., while retaining the cover of the First Amendment to fool the people.

The ADL styles itself a neutral "civil rights" organization. In fact, it is a racist Jewish hate group, as it would describe itself, if it were opposed to its agenda. Civil rights is used by the ADL as a code term hiding jewish attempts to control and suppress any group, individual, or organ whose ideas or activities are perceived as obstacles to the ADL's agenda. All you need to know is that the ADL is and always has been a purely jewish-interest organization, and that it defines the Aryan race as an enemy to be vanquished, preferably through jew-media guided miscegenation, but violently if necessary.

The ADL's full name is the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rth -- B'nai B'rth meaning literally, "Sons of the Cut," in reference to the jewish ritual practice of circumcision. Its genesis from of the international jewish society of that name is a story in itself.

In 1913, a jew who was a member of this body, Leo Frank, raped and murdered a young female employee of his Atlanta pencil factory, the beautiful Mary Phagan. After Frank was convicted and sentenced to death for his crime, influential jews went to work on the government and secured a commutation of his sentence. The enraged citizenry promptly lynched the guilty jew. This gave other jews a bit of a scare, and in response they set up the Anti-Defamation League.

Left: victim Mary Phagan. Center: Phagan's murderer, jew Leo Frank. Right: Justice served.

The agenda of the ADL is at once leftist and Zionist, a duality with which most jews happily live. Ethnocentrism and hyper-organized political assertiveness for them -- pluralism and tolerance for you. Disagree? Hate! Tomorrow? Jail. That is what ADL is aiming for, and what we at VNN and The Aryan Alternative and the growing army of Aryan resisters will never permit.

The basis of the ADL's leftist agenda is the old jewish maxim that 'jews are safest in a society without an ethnic basis.'

In other words, in an orderly society of a single ethnic group, jews, as the sole minority, would stand out and be watched closely. Their misbehavior, scheming, and general contempt for their host would be noticed, as has always been the case, resulting in the normal human reaction to jew -- anti-Semitism leading to physical expulsion.

For the jew then, the smart strategy, which he has perfected in America, is to promote an ideology which he calls "pluralism," or, of newer vintage, "diversity." A more proper term for this ideology and the strategy behind it would be "jewish camouflage." Jews become "just another group," and have numerous new allies against "the majority," which naturally resists this takeover of its society. Therefore, the majority group will always be the dreaded and hated enemy of the jew, and the target of its unbridled abuse and attack. The aim is always to subvert its culture, eliminate its unity and identity, and ultimately to dissolve its existence. Thus jewish leftism.

Zionism is simply another word for Judaism; political Judaism, Judaism applied. The ADL, while fervently promoting every form of leftist lunacy in America, backs unconditionally the ethnic state of Israel, its genocide against the Palestinians, and characterizes any opposition to this agenda also as 'hate' and 'anti-Semitism.' With such unmasked hypocrisy and amazing chutzpah -- Hebrew Hubris -- it is no wonder that the jews want -- and need -- to silence their opponents.

Abe Foxman, two-faced public face of the ADL

There is much more that could be said about ADL's overtly criminal activity, but for now it is enough to describe the ADL as the premier Jewish hate group, and to observe that its true mission is the destruction of Aryan Constitutional law en route to the genocidal elimination of Aryan people worldwide.


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