The Silverberg Awards

by VNN Staff

9 November 2004

Son: Daddy, what are you watching on the TV?

Father: Half-watching, actually. This is the Silverberg Awards program.

Son: Awards? For what?

Father: Producing entertainment. Movies, TV shows, that sort of thing.

Son: People get awards for making movies and TV shows?

Father: Right. You see, each year, people in Hollywood make dozens of movies and television shows that are critical of White culture. Then, at the end of the year, those same people gather in a big auditorium in some large city. There, while TV cameras roll, they congratulate each other on their trashing of White culture by giving each other shiny objects.

Son: What do you mean by 'critical of White culture'?

Father: Well, for example, a TV show portraying White culture as oppressive to racial minorities, or a movie depicting White Christian morality as abnormal. Those themes are found in almost every area of entertainment these days.

Son: Huh.

Father: The Silverberg Awards program gets some of the highest ratings on TV. And few of the television viewers seem to know that most of the Silverberg Awards presenters and recipients are Jews. It's kinda funny, in an odd sort of way.

Son: So...people watch Jews who are trashing their culture get shiny awards for trashing their culture? The Silverberg Awards gets high ratings for that?

Father: Yes. Isn't America great?

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