Book Review: The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order

by Donald E. Pauly

23 November 2004

[The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order, Samuel P. Huntington, Simon & Schuster, New York, 1996]

"Clash of Civilizations" has been quoted rather frequently by immigration opponents this year (2004). It should be available in your local library since it is reasonably politically correct. Because it was published in 1996, it is a bit out of date. In the ensuing eight years, almost all of our manufacturing jobs have been sent to China. The Chinese have also taken most manufacturing away from Japan.

Samuel P. Huntington is a professor of political science at Harvard whose race is unknown. He writes that civilizations are the ultimate human tribes. He also points out that multiculturalism has never worked and that Western culture is not universal. Two of the greatest faults of the book are that it does not discuss race or intelligence.

Its greatest defect is that it does not mention that the Jews are the major movers in all of world history for the last 3,000 years. That omission makes it impossible to understand the fall of several previous civilizations. Race mixing took down Egypt, Greece, and Rome. Huntington does not discuss the great civilizations of the Maya, the Aztec, and the Inca. Famine destroyed the Maya and conquest destroyed the Aztec and the Inca.

The author misidentifies the Jews Marx and Engel as Germans. One of Adolph Hitler's favorite sayings was: "Every time you cut upon an abscess on the body of society, inside you will find the same Jewish maggot." There are no exceptions to this rule. There was no discussion of the monumental overhaul of society by the Third Reich. Another of Hitler's favorite sayings was: "History can be only understood from a racial perspective." The ability of the Jews to maintain racial purity while living within their host populations is their greatest strength. Huntington overlooks the change brought by the end of the cold war. Class struggle is over and the racial struggle begins.

While this book had quite a number of bright spots, it was a chore to finish. It was quite dry for dozens of pages at a time. The author spent most of his time giving Moslems a well deserved bashing. He makes an interesting point that they aim to Islamize modernity, not modernize Islam. Huntington must be given credit for stressing the importance of the fact that the Moslem world is breeding like flies. He overlooks the fact that nuclear weapons can take care of a billion in excess population in 30 minutes' time.

Huntington discusses how Kemal Ataturk modernized Turkey in the 1930s. He replaced the Arabic script with the Roman script for the Turkish language. He also abandoned the ridiculous Islamic lunar calendar and substituted our Gregorian calendar. The Islamic calendar is off by six days per year and can't even keep track of the years and the seasons. At least the Jewish semi-lunar calendar keeps track of the year. It even can keep track of the seasons so Jews can swindle the goyim farmers out of their crops.

Ataturk replaced Islamic law in Turkey with the Swiss Civil code. Except for Iraq prior to the Second Gulf War, Turkey is the only bright spot in the Moslem world. As a rule, Moslems do not play well with others. Jews want to control the whole game. The Serbs got their revenge against the Turks in the 1993 by blowing up an Ottoman tower erected in 1463 and expelling 40,000 Moslems.

The author expounds on the power of religion in shaping history. Most people do not know that the Western half of the Ukraine practices Orthodox rites but recognizes the authority of the Pope. The Eastern half follows the Russian Orthodox Church, which rejects the Pope. Huntington predicted a split in the Ukraine which does not seem to be coming to pass. To his credit he points out the hypocrisy of making Iraq abide by nuclear non-proliferation but not Israel. He asks "What if Islam wins?" He answers that a Global Dark Age will descend upon the planet just like the Middle Ages.

Huntington does discuss the Yellow Peril but does not mention the one-child-per -family policy in China. This must be due to a wish to avoid discussion of its eugenic aspect. He points out that the Chinese are only 1% of the population in the Philippines but are responsible for 35% of the sales. There is a saying: "The Chinese are the Jews of the Orient." China provided missile technology to Pakistan in violation of its agreement with the U.S. He includes an interesting prophesy from Tricky Dicky's (Nixon) book Beyond Peace (1994) that is coming to pass:

"Today, China's economic power makes U.S. lectures about human rights imprudent. Within a decade it will make them irrelevant. Within two decades it will make them laughable." Most people are not aware that China fought a war with Vietnam in 1979. Around 7 million Chinese have illegally immigrated into the open spaces of Russian Siberia. China is becoming Russia's Mexico. China has resolved the vast majority of its disputes thru violence.

According to Huntington, Armenians in the U.S. have sent $50-75 million back to their home country. This is peanuts compared to the $15 billion that illegal aliens send back to Mexico each year from working in the U.S. The author does quote extensively from Spengler's Decline of the West.

The Third Reich proved conclusively how a White civilization prospers when Jews are expelled from it. Hitler developed a perfect economic system and then pissed it all away on war. All the causes of decline of civilizations are well understood. With modern transportation, famine has no effect on a civilization having a large land mass. Crops cannot fail everywhere in the country at the same time. Our White civilization can survive and prosper for millions of years. We can visit all the nearest stars. It only requires that all the Jews be sent back to Israel.


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