Do You Speak Jewglish?

by Alex Linder

11 November 2004

In his successful suppression of the White man, the Jew has never fired a shot. He has done it all with language. When are we going to learn from him?

If we aren't going to learn from him, let us at least refuse to collaborate with him. On the chance that you are collaborating with him and don't know it, I place here the following glossary.

- The Holidays instead of Christmas

- Spring break instead of Easter

- Jesus instead of Christ

[Christ means Messiah, and the Jews hate any portrayal of Jesus Christ as their messiah. This hatred is the main reason our schoolbooks speak of Christ as Jesus of Nazareth, while they speak of Mohammed as the Prophet Mohammed.]

- Jewish person instead of Jew

[Among themselves, Jews refer to one another as Jews. In public, however, you will note that they just about choke on the word Jew. They will say Jewish person or Jewish people, and they will expect you to speak this way also. For all their brass, they really hate themselves, knowing as they do how others hate them.]

- White and Blacks instead of Whites, Jews and Blacks

[Whites and Blacks is meant to include Jews as Whites. Its use is intended to hide the reality that Jews are not White.]

- African-American instead of African

[Blacks wish to be distinguished as coming from somewhere -- like Germans, Italians, Irish, etc. -- but they do not wish to be seen as the jungle denizens of National Geographic documentaries.]

- Asian instead of Oriental, Indian, and Asiatic

[Asian gives a certain sophistication to the various Asiatics. Like the Blacks, who don't want to be known as Africans, the Japanese, Chinese, and Indians prefer not to be known by their real identifiers either.]

- Islam instead of Mohammedenism

[Mohammedenism is the name by which this religion was traditionally known. Islam, though, is chic - like Asian]

- British instead of English

[British is so very British, if you know what I mean. British also avoids English, which just happens to be America's language, if you again know what I mean. Jews have a secret love affair with the English, and I'm not sure why.]

- Immigrants instead of foreigners

[Immigrant conjures up images of our parents, grandparents, or great-grandparents. Foreigner says that the other person is not like us. Jews love immigrants. For the Jew, no one is a foreigner, except the Gentile in Palestine.]

- Diversity instead of integration

[Integration has a lot of emotional baggage. Let's bring that baggage back.]

- Undocumented alien instead of illegal alien

[The undocumented alien is, of course, no longer illegal.]

- Illegal alien instead of invader or foreign-born criminal


- Community instead of neighborhood

[Some Jewglish terms are more obnoxious than others. This is one of them. The Jews hated our old neighborhoods, because those neighborhoods gave us identity and solidarity. Community, by contrast, is not the territorial word that neighborhood is. Also, community conveniently replaces ghetto and also includes locations such as Harlem, which are too large to be called neighborhoods.]

- Gated communities instead of walled community

[White people hiding behind walls should be forced to admit it. Also, in using walled instead of gated, we force other White people to see what is happening to all of us.]


- Israel instead of Palestine

[The Jew and his White servants seem to have stopped referring to the State of Israel. Perhaps the term sounded too much like the State of California, reminding the listener that Israel may as well be California. But even Israel alone still gives the Jewish country legitimacy. Palestine does not. Israel is to Palestine as Zimbabwe is to Rhodesia.]

- Middle East instead of Near East

[I don't know why the Jew uses Middle East instead of Near East, but I have my suspicions. Near East invokes the thought of the Far East, and the Far East is clearly Asia. The Jew, never wanting to be thought of as the Asiatic that he is, apparently conjured up Middle East, which would actually include India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, et al.]

- Offshore instead of foreign or overseas

[Saying that Americans' jobs have gone offshore makes it sound as though they are out there in the bay somewhere. But those jobs are now being held by foreigners living overseas or in Mexico. Also, offshore makes the listener not think of Mexico.]


- Gender instead of sex

[Here is a term they really push. It is a means of taking feminism off the street and putting it into the classroom and the boardroom. "I'm a specialist in gender roles among Latino adolescents living in reconstituted families."]

- Our men and women in uniforms instead of our boys overseas

[This term is calculated to blind us to the fact that our sons and daughters in uniform are, in fact, our sons and daughters and that our daughters are girls and not whores, and should not be placed in harm's way.]

- Homemaker instead of housewife

[Homemaker is just another Jewish attempt to break up the White family by implying that the term housewife is degrading. The subtle message is that we have to dress up housewife if we are to make a wife and mother feel adequate.]

- Single women instead of spinsters

[Spinsters motivated women to marry and have children. No woman wanted to be a spinster.]

- Moms instead of mothers

[Moms attributes a certain magic to women, a magic that men, especially men who have fathered a child, don't have. No one after all, is yakking about dads.]

Single moms instead of unwed mothers

[Single moms is not only more chic but also more accepting of unwed mothers than single mothers. But the English term is unwed mothers. Single moms and single mothers dismisses the need for a woman to marry before having a child.]

- Single mother instead of divorced mother

[Single mother blesses the wife who leaves you with your children plus half your paycheck. Single means never married. Divorced means married and divorced. Unwed is used instead of singl when the woman is a mother.]

- College women instead of college girls

[No father who is mailing off a tuition check for his daughter in college thinks of her as a woman. And if his daughter thinks of herself as a woman, she should be paying for her own tuition. Using the term college women helps the Jew pit white women against white men.]

- Firefighters instead of firemen

[For a few days after 9/11, even our slimy White senators were referring to firemen as firemen, when these traitors were on television. It was painfully clear to everybody that the vast majority of those who died saving others were men.]

- Police officers instead of policemen

- Clergyperson insteada of clergymen

[Clergyperson is so ridiculous that someone has to be ridiculous to even use the term.]

- Chairperson instead of chairman

- Salesperson instead of salesman or sales clerk

- Cable newswoman instead of cable newslady v [Here is an example of where you can stuff it to the feminists. In referring to these gals as ladies, you're only trying to be helpful. Isn't a lady superior to a woman?]

- Gay instead of homosexual

- Lesbian instead of female homosexual or homosexual woman

[Lesbian is coming to have the acceptance that Gay came by first. Let's take that acceptance back by stressing that these women are homosexual as opposed to heterosexual/normal.]

- Partner instead of live-in boyfriend or live-in girlfriend

[If Jews saw gain in calling people who live by themselves sole proprietors they would use that term also. Partner serves primarily to make the homosexual legitimate and secondarily to make long-term shacking up legitimate.]

- Their and them instead of his

["Every senator I know wants their constituents to vote for them in the next election." Here is where the Jewglish has gotten into virtually every White person's head. Time to get it out. "Every senator I know wants his constituents to vote for him in the next election."]


- Fetus instead of unborn child or unborn baby

[They even spruce fetus up by spelling it foetus. And, we have all been told, a fetus is preceded by an embryo. But even a Jewess who wants her baby born doesn't refer to him as her fetus.]

- Pro-choice instead of anti-life

[To call the supporters of abortion pro-choice is like calling supporters of rape pro-choice. The term is worse than idiotic. Yet the entire White world uses it.]

- Pro-life instead of anti-abortion

[While pro-life makes infinitely more sense than pro-choice, the term is inherently weak nevertheless. The so-called pro-life enthusiasts are not all that interested in protecting babies. If they were, they would support the execution of abortionists. But these morons don't want anybody executed. They are basically pacifists, and therefore enemies of society as much as the pro-abortion Jew.]


- Democracy instead of republic

[This bit of Jewglish calls for a category all its own. Americans do not, of course, live in a democracy. If we did, the Jews would be gone a long time ago. We live in a republic, where representatives are bought and sold.]


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