Daryl, the "White Race Redeemer and Savior," a Year 2009 Fiction

by Shane C.

14 November 2004

HEARTLAND "HATE CRIME TRIAL" -- The case: The "jew mongrelist" State v. "Daryl" Murder Trial (a Year 2009 Fiction).

Judge Goldbergsteinspan: "State your case for the record, you ignorant evil racist redneck White Trash hater."

Defendant Daryl: "It happened this way, judge jewdevil. IT WAS YOU WHO MURDERED MY DARLENE!"

Judge Goldbergsteinspan: "Bailiff. Gag the defendant!"

Daryl: "That's right, sic your nigger on me judge jewdevil. HwaHaHaHa! Get your stinkin' hands off me, jew-bought nigger!"

Daryl: "And, judge jewdevil, understand my "racist hate" real good. I'D LUV TO BLOW YOUR FUCKIN' HEAD OFF, AND, TO BLOW THE HEADS OFF OF EVERY SINGLE LAST jEW ON THE PLANET! It'd be the most fun I could imagine. I save up 110% of all my hate for jews, for your whole goddamned jewdevil tribe. You White people murdering 'jew mongrelists'! You'd better kill me quick, jewdevil, before I get at you. You're gonna' get yours!"

Daryl's hands and feet are bound, an unsuccessful effort is made to gag him.

Daryl: "You see, judge jewdevil. I'm a dead serious WHITE RACE LOVER.

I luved Darlene as hard as any White boy can love any White girl. I proved how strong my love was by what I did.

See, you jews force-fed her all your evil mud-promoting TV shows from the time she was little, you jews force-fed her evil porno movies and magazines about nigger dicks. You even moved a nigger next door to her house.

YOUR jEW TRIBE mind-fucked her good, and set her up.

And, sure enough, just as you mongrelist jews have arranged for the murder of all us White folks, she took up with a nigger, and learned from you, how to hate her own.

You jews tricked her and made her act against her nature. "To be accepted", and to get a pitiful little paycheck, you made her whore-hose this retarded stinking blue-gummed nigger.

The nigger knocked out a few of her teeth and gave her AIDS. Darlene was definitely ruined. YOUR jEW TRIBE MURDERED HER.

Then she got with nigger-mongrel baby.

My profound love for Darlene, for my White self, and for my White people grabbed me at once and filled me with White "LUV" Light. Its aura was honest, wholesome, pure and beautiful.

First, I found Darlene, and, with my hunting knife, cut your jew-made mongrel frankenstein monster out of her belly, chopped it into 1000 pieces, and fed it to pigs, to show my respect and love for her and my people. I put Darlene out of her misery.

Then, I chased down the blue-gum and blew its head off with my twelve gauge pump. I hung it from a light pole.

I felt free and elevated, head to toe, and I knew God was standing with me, and, the White LUV Light, it just grew stronger and brighter inside me.

But, I knew too my work had just barely got started, and that, "THE CURE" FOR THE ROOT EVIL, still lay ahead of me.

So then, I waited in the dark, outside your house, til you and your whole coven of vipers arrived -- I DIDN'T WANT TO MISS NO ONE! Just as I was headed to your front door, judge jewdevil, TO BLOW YOUR FUCKIN' HEAD OFF AND WIPE OUT YOUR WHOLE COVEN OF VIPERS! -- the root cause of all evil, your "hate police" arrived -- fifty uniformed niggers and fifty uniformed shitskins in ten Abrams tanks. They beat me for twenty minutes with clubs, then they went to my place and squashed my trailer and pickup like tin cans, burned everything else down to nothing, killed my animals and ran over my garden. So, here I am barely alive and chained.

I know if Darlene was here right now she'd thank me for what I did. She'd know I acted out of pure White LUV.

Why, she'd jump out of the witness chair and cut YOUR evil black jEW-DEVIL heart out herself!"

Judge Goldbergsteinspan: "Gag him now! Throw him back in the cell!"

VERDICT: Judge Goldbergsteinspan's final decree said some very bad things against Daryl and he sentenced Daryl to death twenty-times-over for the ultimate onerous racist "hate crime" -- "For even thinking about hurting a jew," Daryl concluded.

Upon reflection, Daryl mind-read Judge Goldbergsteinspan's reasoning processes, calculations, and verdict against him thusly: "Another VICTORY FOR US jEWS OVER THE WHITE MAN -- TWO DEAD YOUNG WHITES, REMOVED FOREVER FROM THE WHITE GENE POOL -- both young, both child-bearing age, one a too-intelligent, too-wise and too-spirited White male, and, the other, a blue-eyed female with a womb good for another 20 years -- two scary 'dangerous' to jews White baby-makers murdered by us jews -- extra points for killing that White womb -- not a bad day's work. I get them going and coming, and taking the blame for it too. He!He!He!He! Judge Goldbergsteinspan rubbed his stubby fingers together. Wait til the rabbi hears about this!"

From death row, Daryl awaited his certain execution.


REVERSAL: Daryl's case was reviewed by Judge Edward S., a recently appointed White Man.

This new Judge Edward S. overturned and reversed every single damned thing:

DARYL'S "ALTRUISTIC LUV HERO GOLD AWARD". Daryl rises from the dead.

Amidst great pomp and circumstance, Daryl was hurriedly released off death row and universally acclaimed a national "Altruistic LUV Hero".

Several newspapers referred to Daryl as the "White Race Redeemer and Savior."

Daryl was invited by the new White Leader to the White House and awarded the official "Hero of Pure Altruistic LUV, Gold Medal of Honor".

Daryl was granted 160 acres of prime farm ground, gifted 100 newly-minted one ounce gold coins, a new deluxe double-wide, a new tractor, a new backhoe, a new 4-wheel-drive Ford 150 pickup and a new engraved Remington 870 pump.

On returning to his hometown, Daryl was celebrated by all and unanimously elected county sheriff. Books were written, movies were made.

Daryl married the 10 year younger Class of 2009 blue-eyed high school prom queen. He became a prosperous FATHER OF SEVEN TOWHEADED BOYS AND GIRLS. Four would become farmers, or marry local farmers. One son would become a pioneering geneticist. Another son a preeminent White Gene Pool historian. One daughter would be the prom queen just like her mother, and marry the farmer next door. Daryl's eldest son, his favorite, would inherit his farm ground. He would also inherit Daryl's prized, engraved 870 pump, and be unanimously elected county sheriff upon his father's retirement.

As sized up by his contemporaries, and of greatest significance to Daryl's closest neighbors, Daryl's seven towheads would inherit DARYL'S GOLDEN GENES -- his high raw intelligence, his rough good looks, his wise instincts for sniffing out evil, his unimpeachable character and his indomitable courage.

All seven of Daryl's towheads stayed near home. All remained in the same county close to their mother and father and their brothers and sisters, and all had TONS OF WHITE BABIES. At the annual family reunion held on Daryl's 65th birthday, two hundred pure-White strong men, women and children family members would honor Daryl, the family patriarch -- the reason they were alive.

The people of the "Heartland" thrived.

jEW GOLDBERGSTEINSPAN>>>GUILTY: According to the terms of Judge Edward S.'s reversal decree, former jew Judge Goldbergsteinspan was himself found "guilty of being a White-hating jew mongrelist", of "hating Daryl, Darlene, the whole White race and the whole retarded nigger race," and, "GUILTY OF MURDERING WHITE PEOPLE whenever and wherever he could find and create opportunity". Judge Edward S. sentenced former Judge Goldbergsteinspan to death by lethal injection.

jEW GOLDBERGSTEINSPAN AND jEWS EVERYWHERE>>>GUILTY: Judge Edward S.'s judicial application of recently enacted statutes broadened his final decree as follows: "Judge Goldbergsteinspan's dark short fat inbred hairy-lipped jewess, their two little fat inbred snakelets, and the rest of the inbred murdering jew tribe worldwide are likewise sentenced to die by lethal injection, right along with Judge Goldbergsteinspan, according to this court's reasoning, so as to preempt the murderous designs of natural-born inbred jew predators, so as to avoid future irreversible White Gene Pool destruction, and to eliminate every last genetically inbred jew murderer from the face of the earth forever -- to create a new world where everyone will see better days and do better things."


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