Movie Review: 'Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow'

by William Spencer

25 October 2004

"Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow" is lighthearted cinema. Jude Law plays the titular hero, known only as Sky Captain. He's a pilot with the rank of captain. So he gets the cool name. The crypto-jewess (chosenite father) Gwyneth Paltrow plays the nosy, stubborn journalist Polly Perkins. Angelina "Lips" Jolie plays the intrepid leader of an elite British squadron. She's called Capt. Franky Cook, the diminutive of Francesca. Though very little about Ms. Jolie is diminutive. Wink wink. Giovanni Ribisi, who collaberated with Law in "Cold Mountain" plays Dex, the highly capable engineer/scientist guy and Sky Captain's best pal/sidekick. Gone is Ribisi's penchant for tics and dumb-guy eccentricities. With Captain's looks and Dex's brains, it's no wonder these two are the air force's best. Bai Ling, a Chinese, plays Mysterious Woman. She's the super fighter and the strong arm of the bad guys. She no talky, mostly kicks, punches, and defies gravity. Women empowerment and all. Feminism-lite, to be honest. The Irishman Michael Gambon plays Editor Paley. He's the big time news man who puts Polly on the case. Very little screen time for him. The diabolical mastermind Totenkopf is voiced by Sir Laurence Olivier. Sir Laurence is no longer alive, but they cobbled together sound bytes from his long film career and used his voice. Which is fitting, since we never actually see Totenkopf, only archive footage of the few times he stepped in front of the camera.

The film was written and directed by Kerry Conran. Hey, a gentile at the wheel. Can't go wrong movie fans. Fun for the whole family. And none of the scatology, toilet humor, body part exploitation, farting, gross outs, injury laughs, and cartoon antics ubiquitously employed by jew moviemakers. Gotta love that. In fact, the only jewish name I spied among the producers was Jon Avnet. Two other producers were from the De Laurentis clan. There were something like 8 different producers/investors/backers. Spreading the risk around I guess. So, not too many jewish claws in this pie. For Hollywood, that's rare. No doubt the chosen ones got their cut of the profits, but that's neither here nor there.

So the year is 1938. Why they call it the world of tomorrow, who knows? I think they were going for an alternate universe motif. Everyone dresses in 40's style and the romance and dialogue are reminiscent of that time period. The setting is Gotham City, which is of course the fantasy cinematic version of New York City. And also home to the Caped Crusader, Batman. And home as well to the Man of Steel, Superman. Though both must be on vacation because when the forces of evil rear their ugly heads, the Gotham superheroes are nowhere to be found. The plot: top American scientists are going missing. Editor Paley puts Polly Perkins on the case. She's to find out where the scientists are disappearing to and of course break the story. Then, suddenly, on a crisp fall morning, out of nowhere, giant robots begin attacking the city. They aren't really attacking the people, just the local airbase and the city power supply, I suppose to juice up their own batteries. It's a silly plot, but the movie isn't really about plot. It's a sci-fi romp that's all about amazing visuals and effects-all of which were created by CGI artists. CGI stands for Computer-Generated Imagery. Really, the jaw-dropping scenery and action those computer geeks can cook up are wonders to behold. So over at the secret mountain air base, Sky Captain hops in his Triumph Spitfire fighter plane and flies into the sky to battle the invading menace. There's a stunning dogfight/chase with the mysterious machines in the skies of Manhattan. Dex is kidnapped by Mysterious Woman and her robot helpers, like the other top scientists, and whisked away to an unknown location. Sky Captain takes it upon himself to rescue his friend and figure out what's behind the robot invasion. Polly goes along for the ride, much to the chagrin of Sky Captain.

According to the interviews around the movie, all of the film was shot on blue screen. That's where the actors do their stuff in front of a blue screen, and then the CGI artists step in and fill the blue with images. So the movie makes a little history as it's the first movie to be shot entirely using this method. Must be much cheaper, now that the technology has been mastered and streamlined, than building actual sets and all that. It must also be a challenge for the actors to work in front of nothing but a blue screen. Sky Captain is really all about the visuals and effects. The look and feel of the movie is sort of retro-futuristic/comic book/sci-fi. It's a little like they came up with a story board drawn in comic book fashion and then attempted to make the movie match the story board. The movie takes a lot of it's cues from the "Indiana Jones" trilogy. You know: over-the-top action, (somewhat) witty dialogue, occasional humor, intrigue, mystery, exotic locales, and......Nazis. The super villain is a German. And probably a Nazi himself. This is alluded to but you don't see any swastikas or goose-stepping Stormtroopers. Totenkopf is a despotic mad scientist who likes to shout when he gives speeches. Ring a bell? As if the Nazi Bad Guys thing wasn't played out enough eh? He's a super genius however. An intellectual uberman. More on his motives later.

"Sky Captain" is what you might call a fun little movie. It's harmless and entertaining, safe for young and susceptible white minds. You might want to wait until it hits video or wait even longer until it hits Showtime or Starz. Now someone might call me on this, but there is an undertone that the WN might find satisfying. Why? Well, because Gwyneth Paltrow is jewish. Actually half jewish. And every VNNer knows this, or should. At least those who care whether a given celebrity is a jew or not. Jews are notorious for hiding their true identities from public knowledge. Disguising themselves has been a primary tactic of theirs throughout history. Watch "Der Ewige Juden" for confirmation of this fact. Now, for VNNers anyway, Gwyneth's tribal identity is "out in the open." Now you might argue that I'm seeing things or simply being overimaginative. But I'm convinced that this movie takes little shots here and there at God's Precious Little Darlings by taking little shots at Gwyneth. Vicarious jew-baiting-lite, if you will. Don't get me wrong. Gwyneth is a talented actress and a fine-looking woman. She owes this to the fact that her mother, Blythe Danner, is full gentile. She basically looks just like her mother. However, her papa is the very jewish director Bruce Paltrow. So technically, since membership requires a jewish mother, Gwyneth is one of us. Of note is Sky Captain's grudge against Perkins. See, they were once an item. He accuses her of sabotaging his plane. She denies this time after time but later confesses. SC: "Did you sabotage my plane?" Polly: "Yes." SC: "I knew it!" Polly: "Did you cheat on me with that woman?". SC: "Yes." Polly: "I knew it!"

When Perkins meets another old flame of SC's, Franky, the eyepatch-wearing tough girl, says (paraphrase) "well it's nice to finally meet the competition." When the team finally makes it to Totenkopf's inner sanctum, they encounter a machine at the entrance. One of the scientists boldly steps forward only to be fried by a blast of high voltage. His appearance is so glaringly jewish that the shrewd viewer can't help but draw some quiet conclusions; i.e., the makers of this movie are jew-wise Gentiles. There are numerous other subtle instances of fun being poked at the half jew Gwyneth, but I'll leave you the viewer to take note of these and smile your devious little smiles when you catch them. Mrs. Paltrow seems to play along with the mild gentile subversion in this movie. Put it this way: the movie is gentile-empowering, like movies tend to be when the director and producers are gentiles. The "X-Men" movies come to mind. Director Bryan Singer, who has been hired to take on the next "Superman" film incarnation, is a pleasant white fellow. Sure, casting threw in the token mulatto Halle Berry, but that's it. All white, all right. Tim Burton's films also spring to mind, "Batman" or "Mars Attacks," for example. Then of course there are a myriad of gentile-friendly movies from the likes of Ridley Scott, James Cameron, Walt Disney (known for his judeo-phobic views), Alfred Hitchcock, Jon Huston, George Lucas, Martin Scorcese, Oliver Stone, and others.

Spoilers follow. Cover your eyes with your popcorn bag or click back on your browser. The German madman Totenkopf has a secret base on an uncharted island in the South Pacific. A beautiful aircraft carrier hovering high above the ocean with the Union Jack boldly emblazoned on it is probably the most memorable (CGI) set-piece. When Sky Captain and Polly finally gain entrance to Totenkopf's lair, after numerous dangerous encounters dodging Totenkopf's security measures, and plenty of help from Franky and her squadron of British aces, they are greeted by a bizarre menagerie of extinct creatures brought back to life. The films makers, in my opinion, are showing us their vision of "tomorrow," when Aryan genius and science will be able to resurrect every creature ever lost to the ages or due to the encroachment of man; including dodo birds, cape lions, Tasmanian wolves, passenger pigeons, and yes, even all the dinosaurs that ever roamed the world many millions of years ago. On Totenkopf's island, there live dinosaurs and many other bizarre creatures. Rest assured white man and woman, someday the genius of the white race will indeed be able to make these creatures come alive once again. "Jurassic Park" was only the tip of the iceberg regarding this fascinating subject.

Now the problem is, Totenkopf is going to destroy the world. Kind of like what that other German wanted to do, if you believe the rumors. You shouldn't, btw. Totenkopf himself is found to be dead and sitting in his office mummifying, but when he was an idealistic young mad scientist, he became disgusted with humanity, as ubergenius mad-scientist Nazis are wont to do. War, disease, greed, corruption, big government, hatred, jews, vanity, evil-you name it, Totenkopf got fed up with it. So he retreated from public life and devoted his energies to making for himself a utopia. So he created robots, lots of robots. They serve him and do his bidding. And he created flying ships and submarines and a vast hi-tech underground base. And with the help of all those kidnapped top scientists and his robot army, Totenkopf also made an enormous rocket ship onto which he is loading a male and female pair of every species of animal life on earth. An "Ark," just like the one in the bible. Much as Yahweh became disgusted with humanity and decided to drown it, Totenkopf too decides that humans are too much trouble. But this time it won't be a flood but fiery annihilation of every square foot of land on the planet. Much like the jew book predicts. Then later, when the environment has stabilized, the enormous rocket returns from orbit with all the animals ready for release into the virgin wilds. And, also ready for release will be a symbolical Adam and Eve, or two ideal humans represented by two small capsules, containing their genetic code, that Mystery Woman has been trying to track down. Then, at long last, Totenkopf's plans for a brave new world will be realized. Of course, it's up to Sky Captain to save the world from total annihilation. Will he get the job done? You'll have to pay your 8 bucks to find out.

See it for yourself when it comes to video, or if you just can't wait, catch it in theaters now. Decent flick that is definitely gentile-friendly. It's even gentile-empowering, when viewed from a WN standpoint. Just remember, those sturnning visuals and pretty thespians were created by one thing and one thing only: THE WHITE RACE. Doesn't it make you proud?


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