Vicious White-Bashing in Sunday's San Francisco Chronicle

by Bo Sears

27 October 2004

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Part of article:

In 1972, when Copeland's African American family moved into town, San Leandro was 99.4 percent white. (By contrast, Oakland, the city next door, was 44 percent black.) Both Newsweek and CBS included San Leandro in stories on white-only enclaves in the early '70s. This came on the heels of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights holding hearings in San Francisco to determine why there was such a racial disparity in the East Bay town.

Behind the white-picket fences was a community as quietly racist as any in Alabama, the state Copeland's grandmother fled years earlier. Copeland spent days at the San Leandro library unearthing civil rights reports and newspaper articles, all of which confirmed what he knew from personal experience. As the only black children in the Washington Manor neighborhood, where the Copelands rented an apartment, they were beaten and taunted."

Please write to the author, Joan Ryan, at this email address to let her know what you think of it:


Here is our letter to Joan Ryan:

Subj: 15 minutes of hate
Date: 11/7/2004 6:17:44 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: ResistDef

Dear Joan Ryan:

Thank you for reminding us of the terrible burden and horrors of being "white." It took us 15 minutes to study your hate essay today in the San Francisco Chronicle (p. A15) about your loathing toward "white" people, particularly those in San Leandro.

You used to whip us pretty regularly in the past when you acted out your S&M fetish toward "whites" and we were wondering if you had changed your meds. But we see you are still lovin' white-bashin' and white-baitin'.

Joan, does your visit with the whip push the darkness away for a few hours? Or do you cut yourself at dusk with small razor blades to let out your self-hate?

Bo Sears
Resisting Defamation

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