Hitler Soldiers

by Alfred Kotz

18 September 2004

Much has already been written about National Socialism. There are people who examine every line of text for "ifs and buts." There are others for whom everything is completely clear. They do not need to read anything. When looking at National Socialism it does not come down to agreeing with the written presentation of a problem. National Socialism is not a problem. Many people who read Hitler's Mein Kampf have suddenly found that they had always been National Socialists. Indeed, the essence of National Socialism must already be inside us before it can fulfill itself outwardly. The German might have been subjected to many influences from environment and situation, many things that cloud the view and make it narrow. If one peels all that away, a National Socialist suddenly appears. How many of those people who for their whole lives thought they were died-in-the-wool Marxists had to see that they had taken the wrong path? One day they realized that they were not Marxists at all, rather National Socialists. Conversely, a person who at the bottom of his soul is a scoundrel can wear ever so many swastikas; he will never become a National Socialist. It follows that one can be a National Socialist without knowing it. And furthermore, that down deep and in terms of world-view, one must already be a National Socialist, that one cannot become a National Socialist. In this train of thought, "National Socialist" naturally does not mean the concept "party member." The person who in terms of world-view must be viewed as a National Socialist can under circumstances still stand around outside the party.

The characteristics that make a National Socialist must basically have been planted by God in your breast at birth.

A person can, however, become a Hitler soldier. This man must be a National Socialist -- not just from the standpoint of party membership.

From Hitler soldiers the very most is expected for Germany: unconditional devotion to the great, sacred idea of National Socialism and the unconditional, total effort of the man. This best corresponds to German essence. For this reason the Hitler army has grown into millions. This is why the old fighters of the movment can safely remain assured, because these demands cannot be long met by the unworthy who creep into our ranks. They might be able to hide behind hypocrisy for a while; they might even try to erect a platform for their loudly proclaimed importance and for an emphasized necessity to hold an influential office. If the firm, secure foundation of National Socialist bonds is lacking -- cleanliness, honesty, courage, manliness and selflessness -- then they one day sink into their own hollowness and insignificance. They are not Hitler soldiers and will never become ones.

This is, in short, the foundation for the development of the spiritual life in the formations. We don't really need to talk about physical training. You know that yourselves, and others also know what demands are placed on Hitler's soldiers. German blood drives to performance. German manliness finds joy in success against exertions and dangers. Even the suffocating bad air of the deceased system of softness was unable to kill off the drive of German blood. How else would it have been able to rejuvenate itself again so quickly, especially among the German youth? After all, it wasn't totally crippled even by the pacfiistic Reichsbanner. We saw many SPD-bourgeoisie, who thoroughly cursed "militarism," stomping along in four-man-wide columns.

Although the purpose of our drill already distinguishes us from such "soldiers," the purpose of nurturing physical strength at all, drill and exercise of the body alone are not decisive for us. Decisive is the spirit which fills us and which we will know how to preserve.

Through this spirit it is possible to achieve the highest: well-trained, steeled personalities. Therefore, we gladly subordinate ourselves to the hard training for truth, for steadfastness and for loyalty.

Our kind hence remains the kind of the soldier.

Our essence: manly virtues.

Our love, our obedience for all time belongs to our Führer.

Our goal always remains Germany.

The highest increase of our life content comes as a natural consequence of this. Not like the Roman gladiators who marched from their small world into senseless fight in the arena with the shout: "Hail, Caesar, we who are about to die salute you!" We seek instead to be worthy to step in front of the German nation when the Führer commands, to raise our arm and call out: "Those who are ready to die for the fatherland greet you, Adolf Hitler!"


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