The Evil of Two Lessers

by Billy Roper

10 September 2004

Meet the new boss...
Same as the old boss...

There are more than twelve million illegal immigrant invaders in the United States today. They pay around $16 billion dollars per year in taxes, and use $26 billion annually in government services, for a net loss of ten billion dollars a year to U.S. citizens. In addition, twenty percent of federal prison inmates are illegal immigrants.

Imagine that: one in five of the criminals being fed and housed in U.S. federal prisons, felons who were caught breaking the laws of this country, shouldn't have even been here to begin with. The federal government spends around 25 billion dollars a year for federal prisons, so, that means that the illegal immigrant prisoners cost taxpayers an additional five billion dollars a year for incarceration, totaling a net loss of fifteen billion dollars a year that illegal immigrants drain from our economy. That doesn't even begin to calculate the billions of dollars which illegal invaders send back to Mexico and other third-world countries of origin, dollars which should have been reinvested back into our economy, instead of being sent back to their native cesspools.

Even worse that the economic damage which illegal immigrant invaders do, though, is the cultural and genetic damage they inflict. That damage hasn't been limited to traditional immigrant dropoff points in U.S. urban areas, either. Many areas in the rural south and midwest which never had a Mestizo problem before a decade ago, are now being flooded by these so-called "Hispanic" parasites. The culprits, in many cases, are major corporations such as Tyson Foods, and their meat-processing competitors. These greedy capitalist bosses advertise hundreds of miles deep in Mexico to get Mestizos to come to small-town rural America. The corporations pick the invaders up in charter buses in the Rio Grande Valley, and bring them deep into America's heartland, where they are set up in government housing and taught how to play the welfare system for added benefits and healthcare coverage. The deliberately understaffed subdivision of the Department of Homeland Security, which was formerly known as the Immigration and Naturalization Service, can't do anything about the problem, even if it wanted to. So corrupt are the politicians and corporate gluttons involved in this charade that two or three days before a "surprise" inspection of a meat-processing plant to check for illegal aliens, the workers are warned to stay home by a scrolling marquee sign at the plant entrance.

That's the game the capitalist bosses play: send American jobs overseas by transplanting factories to countries where they can get the next best thing to slave labor wages, and whenever they can't pick up the entire industry and move it overseas, they bring in nonWhite third-worlders to take what few American jobs are left. Both major political parties support this arrangement. If anything, the Republicans are worse than the Democrats on this pivotal issue. Because neither the Democrats nor the Republicans support the survival of the White race, I must advise that readers not do as they have done before, and choose the "lesser of two evils." Both are evil, both are treasonous, both are the enemy, and to lend support to any politician is tantamount to lending legitimacy to the illegitimate system itself.

Just ask the grieving Russian parents of dead schoolchildren what the benefits of imperial diversity are worth. The leftists, to some degree, understand this better than our own White Nationalists do. Some of them are becoming not only anti-Capitalist, but anti-Zionist, as well. Although they are, often, a hodgepodge mixture of misfits and freaks and weirdos, they were able to get nearly 200,000 activists in the streets of New York, to oppose the Republican National Convention. By our standards, getting one percent of that number to come out to a pro-White demonstration is satisfactory, and getting five percent of that number to be in one place at one time is about the best we've done in the last fifty years. If there were any pro-White voices in New York stating the real reasons why we should oppose Bush, they were lost in the cacophany of multitudes. And that's too bad, because Bush is a puppet of the same evil jews who mobilize the leftists, in many cases, as a controllable opposition to the status quo. The jews create the cause, and fight the effect. Heads they win, tails, we lose. Even when "the people" take to the streets and cry for revolution, the outcome is secured. The corporate capitalists get their slave laborers and their inflated bottom line, the shabbas goy politicians keep their prestige and perceived power, and the jews keep their thumbs on both sides of the electoral battle which our country will be enthralled with over the next two and a half months. Watch and see...but stay home on election day. Because, while some may say that anyone who doesn't vote, doesn't have a right to complain, I say that anyone who isn't actively working towards overthrowing this corrupt, tyrannical anti-White government, doesn't have the right to complain about it. Then, as the song says, "get on your knees and pray...we won't get fooled again."

And until next time, remember, White Revolution is the only solution...



Mr. Roper is chairman of White Revolution.

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