New Pro-White Publication Hits the Streets

by VNN Staff

November 2004

In a few short days, thousands of white Americans will receive a political newspaper unlike any they've ever seen before. By the end of the month, that number shall have reached 10,000. And that's just the second trial-balloon printing in the new flagship publication of the Vanguard News Network, The Aryan Alternative. This is not a for-subscription publication, and there isn't any profit involved. It's short, effective, and inexpensive. The purpose is the widest possible distribution and the hardest hit.

The propaganda is unique. Stylistically, much of it is like nothing ever tried before in racialist literature. It will catch the ear of young people, talk to them in a way they can understand, and convey to them the feelings they're feeling - or should be. And explain why, in short, sharp thrusts.

Here are some quotes from the first issue...

* To the comic mavericks at South Park I pose the following challenge: want to do something really "cutting edge"? Do a spoof satirizing Ariel Sharon in a similar fashion [to Arabs]. Show the Prime Minister of Israel as a bloodthirsty, lifeless vampire so larded that he has to put his belt on with a boomerang. Make him so fat that the Israeli Army uses him for shade; so flabby that he loses dead Palestinians in the folds of his skin; such a pig that he's banned from the all-u-can-eat Kosher Kitchen in beautiful downtown Tel Aviv; so huge that his clothes scream when he puts it on; so heavy that he tortures political prisoners by threatening to seesaw with them.... Just try to get away with that. I dare you. ["South Park and the Semitically Correct Limits of Satire"]

* In October 2002 my brother and his family were evicted from the 7,000-acre farm in Zimbabwe which my father had first hacked out of virgin bush in 1923. It was a productive and profitable operation to the end despite twenty years of black rule: about 300 acres of top-of-the-line export tobacco, a thousand head of beef cattle and about ten acres of greenhouse roses, flown weekly to Europe. My brother had also set up in 1990 a 3,000-acre game farm along with his neighbors as a wild animal preservation, a cause dear to his heart. this included seven giraffe and herds of impala, wildebeest, gazelles and zebras. Periodically, hunter-tourists from the U.S. would fly in to cull the herds. About 200 blacks were employed on the farm, along with their families, and were paid a government-set wage and given free housing, electricity and running water. My brother, like many others, has over the years paid huge taxes to the government. ["Life for Whites in Zimbabwe Under Mugabe Tyranny"]

* Israel, according to Piper, had a strong motive for wishing Kennedy dead. Unbeknownst to the public, JFK was engaged in a "secret war" with then Israel Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion over nuclear weapons. JFK was trying to make peace with the Arabs and did not want a nuclear-armed Israel in the mideast. The young president was also very much his father's son, and there is evidence presented in this book that he shared Joseph Kennedy's dislike for and distrust of jews. In any event, there was finally a president in the White House who quietly but firmly stood up for American interests over jewish interests, and the Israelis were not happy campers under Kennedy. ["Book Review: Final Judgment"]

* Rep. James Moran (D) of Virginia spoke before a gathering at an antiwar forum in Reston, Virginia, on March 3, 2003. He told the audience: "If it were not for the strong support of the Jewish community for this war with Iraq, we would not be doing this." "The leaders of the Jewish community are influential enough that they could change the direction of where this is going, and I think they should." Moran immediately came under fire for his comments, with condemnations from Jewish groups and fellow lawmakers on the hill. Despite national efforts to out him, however, he recently defeated well-funded primary challenger Andrew Rosenberg and expects to be elected to his eighth term in November. ["Letter: To All Those Who Should Know... Origins of the Iraq War"]

* 3) Kill the vocabulary. This was Orwell's insight. Big Brother shrank the vocabulary year by year so that refinements of perception became impossible. There was only good and bad as defined by the system. In America today there is the Jewish agenda, the Good. Anything that threatens that agenda is called 'hate.' Anything that doesn't promote it fast enough but is still acceptable as far as it's needed to promote the illusion of debate is called 'mean-spirited.' Terms are devised by professional Jew Ehrenburgs to preclude legitimate disagreement with the power-that-be: if you oppose the Jewish agenda -- any item on it -- they have a term to vilify, ostracize and criminalize you. ["Movie Review: 'Fahrenheit 451'"]

* For all its Jew-pulled strings and casting choices, Survivor is billed as a "reality" series. And reality doesn't watch TV, attend public schools, or take its cues from the nightly news. Consequently, reality always has a way of thumbing its nose at the liberal fantasy the Jew media and politicians strive to impose on it. The fantasy of racial equality -- perhaps the greatest hoax in the history of human civilization -- quickly crumbles under the weight of the obvious. Where there are 'groids, life is ugly. They consume and destroy and trash everything. To 'groids the whole world is nothing but the hole in the African soil their simian genes beckon them to shit in. They prove it every day in every city in America, and anywhere and everywhere else in the world unfortunate enough to have them. ["'Groid-Destroyed Paradise: CBS Survivor Mirrors Reality"]

* For one of the bigger comedies of multiracial errors, check into the details of the Pfc. Jessica Lynch escapade. It all began with a wrong turn by the convoy she was in. The military said the mistake was due to fatigue. Ok, maybe. The newspaper photo I'm looking at shows the gang on duty: Lynch, a woman; Specialist Edgar Hernandez, Specialist Shoshona Johnson (black); Private Brandon Sloan (black, he was killed); Pfc. Lori Ann Piestawa (looks like a Hispanic woman); and a white guy, Sgt. James Riley. A Pfc. Patrick Miller, likely a white man, is described as killing nine Iraqis before giving up. All right, folks. I ain't gonna dishonor the dead and I don't know for sure what all went on, but given my experience with the relative capabilities of a multiracial crew as compared to a team of straight-up, lock-and-load white guys, I'm just going to say that maybe you're going to invite screw-ups like this when you make racial and gender equality your top military priority instead of getting the job done. ["Our Multi-Hued, Multi-Gendered Global-Deployment Jewish Mercenary Force...aka the United States Armed Forces"]

* The term 'Holocaust survivor' originally designated those who suffered the unique trauma of the Jewish ghettos, concentration camps and slave labor camps, often in sequence. The figure for those Holocaust survivors at war's end is generally put at some 100,000. The number of living survivors cannot be more than a quarter of this figure now. Because enduing the camps became a crown of martyrdom, many Jews who spent the war elsewhere represented themselves as camp survivors. Another strong motive behind this misrepresentation, however, was material. The postwar German government provided compensation to Jews who had been in ghettos or camps. Many Jews fabricated their pasts to meet this eligibility requirement. 'If everyone who claims to be a survivor is one,' my mother used to exclaim, 'who did Hitler kill?" Norman G. Finkelstein ["Quotes on Jews"]


The Aryan Alternative - Uncensored News for Whites, is shaping up to be an excellent publication. With 5 years of top quality VNN articles to draw from, and new ones always in the works, and thousands of VNN readers all across America to go out and get the work of distribution done, this 12-page tabloid is likely to reach tens of thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of receptive whites in the next year alone. It all depends on you, the VNN reader, the prospective distributor.

Why should you distribute? For many of you the answer will be self-evident. Because it must be done. It is your duty. We have a political movement to build, out there in reality, and that movement needs a voice. We need to get the word out to all those millions of white Americans who should be with us, that here we are, here we stand, ready for the fight. There are far more such people than we realize. Certainly we won't be so vain to imagine that we're the only ones? No. If that were so our race wouldn't be worth the fight, and would have no chance. There are millions, spread thin through tens of millions, and we need to comb them out. The Aryan Alternative is the way.

Our tabloid is geared toward the 20-40 year old category - the core of real, active politics. We don't need bound journals and tea-sipping intellectuals to get this work done, we need highly effective propaganda that speaks to our target demographic on a level he can relate to. We need to get the best propaganda into the hands of the largest possible number of whites for the lowest possible cost. TAA is just that.

Read the articles above and decide if they're not the best stuff out there for our target demographic; what will catch it's interest, inform it, convince it, recruit it; inspire it with confidence and enthusiasm for the hard work ahead.

And when you've decided, realize that you can be distributing 100 of these a week without it making any appreciable dent in your wallet. 100 of these tabloids will cost you less than a week's gas, less than a move ticket and popcorn. No one is making a cent on this, that's not the purpose. The purpose is not to gain a subscription base or to sell a product or raise funds. The purpose is the purpose of our movement; to reach and lead white Americans out of their present plight.

$12 will get you 100 tabloids. $30 will get you 250. This is the full cost, shipping and all. You can get 500 of these a month for what you pay for cable, or that annoying, chirping, plastic piece of junk you call a cell phone. We've already got more than 30 distributors signed on, and lots of voluntary financiers, so that a growing number of tabloids are free for the taking. A worthy goal would be 100 committed distributors, but that is up to you. You!

This activity is fully legal, and more necessary than ever, as the Jewish enemy tries harder and harder to force through congress measures that would make such activity a crime. They can only succeed if there is no one to resist them, no one exercising the freedoms they wish to destroy. Now is the time to establish ourselves as a real political force; on college campuses, among white professionals with the skills and resources we need for the future, among the white working class and the fathers and mothers of the white children who's future it is our task to secure. If we don't act now, and we allow years to pass, and lose more and more ground to the minions of political censorship and tyranny, and the battle for our rights has to be fought on their ground without any voice of our own, we will lose that battle and with it all hope of winning the fight for the race and that future for white children. We will lose America, we will lose Europe, and we will perish from the Earth. Unless you out there stand up now and throw yourselves into this movement headlong without reservation or equivocation. All it takes is a few dozen solid white men, and then a few hundred, and then a few thousand, for us to win our country anew and shape the future for our people's good.

The mistakes of the past are behind us. We are now at a starting point. We can win. We simply need our manhood back, our personal honor, and nothing will stop us.

Order your tabloids today; start with 100. Pass them out in busy white areas, at nearby universities, to white men waiting to get on the train at the local station or coming off and heading home. Deliver them to white homes in predominately white areas. The risk is minimal, the gain is maximum, and the only alternative is fear and cowardice and death for our people. What is it going to be? Look yourself in the mirror and think hard over that, White man. What is more painful, the ostracism for doing one's duty or the shame for shirking it?

Pair up with other WNs in your general area, use the forum for this purpose. Get these into the hands of those who need them. It is a crime to allow innocent whites to go on living hoodwinked and used by their enemy for their own destruction, while we sit by knowingly and do not inform them. It is collusion with the jews, aiding and abetting their destruction of our people.

The time to act is now. Here is the opportunity you've been waiting for.


100 for $12
250 for $30

PREVIEW #1a HERE (.pdf)

Send orders to:

Glenn Miller
POB 3861
Springfield MO 65808

Contact Mr. Miller at (417) 258-7785 if you have questions.

If not YOU, then WHO?
If not NOW, then WHEN?

"All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing." -- Edmund Burke


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