A Conversation About Anti-Semitism, the Holocaust and Censorship

by VNN Staff

8 November 2004

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Joe: I just read a book about liberal culture in America. It was very interesting - especially the part about the media being dominated by Jews.

Frank: What?? Which anti-Semitic book did you get that information from?

Joe: Wait a second. How is saying that Jews dominate the media 'anti-Semitic?'

Frank: Well, that's just what the Nazis used to say - that Jews control this or that, as part of some grand conspiracy.

Joe: Have you actually read any literature about what Jews might and might not control?

Frank: Well, no, but that kind of talk is usually called 'anti-Semitism.'

Joe: What if Jews do dominate the media? If that is true, and I mention it, is my mention of it 'anti-Semitism?'

Frank: Well...uh...I suppose if it is true, and you simply mentioned it, then that would not be anti-Semitism - as long as you only stated the facts and nothing else. As long as you didn't use slurs like 'kike' and stuck to the facts only.

Joe: Not according to the Jews.

Frank: What do you mean?

Joe: According to the Jews, a mild statement such as 'Jews dominate the media' is virulent and hateful anti-Semitism. In fact, in many European countries today, statements such as that can get a person thrown into jail, or at least fined a large sum of money.

Frank: Really - just for saying something like that?

Joe: Right. For saying it or writing it. For example, in France in 2004, many theaters canceled performances by comedian Dieudonne M'Bala M'Bala after Jewish groups complained about one of the comedian's allegedly anti-Semitic comedy routines. M'Bala was also fined thousands of dollars for alleged anti-Semitism. [1]

Frank: Jews complained about comedy, huh?

Joe: Yes. But that's not all: in much of Europe today, the slightest questioning of any event related to the so-called Holocaust is labeled 'Holocaust denial,' and it can earn the questioner a prison term. That penalty applies to Canada, too: a man is currently being held in prison there due to his questioning of events surrounding the Holocaust. His name is Ernst Zundel, and he has been in prison for 1 1/2 years. You can read about him on the internet.

Frank: But that Zundel fellow must have committed a violent crime, right?

Joe: No. He simply asked honest questions about the Holocaust. But get this: Zundel is being held in prison in solitary confinement.

Frank: Solitary confinement? Wow, that seems like pretty severe punishment for simply asking questions.

Joe: Zundel found out the hard way what happens when a non-Jew opposes Jewish wishes - you get smeared as a hater, a liar, and, in his and many other cases, you get thrown in jail.

Frank: Why do such severe laws against anti-Semitism and Holocaust-questioning exist? I mean, what about freedom of speech?

Joe: Freedom of speech doesn't exist when you ask questions about anything having to do with Jews. Free speech that jews don't like they call "hate speech," and they try to pass laws making it illegal. They haven't succeeded in America yet, but in most of Europe they have.

Frank: Joe, this whole conversation seems weird to me. I never heard anything about this Jewish habit of censoring speech in school, or on television.

Joe: Neither did I.

Frank: Well, then, I think I want to learn more about how Jews are trying to undermine the First Amendment. Where can I find more information about that matter?

Joe: A good place to start would be the Zundel website: http://www.zundelsite.org/ or the Institute for Historical Review: http://www.ihr.org/news/030923Zundel.shtml. Another good website is the Jewish Tribal Review: http://www.jewishtribalreview.org/.



[1] In 2004, M'Bala was fined $6,000 in Avignon, France, for mild anti-Semitism: http://www.rense.com/general53/aasni.htm

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