Vote for Bush

by Michael J. Polignano

30 October 2004

I respectfully disagree with the course of action suggested by many esteemed White Nationalist leaders regarding the upcoming elections. I am voting for George W. Bush, and I urge all Whites to do the same. I am not being facetious.

I am not voting for Bush because of his policies, which are anti-White in the extreme. He is squandering White blood and treasure in Iraq to serve not our nation's interests, but the interests of Jews around the world, while he is allowing non-Whites to flood White living spaces, take White jobs, consume White resources, pollute the White gene pool, and further dilute White political control over our destiny as a people.

I am not voting for Bush because of his character. Clearly one of Bush's attractions to the GOP powerbrokers is his lack of good character. He is vain and insecure, so he is easily flattered. He is small-minded and narcissistic, so he is satisfied with the empty trappings of power, leaving the real power in the hands of others. He lacks intelligence and curiosity, so he is easily fooled. He is intellectually lazy and indecisive, so he depends upon his advisors. He is shameless, so he can lie with the appearance of sincerity and betray any person or principle that gets in his way. In short, Bush is the perfect ventriloquist dummy for the corporate oligarchs and court Jews that surround him.

I am not voting for Bush because I think he is the lesser of two evils. He is the greater evil.

I am voting for Bush because I think that Jewish corruption of our culture and political system is the greatest problem White Americans face. Until Jewish power is exposed and broken, none of our other problems can be fixed.

Under the Bush administration, Jewish corruption has never been greater. But since 9-11 and the Iraq war, Jewish power has never been more exposed and vulnerable.

More Americans than ever before have been awakened to the Jewish problem. A few days after 9-11 both NBC and Reuters polled Americans on why it happened. Both polls reported that two thirds of Americans believed that our close alliance with Israel was to blame. These polls were quickly pulled, and although I have no doubt that Americans continue to be asked this question by pollsters, no results have been released to the public.

More Americans than ever before are speaking out about the Jewish problem, including prominent figures like Ralph Nader, Senator Hollings, and General Zinni. I constantly encounter White Americans of every social class and shade of the political spectrum who will privately discuss the Jewish problem with very little prompting once they feel safe to speak their minds. They do not speak out in public because they feel they are alone. They would speak out if they realized that they were not alone and that others would come to their defense if they were attacked.

Every time a public figure breaks the silence, the Jews are in a no-win situation. If they go on the attack, they expose themselves as bullies, cry-babies, and sophists. They also risk having the overused term "anti-Semite" lose its negative connotations -- or even become a mark of honor -- as more and more mainstream, reasoned, and respected critics are labeled "anti-Semites" for candidly expressing their views. Yet if they remain silent, others are emboldened. Either way, the silent millions watch and learn.

Bush's critics have many motives, from high principle to pure partisanship to personal animosity. But whatever their motives, the more Bush's critics dig into the causes and consequences of 9-11 and the Iraq war, the more evidence of Jewish corruption will come to light.

If Bush is re-elected, this trend will only gain momentum. Perhaps the Jewish media will no longer be able to contain it. Then there will be an unprecedented free and frank national discussion of the Jewish problem. Such a discussion would be the beginning of the end of Jewish power in America.

The loathing of Bush by the Left is almost pathological. The Left had similar antipathy toward Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan. When they won re-election, the Left went crazy and fought fanatically to bring down both Presidents: Nixon with Watergate, Reagan with Iran-Contra. If Bush is re-elected, he will get the same treatment. If the hatred is intense enough, non-Jewish Leftists may throw Semitically Correct strictures aside as they close for the kill. And there is little chance that the Bush administration and the Jewish power structure could withstand such scrutiny.

If Kerry is elected, however, the same anti-White policies and Jewish corruption will continue. But the critical momentum toward discussing the Jewish problem will be lost. The neo-conservative Jews will scuttle toward the wainscoting, to be replaced by a new cast of left-wing Jews who will pursue the same policies under different and more subtle disguises. Left-wing criticism of Jewish power will be all but extinguished, and there is little chance that mainstream conservatives will take up the torch. (Even if they did, the momentum would still have been lost.)

In a sane and healthy society, we would study the candidates and vote for the best man. But America is not a sane and healthy society, and things will have to get a lot worse before they can get better. Bush will make things get worse faster and hasten the day when the healing can begin.

That is why it is imperative that we re-elect George W. Bush.



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