Project Schoolyard Update

by Panzerfaust

7 November 2004

As most of you know, in October we initiated a massive outreach effort to White youth called "Project Schoolyard." We decided to name it that after a similar effort by German patriots was shut down by the German government. Subsequently, the Germans did succeed in distributing thousands of a music CD to teenagers in that country.

I had originally planned to produce 20,000 copies of our sampler CD every couple of months, and we intended to distribute 100,000 copies over the next year. What happened was that we blasted through the first 20,000 CDs in 12 days. These were sent out all over the United States given primarily to White teenagers at skateparks, shopping malls, mainstream concerts, and anywhere else that young White people congregate. The immediate response from the recipients of this revolutionary music was absolutely overwhelming. The predominant response that I got was, "Where have you guys been, and how come this stuff isn't on MTV?"

Of course, the answer to the first question is that we have been here all the time, trying to reach these kids. As to the second question, well, as these youngsters become initiated into our experience, they will start to see with new eyes the blatant hypocrisy and double standards that are applied to thinking White people.

The multiculturalists have succeeded in dulling the minds of White Americans to a certain extent. Masters of the lie, these race-mixing practitioners of brain-washing have learned how simple it is to control the masses when you inundate them with a thought or idea and constantly reinforce it with the media, schools, churches, and literally every American institution. Gradually, things that have been part of White society for thousands of years have been replaced in the minds of our people with that which is alien and harmful to us.

Heterosexual racially conscious White people have always been the backbone of civilization and society. After a few recent decades of constant pressure, our people have come to be convinced that Shakespeare was no better than the African Hottentots who never invented an alphabet. The great men of science who invented microscopes, cured diseases, and developed brain surgery are portrayed as less intelligent than a third world witch doctor who sets a man's testicles on fire to scare the demons out of him when the unfortunate patient might have simply had a common cold. Over one million children in the U.S. are being raised by same-sex couples because, hey, homosexuality is presented as not just an alternative lifestyle, but a preferred one. The kids that we are reaching are tired of hearing the silly stories about a "peaceful multicultural society" when they can see with their own two eyes that their father has lost his job, their neighborhood has turned to shit, and their schools are being taken over by non-White gangs who attack them and aren't punished.

The government and media spend billions of dollars every year brainwashing our youth with Hollywood and MTV depictions of the White man as the bumbling idiot trying to be as clever and successful as his nigger co-star. We can reverse years of lies with an inexpensive music CD.

The professionalism of the music along with the message behind the songs has the proven ability to open the mind of the listener to the things that society has told them they aren't allowed to think about.

Our opponents in the media have attempted to silence us by barring our voice from mainstream audiences, and the reaction from them to Project Schoolyard has been exceptionally hysterical. Imagine, a company distributing samples of it's product to a target audience. I really don't see what is so bizarre about that, everybody else does it. But our little project created headlines around the world.

Customers of ours who are on active duty in Iraq even read about it in the "Stars and Stripes" military newspaper. I have lost count of the number of interviews that I have given about this, but one of the things the reporters always ask me is, "Aren't you concerned that what you do will promote racial tension in America?" Well, let me tell you the facts: White racists cause racial tension about as much as meteorologists cause hurricanes.

A meteorologist doesn't cause hurricanes, he tracks it, warns the public about it, and educates the public about the proper way to respond to it. That's what we do. See, racial tension is the inevitable result of forced multiculturalism, and the former will increase in the same proportion as the latter. There has never been a multicultural society on Earth that did not result in tension between the groups who, for whatever reason, were forced to share the same living space. Never.

Another law of racial tension is that as the resources available in any given living space diminish, the tension between the different races competing for those resources will increase. The proper response from Whites to racial tension is that it is not our fault. The proper response is not the guilt and submission that our racial enemies advocate. If Leroy spends 12 years in our schools and still can't spell his name, it is not our fault. If niggers can't control themselves sexually, the fact that they are 14 times more likely to have AIDS is not our fault. The fact that black males between the ages of 18-24 have a homicide rate ten times higher than White males of the same age is not our fault.

If blacks believed the lie that they are our intellectual equals and they are mad because they don't have nice homes, good schools, safe neighborhoods and good paying jobs, it's not our fault. It's not our fault, and it is not within the realm of possibility for us to change reality. What they want is what we have. What we have is the result of what we are. And we can't give them that. We can destroy society in the process of boosting their self esteem, but it won't solve their problems. We can share our genetic inheritance with them and become miscegenated out of existence, but while some of them may be a lighter shade of brown as a result, it will not help them much.

No, I don't think our music will cause racial tension. There is already plenty of racial tension, it's just that at this point, we are the victims of it. Whites are losing a race war that most of them don't even know is being actively waged against them.

White Power Rock and Roll might help to instill racial awareness and pride in our youth, and hopefully we will develop the same racial solidarity that the blacks, jews, Asians and Hispanics already have. White Power Rock and Roll serves as a rallying cry to our kids that it is not only acceptable to be conscious of our race, our accomplishments, and our survival, but it is imperative.

It is with your continued support that Panzerfaust can engage in such vital outreach programs such as Project Schoolyard.


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